Jason Fried
We don’t fight the talent war
m.signalvnoise · 68 days ago
Every Bridge For Every Situation, Explained by an Engineer
kottke · 70 days ago
I Was Not Alerted (A video essay about life before smartphones)
youtube · 70 days ago
Meet the introverts who are dreading a return to normal
washingtonpost · 73 days ago
Tagged “HEY”
rework.fm · 75 days ago
Jason Fried
rework.fm · 75 days ago
Tail Chasers LLC | Spleash your Leash®
spleash · 81 days ago
Om Malik
world.hey · 81 days ago
Jason Fried & Josh Braun talk sales, marketing, product. Q&A
joinclubhouse · 81 days ago
HEY t-shirt | HEY
hey · 81 days ago
Four letter words
world.hey · 82 days ago
How to Fix SPACs: Keep Their Backers Locked In Longer
nytimes · 83 days ago
GA2100SKE-7A Transparent White
shop.hodinkee · 87 days ago
GMWB5000GD-9 'Full Metal' Gold IP-Coated Stainless Steel With Bracelet
shop.hodinkee · 87 days ago
The Patek Philippe Beta 21 - Collectability
collectability · 87 days ago
My mom was a liberal hippie and my dad was a Reagan Republican. Here's how they made it work.
mattruby.substack · 96 days ago
Giiggle | H.E.R.L.
hey.science · 99 days ago
Lou Ottens, Inventor of the Cassette Tape, Dies at 94
daringfireball · 102 days ago
The totalitarians of the attention economy
world.hey · 102 days ago
Watch & Learn: We Sent a Complete Newbie Shopping for a Rolex. Here's What Happened. - HODINKEE
hodinkee · 103 days ago
HEY World makes what’s old new again with blogging.
om.co · 103 days ago
Paperlike, the Screen Protector for iPad: write and draw like on paper
paperlike · 104 days ago
Nodding heads, not turning heads
world.hey · 105 days ago
Right Up Our Alley
youtube · 105 days ago
Meet the Sea Slugs That Chop Off Their Heads and Grow New Bodies
nytimes · 105 days ago
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It’s none of their business | HEY
hey · 106 days ago
An alternative to competition
world.hey · 109 days ago
The only metric that matters to me
world.hey · 110 days ago
hey.com just became exponentially more valuable
world.hey · 110 days ago
Nathan Sykes
world.hey · 110 days ago
Manuel Auer
world.hey · 110 days ago
VP of Technology - Huckberry
apply.workable · 111 days ago
flowcharts.fun · 111 days ago
Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing
wsj · 111 days ago
Stem cell or organ?
world.hey · 111 days ago
HEY, there’s new stuff!
hey · 112 days ago
Remote-work surveillance software is vile
world.hey · 113 days ago
Minnesota the latest to introduce bill that allows developers to bypass App Store billing | AppleInsider
appleinsider · 114 days ago
Guide to Internal Communication, the Basecamp Way
basecamp · 535 days ago
Moving from Gmail to HEY
hey · 118 days ago
Cal Newport and Jason Fried discuss A World Without Email, LIVE!
eventbrite · 118 days ago
Privacy policy | Basecamp
basecamp · 118 days ago
How money dictates design decisions
world.hey · 119 days ago
Foam, tape, shims, and glue
world.hey · 119 days ago
How Avocode Improved Development Process 10x with Shape Up
avocode · 119 days ago
Looking Closer
world.hey · 119 days ago
Draw an Iceberg and See How It Will Float
kottke · 120 days ago
"Hey, World!"
world.hey · 120 days ago
Bookshop: Buy books online. Support local bookstores.
bookshop · 367 days ago
'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'
bbc · 126 days ago
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