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Pentangle - Light Flight
youtube · 4 days ago
"No handshakes, please": The tech industry is terrified of the coronavirus
vox · 4 days ago
An app can be a home-cooked meal
robinsloan · 4 days ago
nathan tokyo - interactive designer & developer - ね
nathan.tokyo · 5 days ago
Neumorphism in user interfaces
uxdesign.cc · 59 days ago
The 1975 commit to playing only gender-balanced music festivals
theguardian · 6 days ago
Google brings emoji mashup stickers to Gboard on Android
theverge · 6 days ago
I Flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to Win a Fake Award
youtube · 19 days ago
The Story of Caroline Calloway & Her Ghostwriter Natalie
thecut · 19 days ago
React-spring visualizer, tweak your spring configuration
react-spring-visualizer · 35 days ago
Nord Electro 3 Keyboard Demo | Full Compass
youtube · 22 days ago
Are.na / Why Would You Want To Picture It
are.na · 28 days ago
The Times They Are a-Changin: Bernie Sanders
youtube · 29 days ago
Joe Biden’s ‘Crack House’ Crusade
theappeal · 33 days ago
A new life: being diagnosed with ADHD in my 40s has given me something quite magical | Jason Wilson
theguardian · 34 days ago
Men reveal the three words they LOVE to hear during sex
dailystar.co.uk · 36 days ago
How ADHD Helped Me Create the Bullet Journal Method
humanparts.medium · 37 days ago
Rush | Time Stand Still | OFFICIAL TRAILER
youtube · 38 days ago
Relearn CSS layout
every-layout.dev · 243 days ago
Frank Chimero · The Burnout List
frankchimero · 41 days ago
The Science of How to Build Muscle: Full Guide
julian · 45 days ago
Flea: Acid For the Children - Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
pca.st · 46 days ago
'Are we the Baddies?' Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Scetch
youtube · 47 days ago
Gavin and Stacey special watched by a quarter of UK population
theguardian · 47 days ago
The bizarre, apocalyptic effects of Australia’s extreme heat
qz · 50 days ago
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Live: Flames rip through towns, fears death toll will rise as bushfires rage on
abc.net.au · 50 days ago
Linkydink - A simplest way to share links with your team/community | Product Hunt
producthunt · 54 days ago
Burning Man sues US government for 'seven years of overcharges'
theguardian · 54 days ago
Hacking A More Tasteful MySpace » Mike Industries
mikeindustries · 60 days ago
Building a new Win 3.1 app in 2019 Part 1: Slack client
yeokhengmeng · 61 days ago
Andrew Yang Says He’s ‘Very Open’ To Legalizing Magic Mushrooms
inquisitr · 65 days ago
The Least Influential People of the 2010s
gen.medium · 69 days ago
Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again
youtube · 68 days ago
Other Things You Should Let Sink In
mcsweeneys · 70 days ago
Testing JavaScript with Kent C. Dodds
testingjavascript · 71 days ago
John Mayer - Bold As Love (HD)
youtube · 71 days ago
Arthur Library Card song BEST SONG EVER!!
youtube · 71 days ago
youtube · 75 days ago
Apple celebrates the best apps and games of 2019
apple · 78 days ago
TV Tropes
tvtropes · 149 days ago
Phrases, Sayings and Proverbs we use everyday - with their meanings and origins explained.
phrases.org.uk · 80 days ago
Here’s What’s Happening in the American Teenage Bedroom
nytimes · 80 days ago
George Harrison - On Fame, Bliss and Consciousness (Last interview)
youtube · 81 days ago
Am I Overthinking This? — Michelle Rial
michellerial · 83 days ago
Portlandia VR Meeting
youtube · 83 days ago
Ten Year Challenges and Rafts | Jon Gold on Patreon
patreon · 84 days ago
The Music of the Mountain Jews | Jewish Music Research Centre
jewish-music.huji.ac.il · 86 days ago
Facebook built a facial-recognition app that let employees identify people by pointing a phone at them
businessinsider · 88 days ago
It’s a Disservice to Urge Young People To Become Entrepreneurs
aier · 93 days ago
Freemium Love: Tech Transforms Dating in San Francisco
theinformation · 95 days ago
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