Remember that Norwegian site that made readers take a quiz before commenting? Here’s an update on it
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How California’s housing crisis happened
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Evict the rich
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These Are the Latest Tea Trends in the San Gabriel Valley
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18F: Digital service delivery | Join 18F · 2497 days ago
Missing Journalist Kim Wall Reportedly Died in ‘Accident’ on Submarine
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Sebastian Weiss Reveals The Public Personalities of French Landmarks in Paris, Nanterre and Arcueil
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Monika Bielskyte
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Utada Hikaru discography - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 2497 days ago
Aging Parents With Lots of Stuff, and Children Who Don’t Want It
nytimes · 2498 days ago
Home Office used charity data map to deport rough sleepers
theguardian · 2498 days ago
Solar eclipse: Artists turn to science in rendering the emotion of past eclipses
latimes · 2498 days ago
The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse – Humane Tech – Medium
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Do Good Strapback Hat
tonyinnouvong · 2499 days ago
Designer Tony Innouvong turns reclaimed Lao fabric into custom-made ties
nbcnews · 2499 days ago
Building a Joyful World: Free Logos for Anti-Discrimination Organizations - Logojoy
logojoy · 2499 days ago
The Creative Founder – Christina Wodtke – Medium
medium · 2499 days ago
Mastodon is big in Japan. The reason why is… uncomfortable
ethanzuckerman · 2499 days ago
Spite Houses: 12 Homes Created With Anger and Angst
curbed · 2499 days ago
Click here to support Justice for Tommy Le
youcaring · 2499 days ago
San Jose Named Most ‘Unaffordable City’ In The United States
radioalice.cbslocal · 2499 days ago
The Bézier Game · 2499 days ago
The Next iOS Update Has a Feature to Prevent Cops From Searching Your iPhone
slate · 2500 days ago
Resource Hackathon: Technology can help refugees build new lives
therefugeecenter · 2500 days ago
People Seem To Be Creating Fake Accounts Of White Women To Push Anti-Feminist And Racist Agendas
buzzfeed · 2500 days ago
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Completing this 30-minute exercise makes teams less anxious and more productive
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Times Revises Controversial Bubble Tea Story After Reader Outcry [Updated]
ny.eater · 2500 days ago
Soylent, Its 75 Employees, and Its Helipad, Are Landing in the Arts District
lamag · 2500 days ago
The Black American Women Who Made Their Own Art World
hyperallergic · 2500 days ago
Taney statue removed from Md. state house grounds overnight
washingtonpost · 2500 days ago
Assimilation Food: Closing, Not Fusing, The Gap
tastecooking · 2500 days ago
Best Practices for Onboarding – UX Planet
uxplanet · 2500 days ago
Hong Kong student leaders jailed for 2014 pro-democracy umbrella protest
washingtonpost · 2501 days ago
Conflict of Pinterests
underconsideration · 2502 days ago
Literary Agents for Illustrators
illustratoragents.wordpress · 2501 days ago
What Nail Polish Sales Tell Us About the Economy
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What Michiko Kakutani’s Departure From the Times Means for Books Coverage
nymag · 2501 days ago
How the Silent Book Club Gave Me Back My Reading Life
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Type Jam
eventbrite · 2503 days ago
Inclusive Design Principles
inclusivedesignprinciples · 2570 days ago
10 Ways to Use a Tea Towel
gourmandeinthekitchen · 2503 days ago
Interview: How Corey Long Fought White Supremacy With Fire
theroot · 2503 days ago
Shelf life: novelist Hanya Yanagihara on living with 12,000 books
theguardian · 2503 days ago
Travis Kalanick is undermining Uber's search for a new CEO, says the investor that's suing him
latimes · 2503 days ago
Stop the spammy notifications! – · 2504 days ago
Placeholders in Form Fields Are Harmful
nngroup · 2504 days ago
Creative Form & Input Field Design Examples – The Startup – Medium
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Asian Man Caught on Camera Allegedly Marching With the KKK in Charlottesville
nextshark · 2504 days ago
Airbnb Banned Neo-Nazis From Booking This Weekend—and Set a New Standard for How Tech Can Fight Hate
slate · 2505 days ago
CCA Interaction Design Thesis – Medium
medium · 2505 days ago
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