Kevin Hale
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day: Arnold Bennett on Living a Meaningful Life · 195 days ago
A detailed guide to colors in data vis style guides - Datawrapper Blog · 235 days ago
Christopher Alexander's architecture for learning - LessWrong
lesswrong · 247 days ago
The New York Times Buys Wordle
nytimes · 300 days ago
The Cyanometer Is a 225-Year-Old Tool for Measuring the Blueness of the Sky
thisiscolossal · 442 days ago
Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories
youtube · 2086 days ago
On Classical Futurism: Why Antiquity Is The Way Forward - The Classical Futurist
classicalfuturist · 451 days ago
It's Not a Self-Driving Car Unless You Can Sleep In It
groundtruthautonomy · 477 days ago
Ask for Help
randsinrepose · 497 days ago
40 for 40 - Chris Coyier
chriscoyier · 541 days ago
A History of F1's On Screen Graphics
youtube · 559 days ago
Consume Information That Encourages You To Do More
blog.ycombinator · 1143 days ago
We Analyzed 5.2 Million Webpages. Here's What We Learned About PageSpeed
backlinko · 1146 days ago
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are all losing out because of this.
ourworldindata · 1147 days ago
Web Development Simplified with Svelte
objectcomputing · 1157 days ago
We are what we do | Meetup
meetup · 1980 days ago
Of Course You've Messed Up
youtube · 1157 days ago
The perfect responsive menu (2019) | Polypane responsive browser · 1163 days ago
A Resource Guide for Black Female Founders
medium · 1162 days ago
When Your Boss Doesn’t Care About Doing the Right Thing
modus.medium · 1174 days ago
5 tactics to implement radical candor and boost morale at work
medium · 1168 days ago
Almost Everything About Goodreads Is Broken
onezero.medium · 1177 days ago
Designing Dark Mode
medium · 1183 days ago
Alan Turing to be the face of new £50 note · 1183 days ago
Diana Hu on Augmented Reality and Building a Startup in a New Market
youtube · 1187 days ago
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Stoicism Philosophy Mobile Application. Stoic Routine Companion.
stoicroutine · 1192 days ago
What's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? · 1192 days ago
The Optimal Placement for Mobile Call to Action Buttons
uxmovement · 1194 days ago
Here are the 82 startups from day 2 of Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Days – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 1195 days ago
The Remote Work Report
usefyi · 1202 days ago
Version Museum: A Visual History of Your Favorite Technology
versionmuseum · 1196 days ago
Performance Matters • Hillel Wayne
hillelwayne · 1196 days ago
The Biggest Mistakes First-Time Founders Make - Michael Seibel
youtube · 1198 days ago
Drama - Design, prototype and animate in a single Mac app | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1206 days ago
The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News
newyorker · 1207 days ago
Startup School - Update on Group Sessions - Aug 7th 2019
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How Biotech Startup Funding Will Change in the Next 10 Years
blog.ycombinator · 1210 days ago
When to Shut Down a Startup
blog.ycombinator · 1217 days ago
Fast Software, the Best Software
craigmod · 1222 days ago
The CSS background-image property as an anti-pattern
nystudio107 · 1277 days ago
All remote work with Mark Frein (InVision) & Sid Sijbrandij (GitLab)
youtube · 1220 days ago
'Users hate change'
gist.github · 1220 days ago
He Built A $1 Billion Business Where All 700 Employees Work Remotely
forbes · 1222 days ago
Trying to build a better BART map
sf.curbed · 1224 days ago
Startup School 2019 Orientation
youtube · 1224 days ago
Wingman - AI assisted real-time cue cards and feedback on sales calls | Product Hunt
producthunt · 1228 days ago
How using component-based design helps us build faster
blog.twitter · 1228 days ago
H3: Uber's Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index
eng.uber · 1228 days ago
A Series of Maps Reveals the Difference in How Cities are Perceived by Tourists and Locals
archdaily · 1229 days ago
Opinion | I’m an Engineer, and I’m Not Buying Into ‘Smart’ Cities
nytimes · 1229 days ago
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