Bilal Zuberi
Ex-DOD chief data officer David Spirk joins Palantir
fedscoop · 3 days ago
Alex Jones Concedes Sandy Hook Attack Was '100% Real'
bloomberg · 4 days ago
Pakistan army chief seeks White House help over vital IMF loan · 6 days ago
U.S. Drone Strike Said to Have Killed Ayman al-Zawahri, Top Qaeda Leader
nytimes · 6 days ago
From Boeing Starliner to Goodyear Tesla tire, 3-D printing is becoming manufacturing reality
cnbc · 7 days ago
Disney cruise's new 'Star Wars'-themed cocktail costs $5,000 and includes shots of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon
businessinsider · 33 days ago
Trump Denies Ever Knowing Ketchup
newyorker · 39 days ago
FreeFoam™ | How It Works
youtube · 39 days ago
Krishna Gade of breaks down the next level of machine learning.
video.cube365 · 43 days ago
A Big Step Toward Fusion Energy Is Hailed by a Seattle Start-Up
nytimes · 46 days ago
Desktop Metal to unveil 3D-printed heat-activated foam for cars, shoes
reuters · 47 days ago
The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy
nytimes · 48 days ago
White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.
propublica · 51 days ago
America's Frontline Doctors' Simone Gold Gets Prison Time
medpagetoday · 52 days ago
The potential of microgravity: How companies across sectors can venture into space
mckinsey · 54 days ago
Harvard scientists 3D print multi-layer functional heart tissue - 3D Printing Industry
3dprintingindustry · 55 days ago
Castilleja wins approval for campus reconstruction
paloaltoonline · 61 days ago
paklaunch · 534 days ago
From graduation parties to a mall, 10 mass shootings over the weekend leave at least a dozen dead and over 60 injured
cnn · 62 days ago
Twilight of the NIMBY
nytimes · 63 days ago
N.Y. Republican Drops Re-Election Bid After Bucking His Party on Guns
nytimes · 65 days ago
Eurovision winners sell trophy to crypto exchange for $900,000 to buy drones for Ukraine
fortune · 69 days ago
Shop System™
erpro-group · 75 days ago
A new billionaire has been minted nearly every day during the pandemic | CNN Business
cnn · 77 days ago
Mary O'Carroll: Time for a shift from legal ops to strategic ops
legaldive · 80 days ago
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Where will venture capitalists look next?
qz · 88 days ago
GOP Crusade Against Abortion Could Lead To Contraception Bans
huffpost · 87 days ago
Over 500 kg of cocaine found in coffee delivery for Nespresso
reuters · 94 days ago
U.S. International Student Enrollment Dropped As Canada’s Soared
forbes · 98 days ago
Boris Becker: How a tennis superstar crashed to earth
bbc · 100 days ago
Celtics Complete Sweep Of Nets With 116-112 Win In Game 4
boston.cbslocal · 104 days ago
Investing is not enough: Andreessen Horowitz has a new crypto research lab
protocol · 108 days ago
Mariupol survivors, dazed and exhausted, describe horrors they endured
washingtonpost · 108 days ago
The Top 40 Investors In Industrial Tech: How Investments In Transformative Solutions Using AI, Cloud, And Edge Act Like Probiotics For Manufacturing
forbes · 108 days ago
Chipotle tests tortilla chip-making robots to combat labor shortage
foxbusiness · 121 days ago
Grammys 2022: The Complete Winners List
rollingstone · 126 days ago
We are reinstating our SAT/ACT requirement for future admissions cycles | MIT Admissions
mitadmissions · 132 days ago
ConCreates – Radical Ideas From Radical Thinkers
concreates · 136 days ago
What is Yik Yak and how to use it
mashable · 138 days ago
Former Supervisor Jane Kim Targeted in Ethics Complaint Over Controversial Stevenson Street Project
sfstandard · 142 days ago
USNC invests in Desktop Metal X-Series for next-gen nuclear fuel designs - 3D Printing Industry
3dprintingindustry · 147 days ago
Missiles strike near US consulate in north Iraq; no injuries
kare11 · 148 days ago
Back In Black by AC/DC · 152 days ago
reddit · 160 days ago
'Show this to Putin': A 6-year-old girl killed in Ukraine
cnn · 160 days ago
How to Invent Defense Products
medium · 169 days ago
A Blistering Pace - AVC
avc · 173 days ago
As Officials Look Away, Hate Speech in India Nears Dangerous Levels
nytimes · 179 days ago
MIT Engineers Create the “Impossible” – New Material That Is Stronger Than Steel and As Light as Plastic
scitechdaily · 184 days ago
NFTs offer new method to control personal health information
sciencedaily · 184 days ago
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