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Welcome Elizabeth, Lindsay, Aaron, Kevin, Solomon, Holly, Mia, Casey, Sachin, Rachel and Janelle
blog.ycombinator · 14 hours ago
How I Got a Software Engineering Job Without Work Experience or a CS Degree
triplebyte · 4 days ago
Air Force grants 3D rocket printer Relativity Space a 'premier' launch pad in Florida
cnbc · 4 days ago
YC at MIT and MIT xFair
blog.ycombinator · 4 days ago
YC-backed Upsolve is automating bankruptcy for everyone
techcrunch · 5 days ago
YC Series A Program Investor Access
blog.ycombinator · 5 days ago
Cindy Mi and Qi Lu Share Advice for Entrepreneurs Building Global Companies
blog.ycombinator · 5 days ago
Nurx HPV Screening Kit - Assess your risk for cervical cancer from home - Nurx
nurx · 6 days ago
AI Is About To Take The Ship's Helm Away From Humans
forbes · 6 days ago
The Number One Goal is Getting Started - Avni Patel Thompson of Poppy
blog.ycombinator · 7 days ago
Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart
techcrunch · 11 days ago
Interview Series: Tim Brady on Leadership Challenges in Fast Growing Companies | Torch
torch.io · 12 days ago
Vinod Khosla on How to Build the Future
blog.ycombinator · 12 days ago
How to Choose a Startup to Work For by Thinking Like An Investor
triplebyte · 14 days ago
Meet YC in Waterloo and Toronto
blog.ycombinator · 14 days ago
The Fight to Keep Teachers in Tech Hubs From Being Priced Out
nytimes · 17 days ago
Boom Raises $100M To Develop A Supersonic Airliner. It's Going To Need A Whole Lot More.
forbes · 17 days ago
Cruise and DoorDash to test food delivery using self-driving cars in San Francisco
techcrunch · 17 days ago
Meet Flockjay, a Company in the YC Winter 2019 Batch
blog.ycombinator · 34 days ago
Starting a Startup After Business School - Reham Fagiri and Kalam Dennis of AptDeco
blog.ycombinator · 38 days ago
Inscribe raises $3 million to automate document fraud detection
venturebeat · 40 days ago
LogDNA raises $25 million to simplify server data logging
venturebeat · 40 days ago
CEO Interview Series: Michael Seibel on Leadership Attributes in Successful Startup Leaders | Torch
torch.io · 41 days ago
A Founder’s Guide to Understanding Investors
blog.ycombinator · 41 days ago
Snap! The local HOA just captured your license plate number
sfchronicle · 43 days ago
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Shutting Down
blog.ycombinator · 42 days ago
Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises $6M, expands in Africa
techcrunch · 45 days ago
Amplitude, Founded By Forbes Under 30 Alums To Make Products Better With Analytics, Reaches $850M Valuation As Sequoia Leads New Investment
forbes · 47 days ago
Farmstead is an ambitious grocery delivery startup with plans to defeat Instacart
techcrunch · 46 days ago
Hacker News Highlights August to November 2018
blog.ycombinator · 48 days ago
Michael Seibel on Starting a Startup, Finding Product Market Fit, and Fundraising
blog.ycombinator · 54 days ago
CodeStream lets you collaborate and talk directly in VS Code
techcrunch · 56 days ago
Andrew Kortina of Venmo and Fin on Technological Determinism and Work's Relationship to Dignity
blog.ycombinator · 62 days ago
Standard Cognition raises $40M to replace retailers’ cashiers with cameras
techcrunch · 67 days ago
Tweet leads Mark Cuban to invest in biotech company Perlara and quest to cure rare genetic disease
cnbc · 68 days ago
Brian Donohue on Operating Instapaper Through an Acquisition
blog.ycombinator · 68 days ago
Y Combinator is Hiring a Visiting Partner in the Life Sciences
blog.ycombinator · 70 days ago
leap.ycombinator · 70 days ago
Clearbanc raises $70M to give startups ad money for a rev share
techcrunch · 70 days ago
Gaming AMA with YC Visiting Partner Holly Liu
blog.ycombinator · 73 days ago
Sam Altman on Choosing Projects, Creating Value, and Finding Purpose
blog.ycombinator · 74 days ago
Did You Vote? Now Your Friends May Know (and Nag You)
nytimes · 78 days ago
Y Combinator-backed Circle Medical raises $3.5M – Circle Medical
blog.circlemedical · 80 days ago
Hardware AMA with YC Partner Eric Migicovsky
blog.ycombinator · 80 days ago
Brex has partnered with WeWork, AWS and more for its new rewards program
techcrunch · 82 days ago
Scared to trade stocks? Titan algorithmically invests for you
techcrunch · 82 days ago
Click & Grow Raises $11 Million in Investment
clickandgrow · 82 days ago
Electric scooter startup Grin merges with Brazil-based Ride
techcrunch · 83 days ago
Growth AMA with YC Partner Gustaf Alströmer
blog.ycombinator · 84 days ago
Subscription management startup RevenueCat raises $1.5M
techcrunch · 88 days ago
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