Steven Sinofsky
AI Safety: A Technical & Ethnographic Overview
jonstokes · 9 hours ago
Ads are coming for the Bing AI chatbot, as they come for all Microsoft products
arstechnica · 1 day ago
‘Thousands of Dollars for Something I Didn’t Do’
nytimes · 1 day ago
Column: How Disney's lawyers brutally mauled DeSantis over control of Disney World
latimes · 2 days ago
Businesses Need Free Speech Too
pluribus.substack · 2 days ago
How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide
oneusefulthing.substack · 3 days ago
Why Women's Involvement is Key to a Sustainable Water Future | True Elements
trueelements · 3 days ago
SAGE updates COVID-19 vaccination guidance · 3 days ago
At Apple, Rare Dissent Over a New Product: Interactive Goggles
nytimes · 6 days ago
In a Swift Decision, Judge Eviscerates Internet Archive’s Scanning and Lending Program
publishersweekly · 6 days ago
Opinion | Diversity and Free Speech Can Coexist at Stanford
wsj · 8 days ago
ChatGPT Gets Its “Wolfram Superpowers”!
writings.stephenwolfram · 9 days ago
The Supreme Court ponders a surprisingly difficult case about poop jokes
vox · 10 days ago
Flack's crisis communications playbook
getflack · 10 days ago
PLATO: How an educational computer system from the ’60s shaped the future
arstechnica · 13 days ago
A Q&A With Everlaw Founder and CEO on ChatGPT and Generative AI on Legaltech | Everlaw
everlaw · 17 days ago
Back-to-Back Bank Collapses Came After Deregulatory Push
nytimes · 18 days ago
Gell-Mann Amnesia | Epsilon Theory
epsilontheory · 684 days ago
Opinion | Elizabeth Warren: Silicon Valley Bank Is Gone. We Know Who Is Responsible.
nytimes · 19 days ago
Joint Statement by the Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC · 20 days ago
For Rare Book Librarians, It’s Gloves Off. Seriously.
nytimes · 23 days ago
The FTC versus America
blog.joelonsdale · 25 days ago
Biden’s Semiconductor Plan Flexes the Power of the Federal Government
nytimes · 31 days ago
FBI believes Covid originated from Chinese lab leak, says agency director
nbcnews · 32 days ago
The terrifying cult of 'good taste'
farrah.substack · 33 days ago
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Rebooting the Arsenal of Democracy: Anduril Mission Document
blog.anduril · 35 days ago
Don't be a doomer
noahpinion.substack · 36 days ago
LZ compression · 36 days ago
AI-created images lose U.S. copyrights in test for new technology
reuters · 37 days ago
AI, ChatGPT, and Bing…Oh My
medium.learningbyshipping · 38 days ago
It’s a chat bot, Kevin
piratewires · 40 days ago
The age of Agile must end · 40 days ago
Microsoft limits Bing chat to five replies to stop the AI from getting real weird
theverge · 41 days ago
The race of the AI labs heats up
economist · 42 days ago
Review found ‘falsified data’ in Stanford President’s research, colleagues allege
stanforddaily · 42 days ago
<div style="max-width: 480px;">What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?</div>
writings.stephenwolfram · 43 days ago
My class required AI. Here's what I've learned so far.
oneusefulthing.substack · 43 days ago
Startups With Onsite Employees Grow 3 1/2 Times Faster
eiexchange · 44 days ago
Gartner Hype Cycle Research Methodology | Gartner
gartner · 44 days ago
Opinion | Why I’m Resigning as an FTC Commissioner
wsj · 45 days ago
Ad-free, private search - Neeva
neeva · 641 days ago
Typographic Hierarchy in Print, Web & App Design - Pimp my Type
pimpmytype · 54 days ago
Getty Images lawsuit says Stability AI misused photos to train AI
reuters · 54 days ago
Tanium Appoints Dan Streetman as Chief Executive Officer | Tanium
tanium · 59 days ago
Foldable iPad could arrive as early as next year, claims noted Apple analyst
theverge · 61 days ago
NeevaAI - Search powered by AI - get answers, not ads | Product Hunt
producthunt · 65 days ago
Member of Congress reads AI-generated speech on House floor
abcnews.go · 65 days ago
🚗 VW's big EV bet
axios · 255 days ago
History of BASIC, Part 3 · 76 days ago
TSMC Says They Will Sidestep The Recession – 2023 Outlook, Q4 2022 Earnings
semianalysis · 79 days ago
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