Tom Moor
how floating point works
youtube · 731 days ago
Payment Startup Bolt Sued by Its Most Prominent Customer · 811 days ago
He reinvented himself in Silicon Valley. Ex-associates say he's running from his past
npr · 839 days ago
Art Blocks · 1283 days ago
"Dune" (the movie), annotated
maxread.substack · 993 days ago
BBC - Homepage
bbc · 1072 days ago
Some things that could or should be learnt in schools of architecture · 1083 days ago
Covid: No quarantine for fully jabbed US and EU travellers
bbc · 1084 days ago
Tencent Ollie
youtube · 1121 days ago
โ€œThe great resignationโ€: Upwards of 40% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs
axios · 1128 days ago
joongwon architects builds a translucent cabin in lake tahoe designed around the trees
designboom · 1137 days ago
The Future of Solid State Wind Energy - No More Blades
youtube · 1150 days ago
On Building a Fluid User Interface
about.instagram · 1159 days ago
Ditto | Manage copy from design to production
dittowords · 1160 days ago
inset - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
developer.mozilla · 1194 days ago
Matomo - The Google Analytics alternative that protects your data
matomo · 1223 days ago
Kindmetrics · 1223 days ago
Web Performance and Traffic Insights | Panelbear
panelbear · 1223 days ago
Splitbee - Your friendly all-in-one analytics & conversion tool · 1223 days ago
LG is cramming ads everywhere on its TVs โ€” even the expensive OLEDs
theverge · 1223 days ago
'Exceptional' 15th-Century Ming Dynasty bowl unearthed at US yard sale
bbc · 1231 days ago
Listen to live Sao Vicente radio on Radio Garden · 1245 days ago
Listen to live Timaru radio on Radio Garden · 1246 days ago
Radio Garden · 1710 days ago
grayscale design | Luminance-based color palette generator for Tailwind CSS · 1249 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
LinkedInโ€™s Alternate Universe · 1263 days ago
Forget Me Nots
open.spotify · 1252 days ago
CSS Border-Radius Can Do That?
9elements · 1257 days ago
Track Session Data with Sentry for JavaScript · 1260 days ago
The ScootDepot Pegasus 1 E-Bike! The World's Lowest Carbon Refurbished Electrical Bicycle.
scootdepot · 1296 days ago
Amazonโ€™s Surveillance Drones Violate FCC Rules. It's Time To Enforce Them
vice · 1302 days ago
The World Through an API
youtube · 2277 days ago
Best Website Builder Online | Yoursite
yoursite · 1348 days ago
Tomorrow - A Pragmatic Guide to Climate Change
tmrow · 1374 days ago
youtube · 1391 days ago
'Highest temperature on Earth' recorded in US
bbc · 1428 days ago
Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store
theverge · 1433 days ago
Sqwiggle iPad App Demo
youtube · 1454 days ago
France banned this e-bike ad for creating a 'climate of anxiety' - Electrek · 1469 days ago
PixelBlock · 2501 days ago
Minimal Twitter · 1487 days ago
In countries keeping the coronavirus at bay, experts watch U.S. case numbers with alarm
washingtonpost · 1488 days ago
Beam LED Desk Lamp
fully · 1520 days ago
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now · 1521 days ago
Lifespan: Why We Ageโ€”and Why We Don't Have To · 1561 days ago
AlphaGo - The Movie | Full Documentary
youtube · 1576 days ago
Linearโ€™s Next Chapter: Announcing our $4.2M Seed Round
medium · 1698 days ago
github · 1849 days ago
Lyft sues San Francisco to block Uber and other bikeshare competitors - The San Francisco Examiner
sfexaminer · 1865 days ago
SF explores banning right turns at red lights - The San Francisco Examiner
sfexaminer · 1879 days ago
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