Satyajeet Salgar
Larry David is the Hero We Need | Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Trailer #1 (2017) | HBO
youtube · 1993 days ago
Google brings six-second video previews to mobile search
techcrunch · 1996 days ago
Netflix Signs ‘Scandal’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Away From ABC, as Battle for Talent Escalates
wsj · 2000 days ago
Let Today's Google Doodle Honor Hip-Hop History and Suck Your Time Away
slate · 2003 days ago
Mark Millar Likens Netflix Purchasing Millarworld To Disney Buying Marvel
bleedingcool · 2007 days ago
How to Tell the Truth – Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 2018 days ago
Measure f-ing everything, and assume f-ing nothing!! - Or how mentoring ruined lives :-(
salgar.blogspot · 2019 days ago
Resume Cheat Sheet - The Cooper Review
thecooperreview · 2033 days ago
Fun job perk: finding interesting stuff! This week - Desiderata
salgar.blogspot · 2040 days ago
Teaching: I realized why I love it, and why I really need to do more of it.
salgar.blogspot · 2041 days ago
Facebook Is Going Hollywood, Seeking Scripted TV Programming
wsj · 2050 days ago
Watch Jerry Seinfeld Refuse a Hug from Kesha
ew · 2065 days ago
The Greatest NBA Finals Rivalry Is Kevin Durant vs. Robyn Rihanna Fenty
medium · 2073 days ago
After Vandalism, LeBron Speaks His Mind – The Ringer
theringer · 2075 days ago
Masters of Scale - with Reid Hoffman
entrepreneur · 2076 days ago
Filters, slices and context color everything. Or how I got to "omg. wtf. I guess Steve Ballmer is pretty cool"
salgar.blogspot · 2076 days ago
Filters, slices and context color everything. – Satyajeet Salgar – Medium
medium · 2076 days ago
SoftBank’s $93 Billion Vision Problem
theinformation · 2081 days ago
Why “Originals” may turn out to be the most dangerous thing I read all year.
medium · 2081 days ago
Amazon’s Latest Market Disruption: 1.7 Million Free Bananas
wsj · 2084 days ago
Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas out for rest of playoffs
si · 2086 days ago
Episode 770: When India's Cash Disappeared, Part One
npr · 2088 days ago
YouTube is tapping Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres and other big-names to make original shows
businessinsider · 2102 days ago
Report: Google Assistant bests rivals for questions answered and overall accuracy
searchengineland · 2109 days ago
The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time
hbr · 2148 days ago
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Google adds iTunes, Apple Music shortcuts & more to iOS search cards
appleinsider · 2109 days ago
Google search on iOS will now help you find TV shows, movies and music on streaming services
techcrunch · 2109 days ago
Google Home now helps you cook over 5 million recipes
searchengineland · 2110 days ago
Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton lyrics
youtube · 2110 days ago
Google Home Just Rolled Out a Very Useful New Kitchen Feature
foodandwine · 2110 days ago
Now we're cooking—the Assistant on Google Home is your secret ingredient · 2110 days ago
Google tweaks Search to help combat ‘fake news’
techcrunch · 2111 days ago
Google tests 'suggested clip' in search results where video jumps directly to the answer
searchengineland · 2116 days ago
Humans have watched Adam Sandler on Netflix for longer than civilization has existed
qz · 2118 days ago
First Woman to Run in Boston Marathon Is Doing It Again — 50 Years Later
nytimes · 2119 days ago
How Stephen Colbert Finally Found His Elusive Groove
nytimes · 2126 days ago
'The Last Jedi': Highlights from the Star Wars Celebration Panel (and Waiting for a Trailer)
ew · 2122 days ago
Blazers player secures $500,000 bonus by not taking 3-pointer in final game of the season
businessinsider · 2123 days ago
Dad Photoshops Daughter In Dangerous Situations to Scare Grandma
sadanduseless · 2124 days ago
Thor Ragnarok Trailer EASTER EGGS, Infinity Stones & FULL ANALYSIS
youtube · 2124 days ago
Finally, The Muppets Collaborate With Sean Spicer
youtube · 2131 days ago
The link between video games and unemployment
economist · 2133 days ago
Live Location in Messenger - Product Hunt
producthunt · 2140 days ago
7 Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Work – The Startup
medium · 2166 days ago
Google for Brazil: Building a more inclusive internet for everyone, everywhere · 2145 days ago
New shortcuts in Search help keep you in the know · 2146 days ago
AIB : Every Conference Call Ever
youtube · 2152 days ago
Woman Who Shares Name With ‘Alexa’ And ‘Siri’ Says Life Is ‘Waking Nightmare'
huffingtonpost · 2153 days ago
The final Oscar—at last—went to the most deserving film
economist · 2154 days ago
50 Years Later, Heinz Approves Don Draper's 'Pass the Heinz' Ads and Is Actually Running Them
adweek · 2154 days ago
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