Teresa Torres
Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum
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Product Management Perspective from 5 Gurus | Products That Count
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Roadmapping at FutureLearn Pt 2: Defining the problem space:
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The Refresher: Regression Analysis
hbr · 9 days ago
Optimize to be Wrong, not Right | Barry O'Reilly
barryoreilly · 9 days ago
Designing Modern Teams
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Devolving From Good To Bad | Silicon Valley Product Group
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8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year
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Karl Popper on The Line Between Science and Pseudoscience
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Let’s Abandon Customers and Users | - Rich Mironov's Product Bytes
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The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won
nytimes · 397 days ago
How Overfocusing on Goals Can Hold Us Back
hbr · 16 days ago
Eager to Be Wrong
fs.blog · 17 days ago
Confirmation Bias And the Power of Disconfirming Evidence
fs.blog · 18 days ago
Creativity Is Not An Accident
scottberkun · 18 days ago
An Ode to Experimental Design
m.signalvnoise · 19 days ago
General James Mattis: Arm Yourself With Books
fs.blog · 21 days ago
How to Remember What You Read
fs.blog · 22 days ago
Designing For Underrepresented Technologists First - Feld Thoughts
feld · 23 days ago
Continuous Innovation is Product Management | TIPM
thisisproductmanagement · 24 days ago
How Google Optimized Healthy Office Snacks
hbr · 24 days ago
Your Mission Is To Produce Outcomes, Not Outputs | Barry O'Reilly
barryoreilly · 25 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to Making Smart Decisions
fs.blog · 400 days ago
YOURS PRODUCTLY – Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach on the Rise of Modern Product Discovery
yoursproductly · 27 days ago
soft skills are human skills
jarche · 27 days ago
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Diversity is an Innovation Metric – Thoughts from an Innovation Coach & Ecosystem Designer
grasshopperherder · 28 days ago
The Management Thinker We Should Never Have Forgotten
hbr · 29 days ago
Show Your Work: How to Justify Your Decisions & Get Stakeholder Buy-In | Product Talk
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Ep. 90 - Teresa Torres w/ Product Talk - Inside Outside
insideoutside.io · 34 days ago
The High Cost of Not Doing Experiments - Behavioral Scientist
behavioralscientist · 35 days ago
Warren Buffett’s Best Investment
bit.ly · 36 days ago
Beyond Lean and Agile | Silicon Valley Product Group
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Ask Women in Product: What does a great product vision look like?
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Communicating Product Learnings | Silicon Valley Product Group
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Krista Tippett: On Generous Listening and Asking Better Questions
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How Asking Works: A Crash Course in Customer Discovery Questions – Thoughts from an Innovation Coach & Ecosystem Designer
grasshopperherder · 75 days ago
Unlearn: The True Story of Struggles and Success Of A Startup CEO with Teresa Torres (38m)
castro.fm · 43 days ago
change the system, not the leader
jarche · 43 days ago
The Relationship Between Design and Planning
fs.blog · 44 days ago
Why Every Product Person Should Drive A Tesla
medium · 44 days ago
Great products do less things, but better
uxdesign.cc · 77 days ago
My Journey Using the Opportunity-Solution Tree
linkedin · 47 days ago
First Principles: The Building Blocks of True Knowledge
fs.blog · 412 days ago
Mapping: An introductory guide for product teams by Teresa Torres
miro · 47 days ago
Predicting the Future with Bayes’ Theorem
fs.blog · 48 days ago
Survey questions
seths.blog · 48 days ago
3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Critical Thinking
hbr · 55 days ago
Why Key Results Need to Be Results
eleganthack · 61 days ago
NPS is a waste of time. Use these metrics instead. | Jeff Gothelf
jeffgothelf · 63 days ago
Opinion | Call Me ‘They’
nytimes · 67 days ago
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