Teresa Torres
Ask Teresa: What if Your Buyers Aren’t Your Users? - Product Talk
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The Most Common Error in Business Forecasting – Kromatic Blog
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Overengineering can kill your product
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Designing Learning Programs for a Hybrid Workplace
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How to Write Concisely
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This Agile Hammer Doesn't Work For New Product Development
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Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products - SparkToro
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Don’t Confuse Strategy with Lofty Goals
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How We Introduced Product Discovery Methods at Overleaf in 3 Steps
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Product Waste and The ROI of Discovery
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Un-BELT your consumer problems — Reforge
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Ask Teresa: My Sales Team Won’t Let Me Talk To Customers. What Now? - Product Talk
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Tools of the Trade: A Look at Pendo’s Discovery Tech Stack - Product Talk
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Reimagining the Term “Stakeholder Management”
medium · 522 days ago
How Continuous Discovery Works (and Doesn’t) in Early-Stage Startups - Product Talk
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The latest for the Flops File - Zillow Offers
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The precipitous rise of Figma and fall of InVision
uxdesign.cc · 531 days ago
Leaders: Stop Confusing Correlation with Causation
hbr · 536 days ago
Ask Teresa: What Are the Best Customer Interview Questions? - Product Talk
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The Multiple Hypothesis Testing Problem
productcoalition · 561 days ago
Discovering Solutions: Quickly Determine Which Ideas Will Work (And Which Won’t) - Product Talk
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Opinion | How Covid Stole Our Time and How We Can Get It Back
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Episode 58: Embrace the Messy
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The Power Of Product Opportunity Trees
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Attempt #4: The Demetri Martin
pudding.cool · 801 days ago
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Ask Teresa: How Do You Select Customers for Customer Interviews? - Product Talk
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Removing a user from a Google Calendar Invite | Zapier Community
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Ask Teresa: Who’s Responsible for What in the Product Trio? - Product Talk
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TBM 49/52: Your Calendar = Your Priorities
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To Find Creative Solutions, Look Outside Your Industry
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Tradeoffs: The Currency of Decision Making - Farnam Street
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Product in Practice: Assumption Testing with Engineers at Orion Labs - Product Talk
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The customers who repeatedly buy doomed products
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Scaling Impact: A Look at the Year Ahead (2022) - Product Talk
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How the “no code” design paradigm is revolutionizing enterprise software
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Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome
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How to Become a Better Listener
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Phillip Adams Had Severe C.T.E. at the Time of Shootings
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Defaults Are Not the Same by Default - Behavioral Scientist
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Tools of the Trade: A Look at the Discovery Tech Stack at 99designs - Product Talk
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Not Everyone Needs OKRs
cwodtke.medium · 671 days ago
Product innovation is on the edge by Dave Dame
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r/ProductManagement - 9 lessons from my 10+ years working in product (long post)
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Discovery Hand-Offs Kill Momentum: Here’s What to Do Instead - Product Talk
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The Anatomy of a Great Decision - Farnam Street
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How to Remember What You Read - Farnam Street
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2022 Product Conference List - Product Talk
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TBM 33/52: Challenge Proxies
cutlefish.substack · 780 days ago
The MVP theatre
uxdesign.cc · 728 days ago
The Risks of Replatforming – Rich Mironov's Product Bytes
mironov · 743 days ago
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