Mike Monteiro did not pay for ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ
Let's Do Design Research Right!
eventbrite · 314 days ago
Opinion | On My 100th Birthday, Reflections on Archie Bunker and Donald Trump
nytimes · 308 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 316 days ago
Amazon gave Ring doorbell videos to US police 11 times without permission
theguardian · 322 days ago
Black employees sue Tesla over racist and physical abuse at factory: โ€˜Suck it up โ€” this happens all the timeโ€™
rawstory · 331 days ago
How to Siphon Fuel
artofmanliness · 337 days ago
Fish are reportedly raining from the sky across San Francisco
sfgate · 337 days ago
Biden advisors reportedly irked by Gavin Newsom's recent moves
sfgate · 340 days ago
MAGA Congressional candidate promises to โ€œstart executing peopleโ€ who support LGBTQ youth
lgbtqnation · 355 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 355 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 362 days ago
The Normalization of "Working Through Covid"
annehelen.substack · 358 days ago
All My Homies Hate Billionaires
heavyslime · 359 days ago
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Watched Thousands of LGBTQ People Die of AIDS
teenvogue · 364 days ago
Biden urges cities to spend Covid relief money on police, crime prevention
nbcnews · 381 days ago
I am losing my home in four days (May 3rd), organized by Noah Grey
gofundme · 397 days ago
Jerry West: 'If I have to, I will take this all the way to the Supreme Court'
latimes · 400 days ago
Man Who Lost Everything In Crypto Just Wishes Several Thousand More People Had Warned Him
theonion · 405 days ago
Judge Says Tesla Is Still Racist, but Not $137 Million Racist
gizmodo · 410 days ago
Terrible Tilly, Oregonโ€™s Legendary Lighthouse, Is for Sale
nytimes · 414 days ago
Let's Do Design Research Right!
eventbrite · 428 days ago
Amazon workers in New York make history by voting to form union
theguardian · 425 days ago
Swarm of genetically edited mosquitoes may be unleashed in Calif.
sfgate · 436 days ago
Ship gets stuck in Chesapeake a year after sister ship got stuck in Suez Canal
washingtonpost · 442 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 443 days ago
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Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 446 days ago
Texas Gov. Abbott: Agencies must investigate gender-affirming care for trans kids as โ€˜child abuseโ€™
dallasnews · 462 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 470 days ago
NFT marketplace shuts, citing 'rampant' fakes, plagiarism problem
reuters · 473 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence!
eventbrite · 477 days ago
Hereโ€™s The Boat That Wonโ€™t Bring Jeff Bezosโ€™s Hair, Or Wife Back
jalopnik · 479 days ago
A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide
goodreads · 481 days ago
New York Times buys viral game Wordle for seven-figure sum
theguardian · 484 days ago
State Trooper Who Told Governor to โ€˜Kiss My A**โ€™ Over Vaxx Mandate Dies of Covid-19
mediaite · 487 days ago
Startup valued at $7B lays off hundreds on Zoom before holidays
sfgate · 540 days ago
Introducing Block
block.xyz · 546 days ago
FYI: โ€˜Squareโ€™ Is Now โ€˜Block,โ€™ Jack Dorsey Is Now Fully a Crypto Laser Eyes Guy
vice · 546 days ago
Beware of the racially coded language that will be used when discussing Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James
deadspin · 555 days ago
Facebook announces name change to Meta in rebranding effort
theguardian · 580 days ago
Crypto Investors Are Bidding to Touch a 1,784-Pound Tungsten Cube Once a Year
vice · 582 days ago
Facebook crisis grows as new whistleblower and leaked documents emerge
theguardian · 585 days ago
Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name
theverge · 588 days ago
Netflix just fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout
theverge · 593 days ago
Theyโ€™re putting guns on robot dogs now
theverge · 594 days ago
US judge temporarily blocks Texasโ€™ near-total abortion ban in blow to contentious law
theguardian · 601 days ago
Facebook Is Weaker Than We Knew
nytimes · 603 days ago
My People Were In Shipping w/Mariana Schmitz
eventbrite · 604 days ago
Justice Kavanaugh tests positive for the virus.
nytimes · 607 days ago
Florida Students Are No Longer Required To Quarantine After Being Exposed To COVID
npr · 613 days ago
Nearly 200 S.F. police staff want religious exemptions from city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate
sfchronicle · 613 days ago
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