Matt Huang
Stripeโ€™s 2022 annual letter
stripe · 439 days ago
Stripe announces new round of funding and plan to provide employee liquidity
stripe · 460 days ago
The Waluigi Effect (mega-post) - LessWrong
lesswrong · 470 days ago
Paradigm shift as crypto VC firm names general partners for first time · 495 days ago
Amazon-Stripe partnership accelerates ecommerce and streamlines online payments
stripe · 510 days ago
Using ZK Proofs to Fight Disinformation
medium · 525 days ago
gakonst - Twitch · 641 days ago
Art Gobblers
artgobblers · 655 days ago
AI Grant
aigrant · 2519 days ago
Designing Digital Economies
joincolossus · 683 days ago
STARKS: Verifying a complex auto battler calculation on Ethereum
killari.medium · 722 days ago
Watch LIVE: FIDE Candidates Tournament Round 1
chess · 731 days ago
Chess Replay: You Versus Frumkin
nytimes · 735 days ago
Gold Reserves - Countries - List
tradingeconomics · 827 days ago
Areas of Interest โ€“ Future Fund
ftxfuturefund · 840 days ago
The mathematically optimal Wordle strategy
youtube · 861 days ago
Electric Capital Developer Report (2021)
medium · 894 days ago
Introducing Block · 929 days ago
StarkNet Alpha, Now on Mainnet!
medium · 931 days ago
Paradigmโ€™s New Chief Technology Officer · 936 days ago
Paradigmโ€™s New Venture Fund · 945 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Matt Huang joins Stripeโ€™s board of directors
stripe · 955 days ago
Joining Paradigm · 955 days ago
California Tries to Close the Gap in Math, but Sets Off a Backlash
nytimes · 955 days ago
"We think the VC model is outdated": Sequoia Capital makes a radical change
axios · 965 days ago
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financial services Summary | Violation Tracker
goodjobsfirst · 968 days ago
The Matrix Resurrections โ€“ Official Trailer 1
youtube · 1012 days ago
LootLoose โ€” Unbundle Loot Items
lootloose · 1018 days ago
Yale appoints Matthew Mendelsohn as chief investment officer · 1028 days ago
Two Rights Might Make A Wrong · 1035 days ago
Honus Wagner card sells for $6.6 million, smashing baseball card sales record
theathletic · 1036 days ago
Square, Inc. Announces Plans to Acquire Afterpay, Strengthening and Enabling Further Integration Between its Seller and Cash App Ecosystems
squareup · 1051 days ago
FTX's Unique Design
help.ftx · 1056 days ago
Bitcoin Alert: Biggest Private Crypto Deal Ever Is Closed
forbes · 1063 days ago
The B Word
thebword · 1088 days ago
Fast-Growing Analytics Startup Amplitude, Founded By Forbes 30 Under 30 Alums, Files To Go Public
forbes · 1069 days ago