Nir Eyal
3 Ways to Filter Your Friends
nirandfar · 181 days ago
Why People See Problems Where There Are None
nirandfar · 182 days ago
How to Embrace, Not Fear, Being Alone
nirandfar · 188 days ago
The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast 151 - Nir Eyal
melanieavalon · 193 days ago
How Products Shape Our Mindsets and Change Our Reality
nirandfar · 195 days ago
How to Prevent Burnout Using Timeboxing
nirandfar · 202 days ago
Surprise! There’s a Right Way to Multitask
nirandfar · 215 days ago
Planning a Vacation Is Practice for a Great Life
nirandfar · 230 days ago
#299 Becoming Indistractable: Nir Eyal on Mastering Focus, Habits, and Productivity - Jim Harshaw Jr
jimharshawjr · 250 days ago
Are We Really Having Fun at Bars or Just Escaping Reality?
nirandfar · 251 days ago
Why It’s So Hard to Shake the Way People Make You Feel
nirandfar · 257 days ago
Plays Well with Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships Is (Mostly) Wrong: Barker, Eric: 9780063050945: Books
amazon · 264 days ago Evolutionary Ideas: Unlocking ancient innovation to solve tomorrow’s challenges: 9780857197870: Tatam, Sam: Books
amazon · 264 days ago
Thrive Global: Behavior Change Platform Reducing Employee Stress and Burnout, Enhancing Performance and Well-Being
thriveglobal · 270 days ago
Human behavior is 93 percent predictable, research shows
phys · 270 days ago
Surprising Crime Deterrent: The Human Eye
mentalfloss · 270 days ago
How a Morning Brain Dump Helps You Stay on Track All Day
nirandfar · 286 days ago
The Key to Behavior Change is Identity Change
nirandfar · 292 days ago
It’s Easy to Blame Mental Health Issues on Tech. But Is It Fair?
wired · 299 days ago
How to Make Sure Working From Home Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Working
nirandfar · 307 days ago
Planning Ahead Is the Key to Living With More Spontaneity
nirandfar · 313 days ago
Email Habits: How to Use Psychology to Regain Control
nirandfar · 314 days ago
Onboarding Matters – Getting Users Engaged in your Product
nirandfar · 315 days ago
nirandfar · 323 days ago
The Pinky Promise: Stick To It – Or Shed Some Blood
nirandfar · 328 days ago
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The Pursuit of ‘Flow’ Is Overrated
nirandfar · 335 days ago
Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication
scienceofpeople · 335 days ago
The Morality of Manipulation
nirandfar · 338 days ago
Good News! Your Willpower Isn't Limited–Don’t Believe the “Ego Depletion” Theory
nirandfar · 340 days ago
How to Get a Friend to Put Away Their Phone Without Being a Jerk
nirandfar · 347 days ago
Nir Eyal: Creating an Indistractable Family Life
youtube · 353 days ago
How to Build Habit-Forming Products
event.webinarjam · 356 days ago
If You Don’t Plan Your Time, Someone Else Will
nirandfar · 362 days ago
It’s Not All Fun And Games: The Pros and Cons of Gamification at Work
nirandfar · 363 days ago
Why Behavior Change Apps Fail to Change Behavior
nirandfar · 367 days ago
You Don’t Need a Mentor. You Need a Buddy.
nirandfar · 370 days ago
Habits Are Overrated
nirandfar · 376 days ago
Angel or Devil: Who’s Really Investing In Your Start-Up?
nirandfar · 379 days ago
Why great leaders take humor seriously
ted · 381 days ago
Here’s How to Ensure Your Kids Don’t Spend the Entire Break Staring at Screens
nirandfar · 384 days ago
Stever and Nir Eyal: Indistractable
youtube · 386 days ago
Free Habit Tracker Template — Use this Sleek Google Doc
nirandfar · 390 days ago
Kick-Start the New Year with a Self-Audit
nireyal.medium · 398 days ago
How the Ancient Greeks Beat Distraction
nirandfar · 404 days ago
Become Indistractable: Conscious Time Management with Nir Eyal
youtube · 408 days ago
This is Your Brain On Boarding: How to Turn Visitors Into Users
nirandfar · 417 days ago
‎Freedom Matters: Habits, Hooks, and How to be Indistractable – Nir Eyal on Apple Podcasts · 421 days ago
Switch On Superhuman Focus, Clarity & Productivity
mindvalley · 422 days ago
Distinction Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices
nirandfar · 431 days ago
How to Become Indistractable
mindvalley · 433 days ago
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