How Google Assistant with AI can deliver a truly smart home - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis
staceyoniot · 421 days ago
LIMA: Less Is More for Alignment
arxiv · 421 days ago
Ritu's Return to Old Delhi
returntodelhi.myportfolio · 435 days ago
Mass Layoffs and Absentee Bosses Create a Morale Crisis at Meta
nytimes · 461 days ago
PC Pain Persists in Q1 2023 Due to Excess Inventory and Poor Demand, According to IDC Tracker
idc · 462 days ago
DPReview closure: an update
dpreview · 465 days ago
Substack gets writers to invest, but doesn't share new financial info
axios · 466 days ago
BloombergGPT: A Large Language Model for Finance
arxiv · 472 days ago
Looking for Chat/AI expertise
scripting · 480 days ago
Computational Photography — Behzod
behzod · 487 days ago
r/spotify - Complaint Megathread
reddit · 495 days ago
Leaked audio shows Google Cloud CEO giving a fiery rallying cry and calling out demeaning competitors in AI: 'The game is never done in the first minute'
businessinsider · 502 days ago
Medical bills for Dianna Cowern, organized by Alicia McGuirk
gofundme · 502 days ago
Fans With Laptops: The Sports Writing Course
sportswriting.teachable · 509 days ago
Sunday Reads and Listens...Is Google A Goner? | Howie's List
howardlindzon · 519 days ago
Joe Rogan
lefsetz · 522 days ago
Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web - The Official Microsoft Blog · 525 days ago
New York investors snapping up Colorado River water rights, betting big on an increasingly scarce resource
cbsnews · 531 days ago
‎Farcaster · 538 days ago
The History of Uber - Uber's Timeline
uber · 560 days ago
BRIDES FOR SALE: A Comprehensive Report on Asian Women Trafficking to China
ij-reportika · 563 days ago
Pele Dies at 82
daringfireball · 565 days ago
Pelé, the Global Face of Soccer, Dies at 82
nytimes · 565 days ago
Twitter 2.0: Our continued commitment to the public conversation
blog.twitter · 593 days ago
Om Malik
om.tumblr · 594 days ago
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EXCLUSIVE: $178K worth of camera equipment stolen in armed robbery at store near SF's Union Square
abc7news · 596 days ago
Fans want the loser of England v USA to keep James Corden
indy100 · 599 days ago
Estée Lauder Agrees to Buy Tom Ford Brand in $2.8 Billion Deal
nytimes · 608 days ago
TikTok Builds Itself Into an Ads Juggernaut
nytimes · 610 days ago
The Stadium Curse: Naming Deals Gone Bust
cnbc · 612 days ago
staff.tumblr · 614 days ago
Twitter Files Paperwork to Enter Payments Business
nytimes · 615 days ago
Women Cryptologists of World War II Stamps Stamp |
store.usps · 621 days ago
Om Malik on Glass · 622 days ago
Om Malik on Glass · 634 days ago
I made $200,000 last year ghostwriting tweets for superstar VCs. It takes me 5 hours a week. Here's how I found my clients and built a booming side hustle from scratch.
businessinsider · 642 days ago
Netflix to get Nielsen ratings as streaming giant rolls out ad-supported plan
cnbc · 641 days ago
There are more winners than losers in Musk's Twitter deal
axios · 650 days ago
Fossil DNA Reveals New Twists in Modern Human Origins | Quanta Magazine
quantamagazine · 651 days ago
Elon Musk to debut ‘friendly’ robot he says will not overpower humans
washingtonpost · 654 days ago
"My dad's terminal disease may have saved my life"
newsweek · 659 days ago
Google wants to take on Dolby with new open media formats
protocol · 663 days ago
r/funny - It says "Don't Look" but went anyway.
reddit · 663 days ago
India: Wall House - Home (Season 1, Episode 6) | Apple TV+ · 671 days ago
CEE - Watch Ft Rider Shafique & Shrii (MALFNKTION Remix), by MALFNKTION
malfnktion.bandcamp · 682 days ago
The woman who taught the West how to cook Indian food
bbc · 682 days ago
Snap plans to lay off 20 percent of employees
theverge · 686 days ago
MIT's new algorithm for self-driving cars is open-source · 692 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the metaverse memes
theverge · 696 days ago
American Airlines agrees to buy 20 supersonic planes from Boom
cnbc · 700 days ago
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