Reid Hoffman
WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Bets That Fusion Power Is Closer Than Many Think
wsj · 433 days ago
Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI
open.spotify · 487 days ago
Reid Hoffman
youtube · 488 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: AI, like most transformative technologies, grows gradually, then arrives…
linkedin · 501 days ago
Mira Murati - OpenAI and the Implications of DALL-E - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | Comedy Central US
cc · 629 days ago
Blitzscaling Creativity with DALL-E
linkedin · 679 days ago
An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.
nytimes · 679 days ago
Gender Disparities In CEO Takedowns
forbes · 687 days ago
‎The Startup of You Podcast: Develop Your Competitive Edge on Apple Podcasts · 727 days ago
labs.openai · 762 days ago
The School – Transformations of the Human
tofth · 772 days ago
Come work with us. · 802 days ago - Blitzcaling ou la croissance éclair: Quand privilégier la vitesse à l'efficacité ? - Hoffman, Reid, Yeh, Chris, Leclère, Cécile, Gates, Bill - Livres · 900 days ago
Millions Have Lost a Step Into the Middle Class, Researchers Say
nytimes · 914 days ago
Zynga Take Two
medium · 918 days ago
Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder)
open.spotify · 956 days ago
Reid’s Rituals of Great Boards: The 8 strategic tools used by top companies · Reid’s Rituals of Great Boards: the 8 strategic tools used by top companies · 971 days ago
100 Best Inventions of 2021
time · 979 days ago
Reading Masters of Scale with my Literati book club | Virgin
virgin · 1027 days ago
a.reinventtechnologypartners · 1084 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: Neeva Announces Public Availability of its Ads Free, Private Search
linkedin · 1113 days ago
Ad-free, private search - Neeva
neeva · 1113 days ago
Great Electric Airplane Race
pbs · 1146 days ago
LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn
linkedin · 1203 days ago
The Masters of Scale Courses app: Join the 30-Day Challenge
join.mastersofscale · 1199 days ago
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Greylock's Reid Hoffman and Sarah Guo: Investing ideas for the future of work
cnbc · 1209 days ago
U.S. intelligence finds Russia and Iran sought to influence 2020 election, but China did not
axios · 1218 days ago
Russia worked to damage Biden in 2020 election, US intelligence report finds – live
theguardian · 1218 days ago
Grand Rounds merges with Doctor On Demand to form multibillion-dollar digital health company
cnbc · 1218 days ago
Joby Aviation is turning science fiction into science fact
linkedin · 1232 days ago
Join the Beta for the Masters of Scale Courses app
linkedin · 1258 days ago
'Not Broken But Simply Unfinished': Poet Amanda Gorman Calls For A Better America
npr · 1273 days ago
Welcoming ATG to Aurora: one mission, one vision, one team
linkedin · 1273 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: Great news from Aurora and Chris Urmson!
linkedin · 1273 days ago
20VC: Reid Hoffman on Investing in Airbnb and Passing on Stripe, The Different Styles of Truly Great Leaders, How To Think Through Ownership and Price in Venture & How To Ensure Venture Partnerships Always Have Trust and a Learning Mindset - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 1289 days ago
How to build tech products for a diverse user base
venturebeat · 1297 days ago
All Raise attracts fresh funding to build a more equitable tech ecosystem
medium · 1323 days ago
reid.medium · 1329 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: Software Engineer - Product at Taptap Send
linkedin · 1335 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: #podcast
linkedin · 1336 days ago
Reid Hoffman | Choosing Bad Competition
soundcloud · 1343 days ago
Van Jones: For a lot of people it's a good day - CNN Video
cnn · 1345 days ago
First look: Reid Hoffman launches $1M ad urging election patience
axios · 1354 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: This 4000 Year Old Technology is Saving Harvard, Google, and McKinsey
linkedin · 1356 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: “The most important thing is the ingredients, but secondly, it’s about
linkedin · 1356 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: Tech startups are hiring again. Here are 16 important people to know
linkedin · 1361 days ago
Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn: #vote
linkedin · 1363 days ago
More Than 110 Philanthropists and Foundation Leaders Call for Secure Elections and a Peaceful Response to the Results
philanthropy · 1365 days ago
Greylock and MLT are trying to diversify tech’s wealth cycle – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1386 days ago
20VC: The 4 Phases of Effective Decision-Making, The No 1 Quality of Good Decisions, How To Approach Effective OKR Setting & Why Your Operating Cadence is the Backbone of Your Culture with Shishir Mehrotra, Founder & CEO @ Coda - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 1388 days ago
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