Patrick Collison
Unicorn Market Cap, June 2021 (Almost Post-Pandemic Edition)
blog.eladgil · 1 day ago
Three myths about scientific peer review | Michael Nielsen
michaelnielsen · 5 days ago
Europe is now a corporate also-ran. Can it recover its footing?
economist · 11 days ago
Eight States Are Seeding Clouds to Overcome Megadrought
eenews · 17 days ago
Andreas Kling
youtube · 25 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Stripe adds six new companies to its carbon removal portfolio
stripe · 27 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting · 27 days ago
Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software: Nadia Eghbal: 9780578675862: Books
amazon · 318 days ago
Learning on knowledge graph dynamics provides an early warning of impactful research
nature · 29 days ago
How Parking Destroys Cities
theatlantic · 33 days ago
Google Workspace turns to "smart chips" to weave Docs, Tasks, and Meet together
theverge · 35 days ago
Project Starline: Feel like you're there, together · 35 days ago
Building Products at Stripe
newsletter.bringthedonuts · 35 days ago
Forced Entrepreneurs by Isaac Hacamo, Kristoph Kleiner :: SSRN
papers.ssrn · 35 days ago
Invoicing built for speed and scale
stripe · 36 days ago
Sohn 2021 | John Collison in conversation with Dan Sundheim
youtube · 41 days ago
Stripe and Solid-State Economics
diff.substack · 46 days ago
Paystack is live in South Africa!
paystack · 47 days ago
How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously
newyorker · 53 days ago
Book Review: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire | Fantastic Anachronism
fantasticanachronism · 55 days ago
Stripe acquires TaxJar to add cloud-based, automated sales tax tools into its payments platform โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 56 days ago
Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power, Coll, Steve, eBook -
amazon · 64 days ago
Why has climate economics failed us?
noahpinion.substack · 71 days ago
Establishing Twitter's presence in Africa
blog.twitter · 71 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Stripe launches in the United Arab Emirates
stripe · 78 days ago
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Clubhouse โ€” Introducing Clubhouse Payments
joinclubhouse · 78 days ago
Hsieh-Moretti on Housing Regulation: A Gracious Admission of Error - Econlib
econlib · 78 days ago
Biden Takes Moonshot Approach to Replacing Lead Water Pipes (1)
news.bloomberglaw · 83 days ago
The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge returns...again
weatherwest · 84 days ago
Misdemeanor Prosecution
nber · 85 days ago
Software Design for Flexibility · 98 days ago
Interviews with Patrick Collison, Brad Smith, Thomas Kurian, and Matthew Prince on Moderation in Infrastructure
stratechery · 98 days ago
Moderation in Infrastructure
stratechery · 98 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Postmates added $70 million in revenue and saved $3 million in network fees with Stripe
stripe · 104 days ago
Funke Opeke
en.wikipedia · 110 days ago
All futurism is Afrofuturism
noahpinion.substack · 113 days ago
Peter Barron on LinkedIn: Some personal news: next week I'll be joining Stripe as global head | 43 comments
linkedin · 117 days ago
โ€˜At school I didnโ€™t know what software engineering was, now its my job and I solve real-world problemsโ€™ · 118 days ago
MAKE · 531 days ago
The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power
newyorker · 121 days ago
Stripe Newsroom: Stripe welcomes Mark Carney to its board of directors
stripe · 122 days ago
Bill Gates: My green manifesto
ft · 123 days ago
Attempted assassination of Theodore Roosevelt - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 127 days ago
Opinion | California Is Making Liberals Squirm
nytimes · 131 days ago
John Mattick - The New World of RNA Biology
youtube · 131 days ago
Pakistani fintech Safepay raises seed funding from Stripe, others
menabytes · 132 days ago
Lowercarbon Capital | A Fund for Planet Healing Technologies
lowercarboncapital · 474 days ago
Contra Weyl On Technocracy
astralcodexten.substack · 145 days ago
How Volkswagenโ€™s $50 Billion Plan to Beat Tesla Short-Circuited
wsj · 154 days ago
Reflections on 2020 as an independent researcher
andymatuschak · 156 days ago
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