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Beyond Social Networks: How Cultural Beliefs Really Spread · 8 days ago
Nir Eyal on Instagram: “Today's run.”
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Instagram post by Nir Eyal • Jan 15, 2019 at 7:39pm UTC
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Bestselling Author Nir Eyal On How To Handle Challenges, Distractions, & Stress
hackernoon · 7 days ago
The perennial debate about whether your phone is secretly listening to you, explained
vox · 8 days ago
This week’s must reads: The Secret to Kicking Bad Habits for Good
medium · 9 days ago
Nir Eyal on Instagram: “My doppelganger!”
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How to Design Behavior (The Behavior Change Matrix)
nirandfar · 13 days ago
Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong
vox · 15 days ago
Hooking Users In 3 Steps: An Intro to Habit Testing
nirandfar · 14 days ago
Instagram post by Nir Eyal • Jan 7, 2019 at 2:36am UTC
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Nir Eyal on Instagram: “First spotting of Indistractable shirts in the wild! Thanks to @moniqueeyal and @remoeyal”
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How I redesigned Twitter to be mostly harmless
fastcompany · 16 days ago
Designing User Habits Video
nirandfar · 17 days ago
Instagram post by Nir Eyal • Jan 4, 2019 at 1:24pm UTC
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How Investment Drives Engagement (Slides)
nirandfar · 19 days ago
New Video - "Hooked: Building Habit-Forming Products"
nirandfar · 20 days ago
Independent bookstores are growing — and Instagram helped
vox · 23 days ago
Video game addiction is real, rare, and poorly understood
vox · 25 days ago
How to Hook Users in 3 Steps: An Intro to Habit Testing
nirandfar · 517 days ago
What Killed
nirandfar · 28 days ago
YouVersion Dominates Digitial Word of God with Bible App | NirandFar
nirandfar · 31 days ago
Nir Eyal on Instagram: “Hooked now available in Russian and Romanian!”
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Refresh: The App a Secret Agent Would Love – Nir and Far
nirandfar · 34 days ago
Should You Make Your Kids Wait Until High School for a Cell Phone?
offspring.lifehacker · 40 days ago
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The decline of play | Peter Gray | TEDxNavesink
youtube · 43 days ago
Behavior by Design
nirandfar · 46 days ago
Is our constant use of digital technologies affecting our brain health? We asked 11 experts.
vox · 48 days ago
Nir Eyal on Instagram: “Talking tech, addiction, and Fortnite at NPR”
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Insane Mode: How Elon Musk's Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil: Hamish McKenzie: 9781101985953: Books
amazon · 53 days ago
Nir Eyal on Instagram: “Hooked now available in Thai!”
instagram · 54 days ago
How to stop your brain’s addiction to bad news
fastcompany · 56 days ago
User Growth and Engagement: A Hacker Metric
nirandfar · 549 days ago
Stop Building Apps, Start Building User Behaviors
nirandfar · 62 days ago
The Behavioral Economics Diet: The Science of Killing a Bad Habit · 63 days ago
Behavior by Design Video
nirandfar · 63 days ago
Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation: Dan Schawbel: 9780738235035: Books
amazon · 68 days ago
The Truth About Kids and Technology
nirandfar · 74 days ago
Intellectual Humility
shanesnow · 75 days ago
nirandfar · 81 days ago
Vatican releases its own 'Pokémon Go' app that lets you chase Jesus and it's just as unbelievable as it sounds
uk.businessinsider · 83 days ago
ResearchOps Spotlight: Shane Close, Senior UX Design Lead at Accent Technologies
blog.nomnominsights · 84 days ago
How to tell if you are truly addicted to your smartphone · 85 days ago
Hunting for Habits: Keying in on smart design to make a product irresistible
nirandfar · 544 days ago
TLDR Daily with Matt Hartman and:
tldrdaily · 87 days ago
What do we actually know about the risks of screen time and digital media?
arstechnica · 90 days ago Power to the Startup People: How To Grow Your Startup Career When You’re Not The Founder eBook: Sarah E. Brown: Books
amazon · 94 days ago
Designing for Behavior Change Book Review
nirandfar · 95 days ago
A Free Course on User Behavior
nirandfar · 96 days ago
The Hooked Online Workshop – Created by Nir Eyal
courses.nirandfar · 97 days ago
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