Marvin “Polymath but really Just Generalist” Liao
Start-Ups Bring Silicon Valley Ethos to a Lumbering Military-Industrial Complex
nytimes · 327 days ago
There is a reason why the AFP won’t call out China · 327 days ago
Surge in strikes at Chinese factories after Covid rules end - NewsBreak
theguardian · 328 days ago
The Underground History of Russia's Most Ingenious Hacker Group
wired · 328 days ago
China’s Xi Mimics Mao’s Crisis Response in Sweeping Indoctrination Drive
wsj · 328 days ago
How screwed is WeWork? One of its bonds trades at 56 cents on the dollar, and Fitch Ratings thinks default is a real possibility.
businessinsider · 328 days ago
Kazakhstan émigrés share Big Sky vision for new fund
venturecapitaljournal · 328 days ago
Exclusive: As war began, Putin rejected a Ukraine peace deal recommended by aide
reuters · 328 days ago
Marvin’s Best Weekly Reads May 21st, 2023
hardfork.substack · 328 days ago
Kissinger: for the safety of Europe, get Ukraine into NATO
economist · 329 days ago
Japan shadows China’s growing Pacific presence | East Asia Forum
eastasiaforum · 329 days ago
Canada sees China as 'increasingly disruptive power,' to invest in Indo-Pacific security
cnnphilippines · 329 days ago
Russian mercenaries behind slaughter of 500 in Mali village, UN report finds
theguardian · 329 days ago
Chinese comedian arrested after joke about army
bbc · 329 days ago
OPINION | My family came to Canada to get away from China's influence. It turns out that was no escape | CBC News · 329 days ago
Don’t Be A Jerk to Service People: Being Kind Pays
hardfork.substack · 329 days ago
Chinese Dissidents’ New Weapon Against Beijing: Sell-Out New York Comedy Shows
wsj · 329 days ago
Elon Musk and Twitter face San Francisco city probe over headquarters
cnbc · 330 days ago
AstraZeneca will seek to "love the Communist Party", its China boss says
reuters · 330 days ago
China wants to subordinate west, US politician claims on UK visit
theguardian · 330 days ago
In a Sharp Reversal, Biden Opens a Path for Ukraine to Get Fighter Jets
nytimes · 330 days ago
U.S. and its allies plan to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, official says
nbcnews · 330 days ago
Zoom executives knew about key elements of plan to censor Chinese activists
cyberscoop · 330 days ago
Ukraine's counteroffensive is shrouded in confusion. That may be the plan | CNN
cnn · 330 days ago
Ukraine’s President Zelensky to attend G-7 summit in Japan in person
washingtonpost · 331 days ago
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China fines comedy troupe $2m for joke about the military
bbc · 331 days ago
Escalating China-Taiwan Tensions Fuel Alarming Surge in Cyber Attacks
thehackernews · 331 days ago
COVID-19 Most Likely Emerged From Wuhan Lab, Rubio Report Says
freebeacon · 331 days ago
Japan's advanced chipmaking suppliers help prompt Samsung to open hub
asia.nikkei · 331 days ago
Montana governor bans TikTok | CNN Business
cnn · 332 days ago
I investigated the Underground Economy of Glassdoor Reviews
reddit · 332 days ago
Dear SaaStr: When Searching for a Co-founder, How Do You Know You Found The Right One? | SaaStr
saastr · 332 days ago
Evgenia Kara-Murza on the Fight for Freedom in Russia
time · 332 days ago
David vs. Goliath: Southeast Asia Can Resist China’s Gray Zone Aggression in the South China Sea . . . with Help
usni · 332 days ago
Your Enemies Keep You Young: Embracing Your Competitors and Challenges
hardfork.substack · 332 days ago
Kishida, Biden and Yoon to showcase unity on North Korea — and China — at G7 · 332 days ago
Degrowth and the monkey's paw · 332 days ago
Florida lawmakers want to use radioactive material to pave roads · 333 days ago
African nations to send peace mission to Ukraine, Russia: Ramaphosa
arabnews · 333 days ago
The Race to Homeownership: Gen Z Tracking Ahead of Their Parents’ Generation, Millennials Tracking Behind
redfin · 333 days ago
How China came to dominate the black market for money laundering · 334 days ago
Russia is occupying Belarus, opposition leader says · 334 days ago
Japan Doubles Down on Standoff Missiles to Deter China - Naval News
navalnews · 334 days ago
Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says
washingtonpost · 335 days ago
TSMC says it's working hard to control costs, lifted partly by Ukraine war
reuters · 335 days ago
United States at risk of tight electric supplies this summer -NERC
reuters · 335 days ago
The US and allies could take action to counter China's 'economic coercion,' Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says - NewsBreak
markets.businessinsider · 335 days ago
Zelensky Pledges to Oust Russia From All of Occupied Ukraine
wsj · 335 days ago
Two Russian colonels eliminated in Bakhmut during the past day · 335 days ago
Kissinger at 100: A Legacy with Lessons for Us All
nationalinterest · 335 days ago
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