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‎All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg: E119: Silicon Valley Bank implodes: startup extinction event, contagion risk, culpability, and more on Apple Podcasts · 11 days ago
SVB’s Valley of Death · 10 days ago
‎This Week in Startups: EMERGENCY POD: $SVIB implodes, contagion risk, advice for founders, and what’s next? | E1696 on Apple Podcasts · 11 days ago
Silicon Valley Bank chief pressed Congress to weaken risk regulations
theguardian · 11 days ago
‎On with Kara Swisher: Marc Benioff’s Toughest Conversation with Kara Swisher on Apple Podcasts · 15 days ago
‎a16z Podcast: Rebooting the Arsenal of Democracy with Palmer Luckey on Apple Podcasts · 15 days ago
Twitter’s Planning to Extend Long-Form Tweets to 10k Characters
socialmediatoday · 15 days ago
Mon Incline reopens after months-long closure
cbsnews · 16 days ago
Most American Gun Owners Keep A Weapon Unlocked, Study Finds
forbes · 16 days ago
Cloud security startup Wiz, now valued at $10B, raises $300M
techcrunch · 23 days ago
‎David Bowie is · 28 days ago
Marathon Motivation
open.spotify · 32 days ago
Disney100: The Exhibition · 34 days ago
Introducing Notion AI · 37 days ago
Florida school district pulls book on Roberto Clemente over passage that he faced racism
axios · 40 days ago
Ukraine war: Elon Musk's SpaceX firm bars Kyiv from using Starlink tech for drone control · 41 days ago
My Favorite Burt Bacharach
open.spotify · 41 days ago
About following on Twitter
help.twitter · 886 days ago
Clay Bavor on LinkedIn: I started my first business in second grade, selling hard-to-find Japanese… | 35 comments
linkedin · 42 days ago
prnewswire · 43 days ago
Happy 40th Birthday Lisa!
youtube · 50 days ago
Getty Images is Suing the Creators of AI Art Tool Stable Diffusion for Scraping Its Content - Slashdot
tech.slashdot · 63 days ago
HTC finally has a standalone VR headset for consumers | Engadget
engadget · 76 days ago
Apple Books quietly launches AI-narrated audiobooks
theverge · 76 days ago
As McCarthy struggles in House, McConnell appears with Biden in Ky.
washingtonpost · 77 days ago
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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, former Pitt player, hosts toy drive in McKees Rocks
triblive · 79 days ago
A Heavily Armed Man Caused Panic at a Supermarket. But Did He Break the Law?
nytimes · 79 days ago
Big Think Interview With Bjarne Stroustrup
bigthink · 82 days ago
Opinion | Democracy Made a Comeback in 2022
wsj · 85 days ago
The Medium is the Message
rushkoff.medium · 89 days ago
Tesla Stock Is Still A "Top Pick" Says Morgan Stanley
insideevs · 90 days ago
209 W Chestnut Hill Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118 | Zillow
zillow · 91 days ago
Let's All Have a Good Laugh at WeWork's Stupid 'Community Adjusted Ebitda' (UPDATE)
goingconcern · 91 days ago
Mask Up! Philly Schools to Bring Back Face Masks in Classrooms to Start 2023
nbcphiladelphia · 93 days ago
Tech titan John Carmack leaves Meta as doubts swirl about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse push
fortune · 95 days ago
Amazon’s Kindle Scribe doesn’t sync up with the competition
theverge · 105 days ago
Hardcore Software
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 778 days ago
90-year-old man, left on Pittsburgh doorstep as newborn, meets the family he never knew
triblive · 108 days ago
Three Arrows Capital liquidators begin taking control of failed hedge fund's assets · 110 days ago
Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find
nytimes · 110 days ago
Van Halen Essentials · 113 days ago
The TwitterPeek Is So Dumb It Makes My Brain Hurt
gizmodo · 117 days ago
Trump's Truth Social Can Only Make Mastodon Stronger
pcmag · 122 days ago
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ted · 126 days ago
Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout Was A Billion Dollar Windfall For These 13 Hedge Funds
forbes · 126 days ago
FTX had only $900 million in liquid assets backing $9 billion in debt: FT · 130 days ago
Apple Limits AirDrop in China After It Was Used to Spread Protest Messages
vice · 132 days ago
Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 Billion Fortune Is Eviscerated in Days
bloomberg · 134 days ago
Russian Military Leaders Discussed Use of Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Officials Say
nytimes · 140 days ago
50 Years Ago, Stevie Wonder Heard the Future
nytimes · 143 days ago
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