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Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 could get squeezed by other Android rivals | ZDNet
zdnet · 2110 days ago
Perspective | White supremacists are openly using Nazi symbols. That’s a warning to all of us.
washingtonpost · 2110 days ago
Nearly 70% of UK firms have no staff training for cyber attacks, figures show - Threat Brief
threatbrief · 2110 days ago
Word of the Day: Depredate
merriam-webster · 2111 days ago
Android founder Andy Rubin's new smartphone is way better than I thought it would be
cnbc · 2113 days ago
The History of 'Alt-'
merriam-webster · 2113 days ago
Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away
npr · 2113 days ago
Pastor becomes first to quit Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board
news.vice · 2113 days ago
Trump's Entire Committee On Arts And The Humanities Just Resigned To Protest His Racism
politicususa · 2114 days ago
The Threat Intelligence Tightrope
recordedfuture · 2114 days ago
Essential Phone review: a beautiful work in progress
theverge · 2114 days ago
The Essential Phone doesn’t consider a headphone jack essential
theverge · 2114 days ago
Meet the women who build PlanGrid - PlanGrid Construction Productivity Blog
blog.plangrid · 2114 days ago
Republicans have made a game out of redistricting
newsobserver · 2114 days ago
In Retrospect: Is There Anyone Who Could Have Predicted Where We Are Today?
redstate · 2114 days ago
Private prisons: The secretive $5B industry growing under Trump
philly · 2114 days ago
James Murdoch Pledges $1 Million to Anti-Defamation League as Trump Protest
nytimes · 2114 days ago
Missouri lawmaker criticized after wishing for Trump’s assassination
rawstory · 2114 days ago
Opinion | I Voted for Trump. And I Sorely Regret It.
nytimes · 2115 days ago
Cover Story: David Plunkert’s “Blowhard”
newyorker · 2115 days ago
No tolerance for intimidation or violence here - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 2115 days ago
Trump retells Pants on Fire claim about Gen. Pershing
politifact · 2115 days ago
GV's Michael Margolis on user research for startups - Inside Intercom
blog.intercom · 2115 days ago
Essential Phone, available now.
essential.comtial-phone-available-now · 2115 days ago
The Complete Guide to Building Hardware Startup Teams: Part 1 (Founders + Culture) · 2115 days ago
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PayPal’s AUP - Remaining Vigilant on Hate, Violence & Intolerance
paypal · 2115 days ago
Trending: Bannon: One Of Us Is Going To Be A 'Hegemon'
merriam-webster · 2115 days ago
Word of the Day: Oppugn
merriam-webster · 2115 days ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook blasts Trump’s response to Charlottesville, pledges $2 million to anti-hate organizations
washingtonpost · 2115 days ago
Charlottesville violence: America - diminished and dismissed - BBC News
bbc · 2115 days ago
Trump Lawyer Forwards Email Echoing Secessionist Rhetoric
nytimes · 2115 days ago
After Charlottesville, time to censure President Trump
usatoday · 2115 days ago
Analysis | The “alt-right” is just another word for white supremacy, study finds
washingtonpost · 2116 days ago
'Jews will not replace us': Vice film lays bare horror of neo-Nazis in America
theguardian · 2116 days ago
This Vice News Documentary from Charlottesville Is Horrifying
esquire · 2116 days ago
Retired Fighter Pilot Amy McGrath Announces Run For Congress In Kentucky With One Of The Best Political Ads We’ve Ever Seen
womenyoushouldknow · 2116 days ago
Plastics, Be Gone! Costa Rica To Enact A Plastics Ban
cleantechnica · 2116 days ago
Fireside Chat with Rich Miner of Google
eventbrite · 2117 days ago
Surviving the Digital Publishing Evolution
panelpicker.sxsw · 2117 days ago
Fruitcake From Robert Scott Expedition Is ‘Almost’ Edible at 106 Years Old
nytimes · 2118 days ago
Three decades of the Commodore 64
arstechnica · 2120 days ago
Word of the Day: Pandemonium
merriam-webster · 2120 days ago
Opinion | The NFL cowards who aren’t signing Colin Kaepernick
washingtonpost · 2121 days ago
Word of the Day: Pandemonium
merriam-webster · 2121 days ago
CNN severs ties with Jeffrey Lord
money.cnn · 2121 days ago
Ignore Our Crazy President, U.S. Government Tells North Korea
nymag · 2123 days ago
Obama already set to spend $20B a year to update U.S. nukes
washingtontimes · 2123 days ago
Using Rocana’s Event Data Lake to Close SecOps Visibility Gaps
blog.rocana · 2124 days ago
'The most well-organized campaign in the history of the alt-right' is targeting H.R. McMaster — with help from Russia
businessinsider · 2124 days ago
A hacker stole $31M of Ether — how it happened, and what it means for Ethereum
medium.freecodecamp · 2142 days ago
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