Scott Kupor
David Shaw’s end at Stanford: Lost identity, complacency derail a golden run
theathletic · 2 days ago
Eager to Grab National Spotlight, Abrams Falls Again on Georgia Stage
nytimes · 20 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | White Suburban Women Swing Toward Backing Republicans for Congress
wsj · 28 days ago
Here’s More Evidence That Private Equity Managers ‘Inflate’ Fund Values When Raising Money
institutionalinvestor · 28 days ago
Jim Cramer says he’d buy Facebook after earnings beat, but it’s too soon for ‘a victory lap’
cnbc · 34 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Augusta National Golf Club Under Investigation in DOJ Antitrust Probe
wsj · 35 days ago
Senate Dems press SEC chair to slow Wall Street rules - POLITICO
politico · 41 days ago
In gold-standard trial, invitation to colonoscopy reduced cancer incidence but not death
statnews · 51 days ago
Don't Like Jim Cramer's Stock Calls? This ETF Bets Against Him.
barrons · 55 days ago
Federal agents see chargeable tax, gun-purchase case against Hunter Biden
washingtonpost · 55 days ago
Naver to Acquire Poshmark
businesswire · 58 days ago
Berkeley Develops Jewish-Free Zones
jewishjournal · 62 days ago
CalPERS board buckle up as Musicco takes the reins -
top1000funds · 64 days ago
Pensions Brace for Private-Equity Losses
wsj · 67 days ago
Nasdaq Pushes Into Crypto With New Custodial Service
barrons · 71 days ago
Illumina Wins Case Against FTC on Grail Acquisition
wsj · 90 days ago
🧬⚛ What mRNA vaccines and nuclear fusion teach us about America's innovation system
fasterplease.substack · 100 days ago
A ‘Reversible’ Form of Death? Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs’ Organs.
nytimes · 119 days ago
WSJ News Exclusive | Equifax Sent Lenders Inaccurate Credit Scores on Millions of Consumers
wsj · 120 days ago
You Are the Message: Getting What You Want by Being Who You Are: Roger Ailes, Jon Kraushar: 9780385265423: Books
amazon · 140 days ago
Biden Might Soon Ease Chinese Tariffs, in a Decision Fraught With Policy Tensions
wsj · 149 days ago
The Routine Executive Stock Sales That Raise Questions of Insider Trading
wsj · 154 days ago
A Decade After DACA, the Rise of a New Generation of Undocumented Students
nytimes · 168 days ago
Chesa Boudin ousted as San Francisco district attorney in historic recall
sfchronicle · 176 days ago
SEC’s Trading Shake-Up Expected to Face Heavy Opposition
wsj · 176 days ago
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Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, New Study Finds
nytimes · 181 days ago
Elon vs ESG
ft · 196 days ago
Investor Alan Patricof Is Just Getting Started
wsj · 207 days ago
Taliban Orders Women to Cover Their Faces
wsj · 207 days ago
The Key to Attracting Venture Capitalists: Show Passion
wsj · 214 days ago
William Ackman’s Hedge Fund Sheds Stake in Netflix
wsj · 224 days ago
The Tech Bubble That Never Burst
nytimes · 225 days ago
FDA Probes Lucky Charms’ Possible Link to Illnesses
wsj · 228 days ago
The Courage to Be Disliked: The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness: Kishimi, Ichiro, Koga, Fumitake: 9781501197277: Books
amazon · 893 days ago
One Avocado a Week Cuts Risk of Heart Disease by 20%
bloomberg · 245 days ago
SEC votes in favor of rules to crack down on SPACs
axios · 245 days ago
St. Jude first U.S. hospital to receive Ukrainian pediatric cancer patients
newsweek · 253 days ago
Ensuring that “ESG” doesn’t kill ESG
medium · 255 days ago
Berkeley vs. Berkeley Is a Fight Over the California Dream
nytimes · 264 days ago The Resilient Founder: Lessons in Endurance from Startup Entrepreneurs: 9781119839736: Ramsinghani, Mahendra: Books
amazon · 265 days ago
Racial justice activists say Biden's State of the Union address missed the mark
npr · 270 days ago
‘Hank the Tank,’ South Lake Tahoe’s 500-Pound Black Bear, Isn’t Exactly the Menace Everyone Thought He Was
wsj · 277 days ago
A moment of clarity
noahpinion.substack · 277 days ago
Analysis: It's time to admit it: Mitt Romney was right about Russia
cnn · 280 days ago
Minsky Moments in Venture Capital
pivotal.substack · 287 days ago
Research: How Long Should a Founder Remain CEO?
hbr · 283 days ago
Capitalism had Israel’s kibbutzim on the ropes. Then they discovered pot.
washingtonpost · 291 days ago
Pelosi backs ban on stock trading in Congress
thehill · 294 days ago
How the U.S. Economy Defied Omicron to Add Nearly Half a Million Jobs
newyorker · 299 days ago
The C.D.C. conceded that cloth masks do not protect against the virus as effectively as other masks.
nytimes · 320 days ago
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