Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
9News - Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world · 4 hours ago
'We are all Chinese', former Taiwan president says while visiting China
reuters · 4 hours ago
Perun's Lightning
varangianchronicler.substack · 8 hours ago
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold?: Living Well is Winning
hardfork.substack · 15 hours ago
France Joins AUKUS Submarine Program - Naval News
navalnews · 18 hours ago
Elon Musk has lost more money than anyone in history, Guinness World Records says
npr · 20 hours ago
Weekend Update #22
phillipspobrien.substack · 20 hours ago
Why Americans fear the AI future
noahpinion.substack · 1 day ago
Chinese cities are so broke, they're cutting medical benefits for seniors | CNN Business
cnn · 1 day ago
America’s commercial sanctions on China could get much worse
economist · 1 day ago
Taiwan: China paying people to protest Tsai's US visit | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News · 1 day ago
Достали: Аргентина начала массово высылать россиян
unian · 1 day ago
Slower China factory activity growth challenges economic recovery prospects
reuters · 1 day ago
Japan to restrict chipmaking equipment exports as it aligns with US China curbs
reuters · 1 day ago
Unidentified Multibillionaire Makes $10.5B Tax Payment - The Biggest In History
dmarge · 2 days ago
Milley: US has long way to go to build munitions stockpile
apnews · 2 days ago
China says it’s open to more military cooperation with Russia
scmp · 2 days ago
China is Preparing Merchant Ro-Ro Ferries for Amphibious Warfare
maritime-executive · 2 days ago
Sahil Bloom on LinkedIn: Researchers recently studied the impact of meetings on our brains. The… | 426 comments
linkedin · 2 days ago
'This is like a movie': Ukraine's secret plan to convince 3 Russian pilots to defect with their planes · 2 days ago
The Founder Creating Insane Internet Companies | Sam Parr
youtube · 3 days ago
China's growing influence threatens to undermine global human rights, new research finds
cnbc · 3 days ago
Saudi Arabia takes step to join China-led security bloc, as ties with Beijing strengthen
cnbc · 3 days ago
Ruthlessness Wins: Extreme Behavior in Highly Competitive Markets
hardfork.substack · 3 days ago
We Spoke To The Guy Who Created The Viral AI Image Of The Pope That Fooled The World
buzzfeednews · 3 days ago
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The internet wants to be fragmented
noahpinion.substack · 3 days ago
Putin prepares Russia for ‘forever war’ with west as Ukraine invasion stalls
theguardian · 3 days ago
Congress zeros in on China's economic coercion
axios · 3 days ago
Sam Bankman-Fried Is Charged With Foreign Bribery
nytimes · 4 days ago
FSB interested in conversation between Akhmedov and music producer Prigozhin · 4 days ago
Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Issues and Long Cycle Markets and a "Credit Crunch" Explained
bowtiedbull.substack · 4 days ago
In Israel and India the Civilization State is Taking Over
time · 4 days ago
Conservatives Win All the Time
richardhanania.substack · 4 days ago
Alibaba founder Jack Ma back in China after months abroad in sign Beijing may be warming to tech
cnbc · 4 days ago
House passes bipartisan bill to revoke China’s ‘developing country' status
foxbusiness · 5 days ago
Pentagon Woos Silicon Valley to Join Ranks of Arms Makers
wsj · 5 days ago
Ukrainian troops return home after Challenger 2 tank training in UK
theguardian · 5 days ago
New allegations and a resignation strain already fraught China-Canada relations
theguardian · 5 days ago
Has the 3D printing revolution finally arrived?
theguardian · 6 days ago
Ukraine Offensive Takes Shape, With Big Unknowns
wsj · 6 days ago
Here's every country that has partially or completely banned TikTok as the US threatens a nationwide ban
businessinsider · 6 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads March 26th, 2023
hardfork.substack · 6 days ago
Tech Is Moving Away From China. Who Could Benefit.
barrons · 6 days ago
TikTok admits it banned former NBA player critical of China
washingtonpost · 6 days ago
New Zealand raises concerns with China on South China Sea, Taiwan
reuters · 7 days ago
Ukraine has pushed Russian forces off a key road in Bakhmut, Ukrainian officer claims
edition.cnn · 7 days ago
America’s hypersonic arms race with China, explained
vox · 7 days ago
TikTok is part of China’s cognitive warfare campaign | Nita Farahany
theguardian · 7 days ago
EU’s von der Leyen to join Macron in visiting China · 7 days ago
Tier 1 VC is Great. But More Money May Be Even Better. | SaaStr
saastr · 7 days ago
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