Meet Morgan Beller, the 26-year-old woman behind Facebook's plan to make its own currency
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History of Public SaaS Returns and Valuations - Alex Clayton - Medium
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Study: Immigrants and their kids founded 45% of U.S. Fortune 500 companies
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Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019
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Millennials use PowerPoint to help friends score dates
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Zeus Living – An honest review
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“I wanted to do the deal but i couldn’t convince my partners” isn’t an Explanation, it’s an Excuse
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At Age 13, I Emigrated From Taiwan Alone. Now, My Multimillion-Dollar Company Has 62 Employees
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Notable Labs lands $40M to expand AI-based cancer treatment tech
fiercebiotech · 7 days ago
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HyperFoods: Machine intelligent mapping of cancer-beating molecules in foods
nature · 8 days ago
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Barr says Americans should accept security risks of encryption backdoors – TechCrunch
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Lyft opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet – TechCrunch
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The forgotten software that inspired our modern world
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Tinder Bypasses Google Play Payments, App Store Fees and Differences, Apple Entering Modem Business?
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Analytics startup Heap raises $55M – TechCrunch
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DesignOps 101
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Cognitive Dissonances I’m Comfortable With
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Robinhood Raises $323M to Democratize Finance For All
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