Elad Gil
I Tell My Patients Not to Mask Their Kids Outside
theatlantic · 4 hours ago
Plant scientists’ research attention is skewed towards colourful, conspicuous and broadly distributed flowers
nature · 1 day ago
Stanley Druckenmiller: Current Fed policy is totally inappropriate
youtube · 1 day ago
Read the essay Shopify's CEO sent to managers to remind them they are a sports team, not a family. It shows the growing tension between leaders and employees in the corporate world.
businessinsider · 1 day ago
LIVE with DR. ANTHONY FAUCI — Person of the Year - LIFE ITSELF
joinclubhouse · 2 days ago
Return to Workplace Index: COVID-19 Foot Traffic Trends | Envoy
envoy · 2 days ago
#GIRLBOSS: Amoruso, Sophia: 9781591847939: Amazon.com: Books
amazon · 2 days ago
Pfizer COVID vaccine protects against worrying coronavirus variants
nature · 2 days ago
FDA authorizes Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for use in adolescents
statnews · 2 days ago
The Great Online Game
notboring.co · 3 days ago
What Do Celebrities Make of Elon Musk?
youtube · 4 days ago
Elon Musk Charmingly Defeating a Room Full Of Oil Giants
youtube · 4 days ago
COVID-19 Rewired Our Brains | National Review
nationalreview · 4 days ago
In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math
reason · 7 days ago
Lab-made? CoV2 genealogy through the lens of gain-of-function research
yurideigin.medium · 8 days ago
S.F. and Los Angeles enter the yellow tier together. How did that happen?
sfchronicle · 8 days ago
The Evolution Of Jamstack — Smashing Magazine
smashingmagazine · 9 days ago
Uniform - Jamstack for the Enterprise
uniform.dev · 55 days ago
Who received the first one billion COVID vaccines?
nature · 11 days ago
The Architecture of Tomorrow: An Interview With Ben Horowitz
sotonye.substack · 14 days ago
CDC misinterpreted our research on opening schools. It should loosen the rules now.
usatoday · 14 days ago
Generalizing linear operators in differential dataflow - Materialize
materialize · 14 days ago
Mastercard, Winklevoss' Gemini partner on crypto card
foxbusiness · 14 days ago
Opinion | Why The New York Times Is Retiring the Term ‘Op-Ed’
nytimes · 16 days ago
Powerful new biopic tells extraordinary story of Stanisław Ulam – the ‘H-Bomb’ mathematician
thefirstnews · 15 days ago
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Vaccinated Americans don’t need masks outdoors in small groups or when biking and running, the C.D.C. says.
nytimes · 16 days ago
HHS chief hints that fully vaccinated Americans can return to normal
dailymail.co.uk · 16 days ago
Brex Premium, our Series D, and the future of Brex as all-in-one finance
medium · 16 days ago
Changes at Basecamp
world.hey · 16 days ago
Opinion | Time to End Outdoor Mask Edicts
wsj · 17 days ago
SNL announced Elon Musk as a host. The disgust on Twitter may be just what the show is after.
washingtonpost · 17 days ago
Oakland Youth Violent Crime Sprees On the Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic
sanfrancisco.cbslocal · 18 days ago
These Bay Area counties say vaccine supply is now outpacing demand
abc7news · 18 days ago
Two-Thirds of San Franciscans Now Have At Least One COVID Vaccine Shot In Them
sfist · 19 days ago
Podcast recording platform Riverside.fm raises $9.5M – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 21 days ago
Deutsche Telekom to Help Power Mobile-First Celo Blockchain - CoinDesk
coindesk · 23 days ago
New York City now home to 21 Israel-founded tech unicorns
timesofisrael · 24 days ago
S.F. schools Superintendent Vincent Matthews agrees to stay if board behaves
sfchronicle · 24 days ago
Anti–USAG-1 therapy for tooth regeneration through enhanced BMP signaling
advances.sciencemag · 25 days ago
How the Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan Out-Vaccinated Most of the World
nytimes · 25 days ago
U.S. deaths normally change less than 2% each year. In 2020, they rose nearly 23%.
news.vcu.edu · 25 days ago
Excessive Drinking Rose During the Pandemic. Here Are Ways to Cut Back.
nytimes · 27 days ago
Beastie Boys - Pass the Mic (Official Music Video)
youtube · 27 days ago
youtube · 27 days ago
Itachi Uchiha vs Sasuke Uchiha - Itachi's Death - English Sub - HD
youtube · 27 days ago
2020 Letter to Shareholders
aboutamazon · 28 days ago
First Recruiter
jobs.ashbyhq · 28 days ago
San Francisco's reopening: Here's what can resume in the city at 8 a.m. Thursday
sfchronicle · 28 days ago
著者Elad Gilに直接!話す爆速成長マネジメントのお話 High Growth Handbook
joinclubhouse · 28 days ago
AI Chip Startup Groq, Founded By Ex-Googlers, Raises $300 Million To Power Autonomous Vehicles And Data Centers
forbes · 29 days ago
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