Scott Kupor
Mellody Hobson of Ariel Investments: ‘Capitalism Needs to Work for Everyone’
nytimes · 21 hours ago
The Exchange: Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Kupor
soundcloud · 1 day ago
Chinese Money in the U.S. Dries Up as Trade War Drags On
nytimes · 2 days ago
Meet Morgan Beller, the 26-year-old woman behind Facebook's plan to make its own currency
cnbc · 3 days ago
Momentum Isn't Magic--Vindicating the Hot Hand with the Mathematics of Streaks
scientificamerican · 10 days ago
The Man With the $13 Billion Checkbook
nytimes · 10 days ago
The New Anti-Semitism
wsj · 10 days ago
40 Years Later, Lessons From the Rise and Quick Decline of the First ‘Killer App’
wsj · 10 days ago
OxyContin Made The Sacklers Rich. Now It’s Tearing Them Apart.
wsj · 10 days ago
Scott Kupor Discusses Technology Startups from Masters in Business
stitcher · 11 days ago
SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering
wsj · 12 days ago
Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its U.S. Workforce
wsj · 12 days ago
Anish Acharya
a16z · 12 days ago
David Epstein’s Range: An Unconventional Guide to Success
medium · 12 days ago
President Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users, Federal Appeals Court Rules
wsj · 14 days ago
Developers’ Take: Collaboration and Mentorship is Crucial in Software Development
blog.hackerrank · 15 days ago
Venture capitalists oppose plan to bar discrimination in investments - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 15 days ago
The Fireworks Over Share Buybacks Are Duds
wsj · 18 days ago
Scientists Are Giving Dead Brains New Life. What Could Go Wrong?
nytimes · 20 days ago
Equal Rights Amendment Could Soon Be Back in Congress
wsj · 20 days ago
All about Direct Listings
a16z · 21 days ago
Dapper Dan on Creating Style, Logomania and Working With Gucci
nytimes · 22 days ago
A Supreme Court Term Marked by Shifting Alliances and Surprise Votes
nytimes · 23 days ago
Even $1 Trillion Can’t Make World Better Place
wsj · 23 days ago
More Art Than Science - The Irrelevant Investor
theirrelevantinvestor · 23 days ago
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It’s Now the Supreme Court’s Turn to Try to Resolve the Fate of the Dreamers
nytimes · 24 days ago
‘Doomsday’ Math Says Humanity May Have Just 760 Years Left
wsj · 24 days ago
Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes to Face Trial Next Year on Fraud Charges
wsj · 24 days ago
Does Free College Work? Kalamazoo Offers Some Answers
wsj · 24 days ago
Pet Supplies, Accessories and Products Online | PetSmart
petsmart · 825 days ago
The Case for Better Governance at Venture-Backed Companies
medium · 25 days ago
The most effective form of exercise isn’t “exercise” at all
qz · 27 days ago
China’s Consumers Turn Cautious, Weakening President Xi’s Hand Before Trump Meeting
wsj · 27 days ago
28 ways to grow supply in a marketplace -- by Lenny Rachitsky, ex-Airbnb · 28 days ago
How Americans became workaholics
economist · 28 days ago
What If Colleges Used Only Test Scores to Fill Campuses?
wsj · 30 days ago
Stephen Curry Finally Gets Some Rest (but Only From Basketball)
nytimes · 31 days ago
Stonewall Wasn’t the Start of the Gay Rights Struggle
wsj · 31 days ago
In Property Rights Case, Justices Sharply Debate Power of Precedent
nytimes · 31 days ago
To Take Down Big Tech, They First Need to Reinvent the Law
nytimes · 32 days ago
Computer Science Research Gender Gap Won’t Close for 100 Years
nytimes · 32 days ago
Supreme Court orders new trial in murder case that raised questions of racial bias
washingtonpost · 32 days ago
Facebook investor on Libra cryptocurrency
cnbc · 33 days ago
Press:Here » Blog Archive » Secrets of Sand Hill Road
pressheretv · 34 days ago
‘Software engineering’ was a joke until the mission to the Moon made it the future
fastcompany · 36 days ago
Secrets Of Sand Hill Road – AVC
avc · 36 days ago
What Yogi Berra Would Have Said About This Bull Market
wsj · 38 days ago
Even as the US economy produces more jobs and higher wages, somehow capitalism stays broken. Weird. - AEI
aei · 40 days ago
Chinese Cash Is Suddenly Toxic in Silicon Valley, Following U.S. Pressure
wsj · 42 days ago
a16z Podcast: 10+1 Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur
a16z · 42 days ago
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