Paul Buchheit
EP 40: Paul Buchheit, the man who created Gmail on early Google, Gmail, YCombinator and 100b companies.
aarthiandsriram · 183 days ago
Facebook Activates "Like" Button; FriendFeed Tires Of Sincere Flattery
techcrunch · 193 days ago
GitHub and OpenAI launch a new AI tool that generates its own code
theverge · 235 days ago
Friendship > Politics
bariweiss.substack · 492 days ago
youtube · 624 days ago
January 6th: Attempted coup or attempted restoration of democracy? - The Narratives Project
narrativesproject · 634 days ago
A little bit of slope makes up for a lot of y-intercept
gist.github · 683 days ago
DoorDash from application to IPO
blog.ycombinator · 1027 days ago
Narrative Analysis: The Death of Daniel Prude
shauncammack.substack · 1123 days ago
Vaccine experts say Moderna's Covid-19 data leave big questions
statnews · 1230 days ago
Paul Romer on the COVID-19 Pandemic - Econlib
econtalk · 1230 days ago
Opinion | ‘I Wish I Could Do Something for You,’ My Doctor Said
nytimes · 1235 days ago
Here’s How Wuhan Plans to Test All 11 Million of Its People for Coronavirus
nytimes · 1234 days ago
ANA Therapeutics
anatherapeutics · 1243 days ago
Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”
technologyreview · 1244 days ago
Opinion | Pandemic ethics: The case for experiments on human volunteers
washingtonpost · 1246 days ago
A Third Solution
paulbuchheit.blogspot · 1255 days ago
#Masks4All: Wear a homemade mask to slow the spread of Coronavirus · 1279 days ago
Tesla Will Reduce Its Factory Workforce And Remain Open, A Sheriff's Office Said
buzzfeednews · 1292 days ago
Female founders – don’t make these mistakes.
avnipatelthompson · 1850 days ago
Not a technical founder? This is how you build a tech company.
avnipatelthompson · 1867 days ago
This 3D printing rocket start-up just hired a legendary SpaceX executive
qz · 1868 days ago
Relativity Space reveals its ambitions with big NASA deal
arstechnica · 2021 days ago
Triplebyte has raised more money for its “background blind” tech recruiting platform
techcrunch · 2041 days ago
The CC Intro – Daniel Gross – Medium
medium · 2072 days ago
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Becoming What One Is - Quillette
quillette · 2071 days ago
Birdcage liners
joelonsoftware · 2088 days ago
Y Combinator Female Founders Conference 2018
blog.ycombinator · 2111 days ago
5 things no one tells you about starting a startup
geekwire · 2170 days ago
Curing the incurable
techcrunch · 2184 days ago
I’m 32 and spent $200k on biohacking. Became calmer, thinner, extroverted, healthier & happier.
hackernoon · 2195 days ago
Is Y Combinator for me?
avnipatelthompson · 2202 days ago
The World Turned Upside Down (and what to do about it)
medium · 2210 days ago
barrons · 2251 days ago
I'm a founder in the current Y Combinator batch (staying anonymous for reasons, but verified by mods). I always wanted a YC founder to do this, so ask me anything! • r/startups
reddit · 2270 days ago
Opinion | I’m Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars
nytimes · 2287 days ago
Take the Triplebyte Programming Quiz!
quiz.triplebyte · 2323 days ago
Silicon Valley: A Reality Check
slatestarcodex · 2334 days ago