Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click | SparkToro
sparktoro · 3 days ago
Singularity 6
a16z · 4 days ago
Dieter Rams designed one of Gillette's most successful razors
arun.is · 4 days ago
Is Your Agile Transformation Failing, Too?
productcoalition · 4 days ago
Verizon to Sell Tumblr to WordPress Owner
wsj · 4 days ago
Electric Capital Developer Report (H1 2019)
medium · 4 days ago
Simone Biles Reminded Everyone She’s The GOAT With 2 Historic Routines
uproxx · 4 days ago
How YouTube Radicalized Brazil
nytimes · 4 days ago
Roblox announces new game creation tools and marketplace, $100M in 2019 developer revenue – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 4 days ago
Schelling Point: Cooperating Without Communicating
nav.al · 5 days ago
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E963: Cameo CEO & Co-founder Steven Galanis allows celebrities to monetize their fame by delivering personal messages to fans, shares his unique founding story, new $50m raise by Kleiner Perkins, insights from massive growth, expanding into global markets & leading the future of influencer-fan interaction - This Week in Startups - Audio
breaker.audio · 5 days ago
“Bicycle of the Mind”
medium.learningbyshipping · 5 days ago
Researchers find security flaws in 40 kernel drivers from 20 vendors | ZDNet
zdnet · 5 days ago
Ep. 1 Ponyo is Here - 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand
www3.nhk.or.jp · 6 days ago
These Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables Will Hijack Your Computer
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Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest programming language on the planet | ZDNet
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WordPress.com: Create a website or blog
wordpress · 905 days ago
Notion – Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in one.
notion.so · 784 days ago
Same Stats, Different Graphs: Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing | Autodesk Research
autodeskresearch · 837 days ago
Fast Software, the Best Software
craigmod · 23 days ago
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