Steven Sinofsky
The Power of Product Thinking - Future
future.a16z · 1 day ago
READ: Supreme Court opinion in NCAA athletes case
cnn · 1 day ago
DeFi Investor Morgan Beller Reveals Why She Left Facebook’s Libra
forbes · 2 days ago
When NASA makes news, he’s there to capture it
cnn · 2 days ago
China has administered more than 1 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses
cnn · 2 days ago
Why PCs Are Turning Into Giant Phones
wsj · 2 days ago
The Picasso Principle — Habits of Highly Prolific Minds
medium · 3 days ago
WME Signs Nait Jones, Clubhouse Personality and Andreessen Horowitz Partner (Exclusive)
hollywoodreporter · 6 days ago
Morgan Stanley CEO to NYC workers: Be back in the office by September or else
cnn · 6 days ago
Technology Saves the World - Future
future.a16z · 7 days ago
Future - Understand the Future, How Tech Shapes It, and How We Build It
future.a16z · 7 days ago
Opinion | The secret gag orders must stop
washingtonpost · 8 days ago
Ned Beatty, Actor Known for ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Network,’ Dies at 83
variety · 9 days ago
Amazon adjusts return-to-office guidance, says employees can work two days a week remotely
geekwire · 11 days ago
Are we returning to the office? Or is the future remote? - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 12 days ago
ProPublica's Bombshell, Bullshit Tax Story
savingjournalism.substack · 14 days ago
Inline images may display as a Red X in Outlook · 14 days ago
Building Products at Stripe
newsletter.bringthedonuts · 35 days ago
Bonus: Split Up Microsoft and Managing the Verdict
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 15 days ago
24-inch iMac review: There’s still no step three
arstechnica · 15 days ago
America's scarcity mindset
noahpinion.substack · 15 days ago
031. Synchronizing Windows and Office (the First Time) [Chapter V]
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 16 days ago
Prosus’s Acquisition of Stack Overflow: Our Exciting Next Chapter - Stack Overflow Blog · 20 days ago
Microsoft to reveal its next generation of Windows on June 24th
theverge · 20 days ago
One way companies are concealing higher prices: Smaller packages
washingtonpost · 21 days ago
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Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie
mattstoller.substack · 23 days ago
Covid: Wuhan lab leak is ‘feasible’, say British spies · 23 days ago
Exploring the New iPad Pro and the Future of the iPad | Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 24 days ago
Answering the Techno-Pessimists, Part 4: Science Slowdown?
noahpinion.substack · 24 days ago
SAP steps back from S/4HANA-on-Azure preference
cio · 24 days ago
Why I Killed the Windows Startup Sound
youtube · 24 days ago
Paulie hated phones
youtube · 26 days ago
Covid-19: What went wrong in Singapore and Taiwan?
bbc · 26 days ago
The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 26 days ago
CONFIRMED: Henry Cavill Says He’s Starring in the Highlander Reboot
cbr · 30 days ago
027. Internet Evangelist
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 30 days ago
This is how wokeness ends … for white people
medium · 31 days ago
If Microsoft Designed macOS (Concept)
youtube · 31 days ago
India asks social media firms to remove reference to 'Indian variant' of coronavirus
reuters · 31 days ago
Twitter previews Ticketed Spaces, says it’ll take a 20 percent cut of sales
theverge · 32 days ago
Snap CEO Evan Spiegel: We're happy to pay Apple 30% — without Apple we wouldn't exist
cnbc · 32 days ago
94-year-old gets Medal of Honor 70 years after Korean War heroism
cnn · 32 days ago
25 Years Later, the BBC Apologizes for Diana Interview
nytimes · 33 days ago
Experts weigh in on the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis
politico · 34 days ago
iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump!
youtube · 34 days ago
Apple previews powerful software updates designed for people with disabilities
apple · 34 days ago
Return to Workplace Index: COVID-19 Foot Traffic Trends | Envoy
envoy · 42 days ago
Charles Grodin, Star of ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ ‘Midnight Run,’ Dies at 86
variety · 35 days ago
The COVID lab-leak theory goes mainstream
axios · 38 days ago
TikTok star's awkward girlfriend video escalates into hostage thriller
newsweek · 38 days ago
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