Josh Wolfe
Lux Q1 2023.pdf · 393 days ago
Remember Typewriter Licenses?
newsletter.pessimistsarchive · 396 days ago
Billionaire investor George Soros' fund dumped its entire Tesla stake in the first quarter - cashing out on the EV's maker's 2023 rebound
markets.businessinsider · 398 days ago
These are the 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies
cnbc · 400 days ago
Hurricanes of Data: The Tiny Craft Mapping Superstorms at Sea
nytimes · 404 days ago
Beyond Wegovy and Ozempic: Biotechs vie for piece of red-hot weight loss market with novel strategies
statnews · 404 days ago
‎RunwayML · 420 days ago
Daily Papers - Hugging Face · 405 days ago
Hugging Face and ServiceNow release a free code-generating model
techcrunch · 408 days ago
GPT-4 Can’t Replace Striking TV Writers, But Studios Are Going to Try
vice · 409 days ago
Musk said he'd never settle an unjust legal case against him. He just settled this one
latimes · 412 days ago
New York to Ban Natural Gas, Including Stoves, in New Buildings
nytimes · 415 days ago
open.spotify · 416 days ago
open.spotify · 416 days ago
Can generative AI lead people to understand animals? | Google Cloud Blog · 420 days ago
Ep.308: Disrupting the Battlefield: How Venture Capital is Changing Modern Warfare | Josh Wolfe
open.spotify · 427 days ago
AI Assist™ GA, New Custom AI Clauses & More Announced at Ironclad Live San Francisco
ironcladapp · 430 days ago
25iq · 2648 days ago
The Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis Is Just Starting - War on the Rocks
warontherocks · 438 days ago
Instant Videos Could Represent the Next Leap in A.I. Technology
nytimes · 440 days ago
The Unbelievable Zombie Comeback of Analog Computing
wired · 444 days ago
Resilience notches $410M in federal financing to bolster production
endpts · 444 days ago
HuggingGPT: Solving AI Tasks with ChatGPT and its Friends in HuggingFace
arxiv · 444 days ago
Meet The Three Berkeley Dropouts Empowering Biotechs With Low-Code Cloud-Based Biocomputing
forbes · 448 days ago
TikTok admits to spying on U.S. users as effort to ban the app heats up
mashable · 452 days ago
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☞ AI, Semiotic Physics, and the Opcodes of Story World
arbesman.substack · 455 days ago
Nations reach accord to protect marine life on high seas
apnews · 456 days ago
23 Biotech VCs in '23
biomarker.substack · 460 days ago
San Francisco Bay area to phase out natural gas heating appliances
reuters · 457 days ago
Researchers Develop Mass Spec System for Discovery of Protein-Metabolite Interactions
genomeweb · 457 days ago
First impressions of OpenAI’s new GPT-4 AI model by "Securities" · 458 days ago
Unions vow to shut down France's economy amid pension battle
pbs · 460 days ago
Heartbeat May Shape Our Perception of Time, Study Shows
nytimes · 460 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | China’s Xi Stacks Government With Science and Tech Experts Amid Rivalry With U.S.
wsj · 467 days ago
The Moon May Get Its Own Time Zone
nytimes · 467 days ago
Read the letter Lux Capital sent to its investors, warning of 'crushing consolidation in the venture industry’
fortune · 470 days ago
Deploying contractor-owned robotic vessels could be a fruitful long-term option for the Navy, Secretary Del Toro says
defensescoop · 470 days ago
Experts ranked the leading self-driving companies. Tesla didn't even crack the top 10.
businessinsider · 472 days ago
'I feel like I got catfished': Young VCs who left investment banking and consulting jobs are having career second thoughts in the downturn
businessinsider · 478 days ago
Lux LP Letter Q4 2022_.pdf · 479 days ago
How ‘Russian Math’ Became a Must-Have Extracurricular for Overachieving Parents
wsj · 485 days ago
‎"Securities": “That’s 100% what keeps me up at night”: Gary Marcus on AI and ChatGPT on Apple Podcasts · 485 days ago
Why quitters are heroes with “Quit” author Annie Duke
open.spotify · 492 days ago
A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats
npr · 497 days ago
#230 The Autobiography of Lucille Ball
open.spotify · 508 days ago
US to designate Russia’s Wagner Group as ‘transnational criminal organization’
theguardian · 513 days ago
Drone Boats: Inside the U.S. Navy’s Latest Unmanned AI Tech
wsj · 518 days ago
Battery-powered appliances!
noahpinion.substack · 522 days ago
A Vibe Shift, For Lack of a Better Term, is Coming to Silicon Valley · 526 days ago
Impulse Space will hitch a ride on SpaceX’s Transporter-9 for first mission later this year
techcrunch · 528 days ago
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