Khoi Vinh
Tesla ‘phantom braking’ issue is focus of federal safety probe after owners bombard government website with complaints
washingtonpost · 398 days ago
Monica Vitti, ‘Queen of Italian Cinema,’ Dies at 90
nytimes · 410 days ago
r/pics - Trump's brand new $15 billion Border Wall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods
reddit · 577 days ago
Join the Fight for Fair Internet - Consumer Reports
consumerreports · 595 days ago
The incredible boxes of Hock Wah Yeo | The Obscuritory
obscuritory · 715 days ago
Could Opening Movies Day and Date Save Theaters? It Might Not Be So Crazy
indiewire · 644 days ago
Lawmaker wants to ban CRT, I asked him what it is
al · 644 days ago
A ½ review of Nomadland (2020)
letterboxd · 655 days ago
A to Z of Adobe XD: Tips & Tricks!
webdesign.tutsplus · 658 days ago
What the Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed
nytimes · 666 days ago
Raining in the Mountain - The Criterion Channel
criterionchannel · 677 days ago
Movies Watched, April 2021
subtraction · 681 days ago
Does Peloton’s design actually help you exercise more? — Wireframe — Overcast
creativecloud.adobe · 690 days ago
Punched, Kicked, Shoved: Documenting the Anti-Asian Violence
nytimes · 717 days ago
That Zoom Call with the Lawyer-Cat, Explained | The New Yorker
youtube · 725 days ago
HomePod Should’ve Been Marketed for Home Theaters
subtraction · 736 days ago
Help Virginie and Hisham Beat Cancer, organized by Gabrielle Hedlund
gofundme · 743 days ago
Which Movie Theaters Are Reopening in New York City? Here’s a Guide.
nytimes · 746 days ago
A Tale of Two Slings: Peak Design and Amazon Basics
youtube · 748 days ago
Over 250 Pictograms Depicting Japanese Culture, Released to the Public for Free Use
spoon-tamago · 758 days ago
Movies Watched, January 2021
subtraction · 763 days ago
My 2020 Movie Diary
subtraction · 785 days ago
Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General
nytimes · 789 days ago
Baronfig’s new website: A thinker’s journey
blog.adobe · 800 days ago
Arrested by Capitol Police at peaceful protests? You’re not alone.
washingtonpost · 802 days ago
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Racial Double Standard of Capitol Police Draws Outcry
nytimes · 803 days ago
When They Called It for Biden
subtraction · 863 days ago
Breaking with tradition, top Republicans are silent on Biden’s victory.
nytimes · 865 days ago
ArcGIS Survey123
survey123.arcgis · 888 days ago
‘Out of his mouth will come these wild Trumpisms’: Harris preps to take on Pence
politico · 897 days ago
Netflix’s ‘Most Popular’ List Is a Wasteland
theatlantic · 961 days ago
Mental Fatigue: What to Do When Your Brain Is Too Tired to Think Straight
doist · 974 days ago
Opinion | I’ve Seen a Future Without Cars, and It’s Amazing
nytimes · 986 days ago
How Could the TDC be a Racist Organization?
championsdesign · 996 days ago
Report: Investors press sponsors on Redskins ties
espn · 993 days ago
gofundme · 1005 days ago
Black Lives - The Criterion Channel
criterionchannel · 1006 days ago
On Black Lives Matter
subtraction · 1010 days ago
Daily Fitz Cartoon: George Floyd
tucson · 1020 days ago
Google Classroom and How Spaces Value People
subtraction · 1036 days ago
Art-House America Campaign organized by Criterion Collection
gofundme · 1065 days ago
Times Square with No One Around
subtraction · 1066 days ago
Working from Home from Here
subtraction · 1073 days ago
Visualizations of Coughing and Sneezing
subtraction · 1080 days ago
Afternoon in the Pandemic
subtraction · 1103 days ago
The 14 most important design ideas of the decade, according to the experts
fastcompany · 1189 days ago
RAIN’s Voice Technology Predictions for 2020 - Rain · 1191 days ago
With Netflix's 'The Irishman,' Martin Scorsese is still cinema’s greatest risk taker
latimes · 1208 days ago
Sacha Baron Cohen's Keynote Address at ADL's 2019 Never Is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate
adl · 1216 days ago
The SoftBank Effect: How $100 Billion Left Workers in a Hole
nytimes · 1220 days ago
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