Scott Kupor
Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by a 2nd Former Aide
nytimes · 2 days ago
#104 Nir Eyal: Mastering Indistraction
open.spotify · 2 days ago
NFTs and a Thousand True Fans - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 2 days ago
Analysis | The Technology 202: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt warns Congress of China's rise
washingtonpost · 6 days ago
Economist Nouriel Roubini Slams Bitcoin, Calls it a ‘Ponzi Game’
coindesk · 6 days ago
Interest Surges in Top Colleges, While Struggling Ones Scrape for Applicants
nytimes · 8 days ago
Breaking Down the Payment for Order Flow Debate - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 12 days ago
Li Jin launches Atelier Ventures, her debut fund to invest in the passion economy
lennysnewsletter · 14 days ago
Investing in Labster - Andreessen Horowitz
a16z · 20 days ago
Chris Lyons: Where Tech Meets Culture | Morgan Stanley
morganstanley · 20 days ago
Two new efforts could widen the pool of people investing directly in venture funds – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 23 days ago
Good Intentions
frbsf · 25 days ago
Ciara, Oprah, Shaq, Serena: The Tricky Art of Bringing Stars into the Boardroom
wsj · 25 days ago
Announcing my first book, The Cold Start Problem. Plus Clubhouse, and more. It’s 2021, and I’m back! · 25 days ago
Tokyo Olympics Chief Suggests Limits for Women at Meetings
nytimes · 26 days ago | John Coates Named Acting Director of the Division of Corporation Finance · 28 days ago
Government ‘SWAT Team’ Is Reviewing Past Startup Deals Tied to Chinese Investors
wsj · 29 days ago
New York prosecutor says state undercounted nursing home COVID deaths by up to 50%
reuters · 32 days ago
British Hedge Fund Billionaire Takes Climate Fight to S&P 500
wsj · 33 days ago
hedge fund "Idea Dinner" with 2 million guests - The Reformed Broker
thereformedbroker · 33 days ago
Bank of America Announces Investments in 40 Private Funds Focused on Minority Entrepreneurs for Approximately $150 Million
businesswire · 33 days ago
‘New Hampshire v. Massachusetts’: As states clash over billions in work from home income taxes, SCOTUS asks Biden DOJ to weigh in
fortune · 34 days ago
Universities face pressure to vet ex-Trump officials before hiring them
washingtonpost · 37 days ago
When SPACs Attack! A New Force Is Invading Wall Street.
wsj · 38 days ago
SARS-CoV-2 needs cholesterol to invade cells and form mega cells
phys · 38 days ago
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"We all see it."
mylesudland.substack · 42 days ago
Morgan Wallen Tops Charts Driving Surge in Country Music Streaming
wsj · 42 days ago
Opinion | Once Trump leaves office, the Senate can’t hold an impeachment trial
washingtonpost · 48 days ago
SPAC Mania Gives Early Investors Steady Returns With Little Risk
wsj · 48 days ago
U.S. Capitol Police intelligence chief warned Congress in July of right-wing attacks
reuters · 48 days ago
U.S. regulator says banks can use stablecoins, connect to blockchains
marketwatch · 55 days ago
California's COVID-19 vaccinations lag behind every other large state, national average
sfgate · 56 days ago
A Covid-19 Relief Fund Was Only for Black Residents. Then Came the Lawsuits.
nytimes · 57 days ago
Janet Yellen made millions in Wall Street, corporate speeches
politico · 60 days ago
How mRNA went from a scientific backwater to a pandemic crusher · 63 days ago
Tech was ahead of Covid curve at every stage, but it couldn't bring the rest of us along
cnbc · 66 days ago
SEC Takes Advertising Rule for Financial Advisors Into 21st Century
barrons · 67 days ago
Chinese Regulators Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Alibaba
wsj · 68 days ago
SEC Approves NYSE’s Plan for New IPO Alternative
wsj · 69 days ago
Death, Taxes, and a Few Other Things
collaborativefund · 712 days ago
Feeling Depressed? Bacteria in Your Gut May Be to Blame
wsj · 70 days ago
Ripple to Face SEC Suit Over XRP Cryptocurrency
wsj · 70 days ago
'Surprise' billing fix to be included in spending package
politico · 71 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Jack Ma Makes Ant Offer to Placate Chinese Regulators
wsj · 71 days ago
A Midnight Rule for Cryptocurrency Transaction Reports - Coin Center
coincenter · 73 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg gave $75 million to a San Francisco hospital. The city has condemned him anyway.
vox · 75 days ago
VIDEO | Watch Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Salute RISD, Whip Off His Robe, Dance Like Michael Jackson | Fast Company
fastcompany · 80 days ago
7 Rejections
medium · 81 days ago
A Powerful Reporter Got Away With Sexual Misconduct for Decades. His Paper, and His Union, Looked the Other Way.
nytimes · 85 days ago
A gamble pays off in ‘spectacular success’: How the leading coronavirus vaccines made it to the finish line
washingtonpost · 85 days ago
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