Offer option to download files from the CDN instead · rails/importmap-rails@e0223fa
github · 15 days ago
Why Grow?
rework.fm · 17 days ago
Add Tailwind styled scaffold templates by BakiVernes · Pull Request #71 · rails/tailwindcss-rails
github · 24 days ago
Rails 7.0 Alpha 1: New JavaScript Answers, At-Work Encryption, Query Origin Logging, Zeitwerk Exclusively
weblog.rubyonrails · 37 days ago
The Pragmatic Studio
pragmaticstudio · 42 days ago
Added Bootstrap option by AndreyAzimov · Pull Request #3 · rails/cssbundling-rails
github · 43 days ago
GitHub - rails/jsbundling-rails: Bundle and transpile JavaScript in Rails with esbuild, rollup.js, or Webpack.
github · 47 days ago
Autoloading in Rails 7, get ready!
weblog.rubyonrails · 50 days ago
Alpha preview: Converting a import-mapped React app to use esbuild with JSX in Rails 7
youtube · 52 days ago
Release v3.0.0-beta.1 · hotwired/stimulus
github · 54 days ago
Remove default reliance on Sass and CSS generators by dhh · Pull Request #43110 · rails/rails
github · 58 days ago
Replace Webpacker with importmapped Hotwire as default JavaScript setup by dhh · Pull Request #42999 · rails/rails
github · 58 days ago
Release v7.0.0-rc.2 · hotwired/turbo
github · 59 days ago
Auto-reload importmap when it changes by npezza93 · Pull Request #12 · rails/importmap-rails
github · 64 days ago
Alpha preview: Using React with importmaps on Rails 7
youtube · 65 days ago
Alpha preview: Modern JavaScript in Rails 7 without Webpack
youtube · 68 days ago
GitHub - rails/importmap-rails: Use ESM with importmap to manage modern JavaScript in Rails without transpiling or bundling.
github · 73 days ago
Release v7.0.0-rc.1 · hotwired/turbo
github · 94 days ago
HTML Over The Wire | Hotwire
hotwired.dev · 111 days ago
Release v7.0.0-beta.8 · hotwired/turbo
github · 114 days ago
Speeding up HEY's The Feed
world.hey · 156 days ago
Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!
youtube · 176 days ago
Microsoft plans to take a smaller cut from developers in its games store.
nytimes · 177 days ago
Turkish crypto exchange boss goes missing, reportedly taking $2 billion of investors' funds with him
cnbc · 181 days ago
No more platforms please
world.hey · 181 days ago
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Spotify Is Launching Podcast Subscriptions, and Unlike Apple Won’t Take a Cut From Creators
variety · 183 days ago
Warren Buffett: The evils of EBITDA
youtube · 183 days ago
Republicans cautiously open to Big Tech critic Lina Khan being Federal Trade Commission member
washingtonexaminer · 185 days ago
Republican tech skeptics are flirting with progressives' choice for antitrust chief
protocol · 185 days ago
Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective
signal · 185 days ago
NASA Administrator and FTC Commissioner Confirmation Hearing
c-span · 185 days ago
Mister Gotcha | The Nib
thenib · 185 days ago
Apple is an accomplice to fraud
world.hey · 185 days ago
A Global Tipping Point for Reining In Tech Has Arrived
nytimes · 186 days ago
The ascent of Lina Khan, tech antitrust icon
axios · 186 days ago
Afghanistan war: US spies doubt reports of Russian 'bounties' for troops
bbc · 187 days ago
Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died Of Natural Causes, Medical Examiner Rules
npr · 187 days ago
A New Threat to New York’s Clean Energy Goals: Bitcoin Mining - New York Focus
nysfocus · 190 days ago
Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus
taibbi.substack · 191 days ago
The Peloton Bike Plus’ GymKit support no longer works with Bike Bootcamp classes
theverge · 191 days ago
As Amazon tightens shipping requirements, sellers look for answers - FreightWaves
freightwaves · 193 days ago
Ruby has been fast enough for 13 years
m.signalvnoise · 194 days ago
REWORK podcast
rework.fm · 913 days ago
Facebook does not plan to notify half-billion users affected by data leak
reuters · 198 days ago
National Archives can’t resurrect Trump’s tweets, Twitter says
politico · 198 days ago
HEY logo sticker sheet
basecamp-goods · 361 days ago
Railsconf 2021
railsconf · 200 days ago
HODINKEE: Senior Full Stack Engineer
weworkremotely · 200 days ago
github · 206 days ago
Amazon’s union vote ends soon, but it’s just the beginning of the company’s labor reckoning
theverge · 208 days ago
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