Zavain Dar
A Catalog of Big Visions for Biology
sam-rodriques · 238 days ago
A New Dimension (w/Nan Li, Adam Goulburn, and Zavain Dar) · 243 days ago
Peter Pan and Neverland VC Returns
bullfight.substack · 266 days ago
Magic Words and Magic Money
neckar.substack · 307 days ago
How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Collapsed
nytimes · 321 days ago
Kinnevik leads USD 150 million private placement in Recursion with USD 75 million investment | Kinnevik
kinnevik · 341 days ago
Palantir has pumped over $400 million into SPACs and boosted its revenues at the same time. It’s a throwback to the dotcom era, and Wall Street is worried.
fortune · 348 days ago
We Raised $100 Million for Open & Collaborative Machine Learning 🚀 · 511 days ago
‎The Bio Report: A Neuroscientist Turned Venture Investor Discusses TechBio Investing on Apple Podcasts · 606 days ago
Ja Morant Unbelievable Alley-Oop Windmill Dunk 😲
youtube · 610 days ago
youtube · 619 days ago
Opinion | A Defense of Jeremy Strong (and All the Strivers With No Chill)
nytimes · 630 days ago
My first impressions of web3
moxie · 632 days ago
The Future Is Not Only Useless, It’s Expensive
gawker · 647 days ago
Desmond Tutu, Whose Voice Helped Slay Apartheid, Dies at 90
nytimes · 644 days ago
Play the Shannon Game With Language Models: A Human-Free Approach to Summary Evaluation
arxiv · 650 days ago
Bayes' Theorem
xkcd · 678 days ago
‎Kauffman Fellows Podcast: Path to Conviction: Adam Goulburn, LUX Capital Partner on Conviction in VC on Apple Podcasts · 711 days ago
Newsletter Issue 12 · 713 days ago
Book Excerpt: Peter Thiel’s Untold College Stories
nymag · 742 days ago
GPT 2 Story Gen - a Hugging Face Space by merve · 745 days ago
Text-reading AI will do your research for you
axios · 810 days ago
Renegade Partners rolls out its much-anticipated debut fund with $100 million – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 817 days ago
Board of Elections ‘Discrepancy’ Puts Mayoral Primary Vote in Disarray
nytimes · 824 days ago
Lux Capital Leads $51 Million Financing in Biotech Startup Enveda
wsj · 832 days ago
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Amazing Jazz Flute by Will Ferrell | Funny Movie Scene | The Legend of Ron Burgundy
youtube · 832 days ago
Scale AI Hires Former U.S. CTO Michael Kratsios as Head of Strategy
wsj · 842 days ago
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
youtube · 846 days ago
Auransa and POLARISqb enter research collaboration finding treatments for neglected women's diseases
prnewswire · 850 days ago · 852 days ago
Axial - Recursion Pharmaceuticals
axial.substack · 871 days ago
Learned Embeddings from Deep Learning to Visualize and Predict Protein Sets
currentprotocols.onlinelibrary.wiley · 872 days ago
github · 872 days ago - An open database for university spinouts · 874 days ago
Lux: Should AI 🤖 make 💭 life or death decisions? ⚖️
joinclubhouse · 877 days ago
Lux: Should AI 🤖 make 💭 life or death decisions? ⚖️ - Lux Capital
joinclubhouse · 879 days ago
This Time IS Different: Introducing Lux Bio + Tech™
medium · 886 days ago
Exploring the Limits of Transfer Learning with a Unified Text-to-Text Transformer
arxiv · 896 days ago
Generative AAV capsid diversification by latent interpolation
biorxiv · 897 days ago
Biotech R&D Startup Benchling Hits $4 Billion Valuation As The Company Starts Laying Groundwork For An IPO
forbes · 901 days ago
Let’s not call it AI: How machine learning changes the story of what’s possible in biology | Zymergen
zymergen · 907 days ago
Credit Suisse Takes $4.7 Billion Hit on Archegos Meltdown
wsj · 908 days ago
Spark Capital decides to ‘sever all ties’ with David Dobrik’s Dispo app weeks after leading deal – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 917 days ago
BIOS Podcast #6: Computational Biology w/ Nan Li — Managing Director @ Obvious Ventures
medium · 923 days ago
Beeple (b. 1981)
onlineonly.christies · 949 days ago
Dance your PhD | John Bohannon & Black Label Movement | TEDxBrussels
youtube · 935 days ago
Loeb's Third Point hires Goldman research analyst Heath Terry
reuters · 943 days ago
The J&J Vaccine at the FDA
blogs.sciencemag · 950 days ago
Mariners president/CEO resigns after comments
espn · 951 days ago
Weezer - Island In The Sun (Official Music Video)
youtube · 967 days ago
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