Tim Herbig
Evolving the Facebook News Feed to Serve You Better
medium · 2433 days ago
Do Tech Skills Benefit a Product Manager? - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2427 days ago
New! Speed up design reviews and approvals with Collections.
blog.goabstract · 2426 days ago
Medium will now pay writers based on how many claps they get
theverge · 2426 days ago
The second most important metric for every company – Gokul Rajaram – Medium
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Product Managers: What Is Your Unfair Advantage? – Jeff Morris Jr. – Medium
medium · 2434 days ago
Empathy maps: The business of putting users first
invisionapp · 2426 days ago
How XING accels at Product Management - Tim Herbig
herbigt · 2426 days ago
Designing The Perfect Feature Comparison Table – Smashing Magazine
smashingmagazine · 2431 days ago
Sophia Huang - Onboarding as a Product Manager - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2427 days ago
Snapchat’s Ad Manager: A Beginner’s Guide
adespresso · 2427 days ago
The World’s Fastest Growing SaaS Products Send These Welcome Emails
crazyegg · 2438 days ago
Working Products 2017 Marc Kadish
youtube · 2427 days ago
How to Curate Content That Will Help Grow Your Brand
neilpatel · 2439 days ago
A comprehensive data guide to why you shouldn't discount
priceintelligently · 2427 days ago
Verhaltensmuster "Paradox-of-Choice": Große Auswahl, kleine Conversion? - konversionsKRAFT
konversionskraft.de · 2427 days ago
Crazy Egg cracks open its product roadmap process
typeform · 2464 days ago
Game of Thrones Drives HBO NOW Mobile Revenue to Single-Day Record of $2.6 Million
sensortower · 2429 days ago
Working Products 2017 - Tim Herbig
youtube · 2430 days ago
Pokemon Go: One Year On - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2430 days ago
How Free Same-Day Delivery Increases Conversion Rate, Order Volume & Basket Size
earlymoves · 2430 days ago
Scoop: NBC's daily Snapchat show posts monster numbers
axios · 2430 days ago
The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report
conversionxl · 2430 days ago
Introducing Scout — Find and hire the world’s top designers
medium · 2430 days ago
eleganthack · 2519 days ago
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How we designed Foursquare Swarm 5.0 – Foursquare Direct – Medium
medium · 2438 days ago
Blue Apron is stuck in a dangerous cycle that has nothing to do with Amazon
recode · 2437 days ago
Waste Your Ideas - DESK of Tobias van Schneider
vanschneider · 2438 days ago
Introducing Unobstruct – Troy Gaul – Medium
medium · 2431 days ago
How Your Phone Number Became the Only Username That Matters
wired · 2438 days ago
Brian Crofts - Innovation Requires Insights - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2438 days ago
How to Manage Someone Who Thinks Everything Is Urgent
hbr · 2432 days ago
Suche nach Digitaltalenten: Mit dem Messer zur Schießerei
warenausgang · 2432 days ago
The Agile Police – John Cutler – Medium
medium · 2439 days ago
Defining the Future of Product Management
productmanagementfestival · 2432 days ago
Facebook and Instagram get redesigns for readability
techcrunch · 2432 days ago
How to Decide When To Move Upmarket
tomtunguz · 2440 days ago
The next major platform – Ceci Stallsmith – Medium
medium · 2452 days ago
Read YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's Response to the Controversial Google Anti-Diversity Memo
fortune · 2439 days ago
11 Ways I Visualize Product Development Work – Hacker Noon
medium · 2439 days ago
AI pioneer Andrew Ng says his new online course will help build ‘an AI-powered society’
theverge · 2433 days ago
Lean and Agile teams - Scaling autonomous teams
mindtheproduct · 2440 days ago
Kaufdruck und künstliche Verknappung: Kundenverarsche oder clevere Strategie?
omr · 2434 days ago
The 8 Best Podcasts for Product Managers - Tim Herbig
herbigt · 2434 days ago
The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice
wsj · 2441 days ago
Sky unveils industry-first loyalty scheme that rewards tenure, not spend
marketingweek · 2437 days ago
Concierge vs. Wizard of Oz Test - What's the Difference?
grasshopperherder · 2437 days ago
Measuring Success with Airbnb's Product Manager - Product School Blog
productschool · 2437 days ago
The Best Books for Product Managers - Curated by Tim Herbig
herbigt · 2437 days ago
Product Decisions: Are Customer Requests Overrated? - Mind the Product
mindtheproduct · 2441 days ago
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