Sara Mauskopf
Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley
thecut · 2427 days ago
🌞 The solar eclipse is coming on Monday!
winnie · 2430 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to Save Us from Trump
youtube · 2432 days ago
Winnie Parenting Communities - Product Hunt
producthunt · 2432 days ago
Find Your Parenting Community on Winnie – Winnie – Medium
medium · 2432 days ago
VICE News' Inside Account Of The Charlottesville Protests Is A Terrifying Must-Watch
digg · 2433 days ago
Trump Just Went On A Wide-Ranging Defense Of The Racists In Charlottesville And Of Confederate Monuments
buzzfeed · 2433 days ago
June Oven Pro - Product Hunt
producthunt · 2433 days ago
Airbnb Banned Neo-Nazis From Booking This Weekend—and Set a New Standard for How Tech Can Fight Hate
slate · 2435 days ago
How do I discipline my toddler?
winnie · 2436 days ago
Who else has a furry friend who protects their baby?
winnie · 2437 days ago
She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym.
nytimes · 2437 days ago
Announcing Color’s Hereditary High Cholesterol Test
blog.color · 2438 days ago
Meet Wim, a Gadget That'll Make Fast Frozen Yogurt on Your Kitchen Counter
bloomberg · 2440 days ago
Feelings of Failure
blog.eladgil · 2441 days ago
Why it’s smart to invest in women-led companies
washingtonpost · 2446 days ago
How Trusted is Different – Trusted
blog.usetrusted · 2446 days ago
Women in Tech Breakfast · 2447 days ago
What's the hardest part about being a new dad?
winnie · 2448 days ago
🤢 How do I clean puke out of a car seat?
winnie · 2449 days ago
Planned Parenthood (San Francisco Health Center)
winnie · 2451 days ago
No More Mommy Brain!
womensforum · 2451 days ago
What are the best apps for moms?
winnie · 2451 days ago
Some professional news – Michael Sippey – Medium
medium · 2453 days ago
Have a baby in your life?
winnie · 2455 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
junecleaverisdead · 2459 days ago
Excerpts From The Times’s Interview With Trump
nytimes · 2460 days ago
The Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and the Men Who Could Be Me: Bruce Feiler: Books
amazon · 2460 days ago
Twitter & 3 Product “what ifs” – GGV Capital – Medium
medium · 2461 days ago
Getting back in shape after baby... with baby?
winnie · 2466 days ago
Attention Pregnant and Nursing Moms
winnie · 2467 days ago
This couple turned their wedding into a giant fundraiser
today · 2468 days ago
Smart Kids Live Longer
winnie · 2472 days ago
Winnie ❤️ Tutu School
winnie · 2474 days ago
She's operating her own "seed store".
winnie · 2477 days ago
My 4 month old daughter has an odd flicker in her eyes.
winnie · 2479 days ago
Winnie is teaming up with Educents...
winnie · 2482 days ago
Are You Sure You're Working Enough?
bloomberg · 2481 days ago
San Francisco man dies saving daughter from drowning
ktvu · 2482 days ago
Startups: Conventional Wisdom Says 90% Fail. Data Says Otherwise.
fortune · 2482 days ago
Ludlow Ventures has closed its second fund with $45 million
techcrunch · 2482 days ago
Winnie ❤️ Music Together
winnie · 2483 days ago
I never thought I'd be in this situation.
winnie · 2483 days ago
My mom is babysitting my daughter today and she had her out...
winnie · 2483 days ago
'Moms are persona non grata': are tech startups hostile to working mothers?
theguardian · 2483 days ago
Justin Caldbeck takes indefinite leave of absence from Binary Capital
axios · 2486 days ago
Thanks to our friends, my husband and I were able to...
winnie · 2486 days ago
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 2486 days ago
Happy Father's Day to all the incredible dads out there!
winnie · 2491 days ago
What animal is this?
winnie · 2492 days ago
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