Steven Sinofsky
“Writing is Thinking”—an annotated twitter thread – Learning By Shipping
medium.learningbyshipping · 1682 days ago
Inside Sam Bankman-Fried’s Quest to Win Friends and Influence People
nytimes · 6 days ago
As Elon Musk Cuts Costs at Twitter, Some Bills Are Going Unpaid
nytimes · 6 days ago
In Memoriam: Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. – a Personal Recollection
circleid · 8 days ago
Evernote’s Next Move: Joining the Bending Spoons Suite of Apps
evernote · 13 days ago
Bending Spoons to Acquire Renowned Productivity App Evernote to Enhanc
prweb · 13 days ago
The Charcuterie Framework for Roadmap Planning
jackiebavaro.substack · 14 days ago
Introducing the Substack Bestseller badge
on.substack · 19 days ago
105. New Ultrabooks, Old Office, and the Big Consumer Preview
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 23 days ago
Musk orders Twitter to cut infrastructure costs by $1 billion - sources
reuters · 25 days ago
Elon Musk, Under Financial Pressure, Pushes to Make Money From Twitter
nytimes · 26 days ago
104. //build It and They Will Come (Hopefully)
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 30 days ago
Arm Changes Business Model – OEM Partners Must Directly License From Arm
semianalysis · 32 days ago
First on CNN: LinkedIn knows there are fake accounts on its site. Now it wants to help users spot them | CNN Business
cnn · 34 days ago
John Jay Osborn Jr., author of ‘The Paper Chase,’ dies at age 77
washingtonpost · 35 days ago
103. The End of Windows Software
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 37 days ago
102. The Experience
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 44 days ago
Project Starline expands testing through an early access program · 48 days ago
Chips, canvases, and chats: Google Workspace’s plan to crush Office
theverge · 49 days ago
Worldwide PC Shipments Decline Another 15.0% in the Third Quarter of 2022, According to IDC Tracker
idc · 50 days ago
Remembering Steve Jobs
mondaynote · 51 days ago
We no longer call them microcomputers · 51 days ago
PC Sales Are Off 12% In 2022 - When Can We Expect Them To Grow Again?
forbes · 54 days ago
Social Media Company Liability Draws US Supreme Court Scrutiny
bloomberg · 56 days ago
At N.Y.U., Students Were Failing Organic Chemistry. Who Was to Blame?
nytimes · 57 days ago
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100. A Daring and Bold Vision
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 58 days ago
Magic Leap 2 Now Available to Customers as the Most Immersive Augmented Reality Headset for Enterprise
prnewswire · 60 days ago
US Sugar Defeats DOJ’s Bid to Block Imperial Sugar Acquisition (2)
news.bloomberglaw · 63 days ago
Announcing the all-new Substack Reader for web
on.substack · 64 days ago
099. The Magical iPad
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 65 days ago
Roadmap (Table of Contents)
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 618 days ago
Japan to allow visa-free individual tourists from Oct. 11
asia.nikkei · 67 days ago
Going Online in 1991, Part 1
goto10.substack · 72 days ago
098. A Sea of Worry at the Consumer Electronics Show
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 72 days ago
Apple is too strict with copy and paste in iOS 16
theverge · 73 days ago
Apple Confirms iOS 16 Bug Impacting New Device Activation as iPhone 14 Orders Begin to Arrive
macrumors · 75 days ago
Seattle's historic districts: Pioneer Square
seatoday.6amcity · 76 days ago
Years after shuttle, NASA rediscovers the perils of liquid hydrogen
arstechnica · 87 days ago
Innovation in the Context of Success
hardcoresoftware.learningbyshipping · 89 days ago
🔥 Hot Take Alert #2: Stop calling it Growth Hacking right now
fishmanafnewsletter · 89 days ago
How threat intelligence became key to Microsoft's computer security · 89 days ago
Performance Improvements in .NET 7 · 89 days ago
Ask The Chefs: OSTP Policy Part I
scholarlykitchen.sspnet · 91 days ago
Apple AR Glasses: A Next Big Thing Candidate
mondaynote · 92 days ago
PingMi - Keep everyday Q&As with your client, boss, team in one place | Product Hunt
producthunt · 94 days ago
Unix legend, who owes us nothing, keeps fixing foundational AWK code
arstechnica · 94 days ago
Websites Can Identify If You’re Using iPhone’s New ‘Lockdown’ Mode
vice · 95 days ago
HP's new PCs include its first Dragonfly Folio and a 34-inch all-in-one | Engadget
engadget · 96 days ago
10 Reasons Why I'm Publishing My Next Book on Substack
tedgioia.substack · 100 days ago
Apple Car: Software and Money
mondaynote · 100 days ago
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