Kara Nortman
Revealed: Billboard’s 2022 Women In Music Top Executives
billboard · 218 days ago
The Consumerized Enterprise is the best thing to happen to software since its name changed to SaaS
ventureinside · 247 days ago
Where did consumerization of the enterprise go?
ventureinside · 253 days ago
Crypto.com | The Best Place to Buy, Sell, and Pay with Cryptocurrency
crypto · 409 days ago
ACFC: Our Inaugural Jersey is Here!
youtube · 318 days ago
USWNT star Christen Press becomes first player to sign with Angel City FC
latimes · 404 days ago
apple · 2047 days ago
Goodbye steak dinners, hello product-led sales: Meet Endgame
ventureinside · 446 days ago
Want in on the next $100B in cybersecurity? – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 465 days ago
Carrots Lead to the Right Outcomes | FireEye
fireeye · 471 days ago
Eight of the 10 most-followed NCAA Elite 8 basketball players are women
axios · 473 days ago
pearpop · 501 days ago
'Be curious, not judgmental' Walt Whitman. Ted Lesso S01E08
youtube · 495 days ago
CVE-2021-21551- Hundreds Of Millions Of Dell Computers At Risk Due to Multiple BIOS Driver Privilege Escalation Flaws - SentinelLabs
labs.sentinelone · 515 days ago
Stay Free (Edward Snowden, 2021) | Foundation
foundation.app · 535 days ago
What VCs Seek in a First Meeting
ventureinside · 533 days ago
Bring CISOs into the C-suite to bake cybersecurity into company culture – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 548 days ago
Stand with Asian Americans
standwithasianamericans · 550 days ago
‎Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy: Jesse Walden - A Primer on NFTs on Apple Podcasts
podcasts.apple · 552 days ago
ThredUp Fetches $1.3 Billion Value in IPO
wsj · 555 days ago
Securing the Everything-as-a-Service World
ventureinside · 561 days ago
Axios Media Trends
axios · 565 days ago
Roy E. Bahat @roybahat
pscp.tv · 571 days ago
Data is the world’s most valuable (and vulnerable) resource – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 576 days ago
angelcity · 584 days ago
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Front Office Sports on LinkedIn: DoorDash's eight-figure investment in Angel City FC is the most lucrative
linkedin · 590 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | DoorDash Adds Startup Chowbotics for Meal Preparation
wsj · 600 days ago
Perspective | Patrick Mahomes has unmatched physical gifts. His intellect might be what sets him apart.
washingtonpost · 603 days ago
Bold Commerce raises $27 million to power ‘headless’ ecommerce with APIs
venturebeat · 620 days ago
inirv · 627 days ago
Looking Back On Tech, Startups, And VC In 2020
semilshah · 641 days ago
Startup to Scaleup
strive.co · 660 days ago
Congratulations DoorDash
medium · 661 days ago
2020 Table Stakes Summit | Hopin
hopin · 661 days ago
Kansas City, LA owners share long history, common vision which could redefine the NWSL
equalizersoccer · 662 days ago
There’s no ‘hacker house’ geared toward undergraduate women, so they created one of their own – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 663 days ago
The Great American Rebrand
fastcompany · 683 days ago
Los Angeles' NWSL team officially has a name: Angel City FC
latimes · 711 days ago
More Video Games Featured Women This Year. Will It Last?
wired · 713 days ago
Adult Fly Costume
halloweencostumes · 724 days ago
Women in the Business of Sports – The Female Quotient
thefemalequotient · 732 days ago
Cybersecurity Is Not A Four-Letter Word
forbes · 736 days ago
This Beautifully Shot 4K Video of M&M’s Dissolving in Water is Literal Eye Candy
twistedsifter · 738 days ago
Work From Anywhere: How Airbnb & Guests are Approaching Remote Working
news.airbnb · 767 days ago
FDA allowing saliva-based test funded by NBA
espn · 777 days ago
Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks (Official Music Video)
youtube · 784 days ago
#WeAreAngelCity Shirt
roblox · 788 days ago
The Slob-Chic Style of the Coronavirus Pandemic
newyorker · 792 days ago
weareangelcity · 802 days ago
VCs, celebrities, and athletes are writing a new LA story to bring women’s soccer to the city – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 803 days ago
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