Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
Russia and China are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new reserve currency
markets.businessinsider · 18 hours ago
Obese retired Russian general sent to Ukraine as Putin runs low on commanders · 19 hours ago
Athens, Sparta sign peace pact
upi · 21 hours ago
Senior Defense Officials Hold a Background Briefing, June 24, 2022 · 1 day ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads June 26th, 2022
hardfork.substack · 1 day ago
It’s Okay to Be Different & Weird: But You Better Be Strong Too
hardfork.substack · 2 days ago
U.S.-Led Alliance Faces Frustration, and Pain of its Own, Over Russia Sanctions
nytimes · 2 days ago
Scholz adviser turns heads with appeal to consider future Russian relationship · 2 days ago
Careers | Join The Team
anduril · 1327 days ago
Iran Dismisses Revolutionary Guards’ Powerful Intelligence Chief
nytimes · 3 days ago
Putin’s speech. Is this a Declaration of Independence and are we King George? - Adam Townsend · 3 days ago
New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In
theonion · 3 days ago
EU leaders accept Ukraine and Moldova as membership candidates - official
reuters · 3 days ago
Think Only Good Thoughts
doomberg.substack · 4 days ago
Battle for Donbas twin cities reaches 'fearsome climax', says Ukraine
reuters · 4 days ago
The arrival of Western weapons begins to reshape the battle off Ukraine’s coast.
nytimes · 4 days ago
The ‘Invisible’ Billionaire
wsj · 5 days ago
Henry Hillman Shifted an Old-School Fortune Into High-Tech Firms
wsj · 5 days ago
We Have All the Time in the World: Living in the Present
hardfork.substack · 5 days ago
Man robbed Bangkok gold shop to make up for crypto losses: Police
nationthailand · 5 days ago
My notes on Seth Klarman's Margin of Safety - Part 1
substack.kikohimself · 5 days ago
The world's most valuable sneakers originally retailed for $60—now they're selling for $90,000 online
cnbc · 5 days ago
Snowflake and the Data Blizzard
thegeneralist.substack · 5 days ago
A former US general compared Russia's war in Ukraine to a 'heavyweight boxing match' and said a 'knockout blow' is coming
businessinsider · 5 days ago
The Rashists from Mordor vs. the Tractor Troops: Ukraine’s new language of war · 5 days ago
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Russia - the neighbours are worried
timothyash.substack · 6 days ago
An age of real wealth destruction
ft · 6 days ago
Opinion | This isn’t just Ukraine’s war. It’s our war, too. Act accordingly.
washingtonpost · 7 days ago
China to strike US bases in Indo-Pacific, aircraft carriers in war over Taiwan
firstpost · 7 days ago — Australia’s #1 news site · 1725 days ago
Poland delivers Krab self-propelled artillery to Ukraine · 7 days ago
What if Xi Jinping just isn't that competent?
noahpinion.substack · 7 days ago
Poland threatens Russia with the introduction of a no-fly zone over Western Ukraine
youtube · 7 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads June 19th, 2022
hardfork.substack · 8 days ago
As Food Plants Catch Fire, Massive Facility Opens to Process Crickets for Human Consumption
westernjournal · 8 days ago
Founders of $10 Billion Crypto Hedge Fund Have ‘Ghosted’ After Bets Go Bad
vice · 8 days ago
High Casualties: Russia Pulls Out All the Stops to Find Fresh Troops · 8 days ago
The End of the World is Just The Beginning Maps - Zeihan on Geopolitics
zeihan · 8 days ago
Treating Life Choices Like Playing in a Casino: A Framework
hardfork.substack · 9 days ago
Russian forces 'severely depleted' in battle for Severodonetsk · 11 days ago
#255 | Peter Zeihan: The Collapse of Globalization and America's Retreat - The Realignment Podcast
youtube · 11 days ago
The U.S. overestimated Russia’s military might. Is it underestimating China’s?
politico · 11 days ago
You Need a Tribe: Lone Wolves Don’t Make it
hardfork.substack · 12 days ago
Wind and solar power are 'bailing out' Texas amid record heat and energy demand
cnn · 12 days ago
How to increase your personal freedom
edlatimore · 13 days ago
Fed's Yellen expects no new financial crisis in 'our lifetimes'
reuters · 13 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads June 12th, 2022
hardfork.substack · 14 days ago
Microsoft just halted TV advertising, and it's a sign that broader cuts by marketers are on the way
businessinsider · 16 days ago
General Staff: Entire Russian unit refuses to take part in hostilities after suffering losses in Kharkiv Oblast · 16 days ago
“100 Foot Wave”: Why so Many Entrepreneurs are like Surfers
hardfork.substack · 16 days ago
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