Laura Klein
Are You Allowed to Criticize Simone Biles?: A Decision Tree
mcsweeneys · 3 days ago
UX Researcher, Campaigns & Analytics · 25 days ago
Indeed Jobs · 39 days ago
Some Things Are Harder than Others โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 53 days ago
Design Thinking for Agile Product Teams, Author of "Build Better Products"
open.spotify · 59 days ago
What you need to know about the Yankees' COVID-19 outbreak
theathletic · 79 days ago
Collaboration vs Design by Committee โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 109 days ago
Racism is Exhausting Black People. Here's What We Need · 110 days ago
Voters โ€” Spread the Vote
spreadthevote · 124 days ago
World's first digital NFT house sells for $500,000
cnn · 129 days ago
Predicting Disaster โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 144 days ago
Free Family Tree, Genealogy, Family History, and DNA Testing
myheritage · 153 days ago
How To Use Card Sorting For Better Information Architecture
interaction-design · 179 days ago
Designing in Triples โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 179 days ago
Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley (San Francisco, CA)
meetup · 183 days ago
GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser
nymag · 184 days ago
Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible, Researchers Say
npr · 191 days ago
Your Design Voices โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 193 days ago
Agile Anti-Patterns and How to (Mostly) Avoid Them by Laura Klein
eventbrite · 197 days ago
Survival Metrics Are a Powerful Product Management Tool. Here's How They Work.
builtin · 199 days ago
Opinion | I see no choice but to resign from this Death Star as it begins to explode
washingtonpost · 202 days ago
Design for Lazy Irrational People โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 207 days ago
The Human Utility - Help families with their water bills
detroitwaterproject · 219 days ago
Designing for Complex Products โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 221 days ago
CA Notify · 233 days ago
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Study finds diversity in data science teams is key in reducing algorithmic bias
venturebeat · 232 days ago
Why Do You Believe That? โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 249 days ago
Here Are 7 Ways To Impact The Georgia Runoff Elections
thrillist · 257 days ago
I just gave to Fair Fight! Lead with Stacey Abrams
secure.actblue · 267 days ago
Royal Caribbean is seeking volunteers for mock voyages. 10,000 joined their Facebook group in hours.
washingtonpost · 261 days ago
TEDx San Rafael Women
tedxsanrafaelwomen · 261 days ago
Design with Real Content โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 263 days ago
How to donate to the Georgia Senate runoff election: 8 ways to help the races before January
fastcompany · 264 days ago
Build With
buildwith · 264 days ago
'Australia's biodiversity just got a lot richer': Two new mammals discovered · 265 days ago
How The Lincoln Project Set Liberalsโ€™ Money On Fire
dailyposter · 267 days ago
Designing the Smallest Possible Thing
interaction-design · 271 days ago
HubSpot Academy - Homepage
academy.hubspot · 273 days ago
How to Build a Task Flow โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 275 days ago
Careers: Social Media and Community Ambassador with a passion for design
interaction-design · 276 days ago
Aurelius Podcast: Episode 38 โ€“ UX & Product Management with Laura Klein - Aurelius
blog.aureliuslab · 276 days ago
Consequences โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 277 days ago
Designer to Author โ€” We Should Get Together
weshouldgettogether · 283 days ago
Innovating In An Enterprise: The Challenges And How To Overcome Them
interaction-design · 291 days ago
Design Podcasts to Learn UX on the Go
interaction-design · 292 days ago
Chastity cage security flaw could let hackers lock up your penis
cnet · 298 days ago
Home | SF Center for the Book · 301 days ago
Publicize - Digital Public Relations Firm · 304 days ago
Decoding Design Briefs โ€” Users Know
usersknow · 305 days ago
Bart is very focused | Etsy
etsy · 328 days ago
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