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Yes, that meeting could have been an email
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Startups Weekly: A new era for consumer tech – TechCrunch
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Coronavirus Slashed Global Air Pollution. This Interactive Map Shows How
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Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Employees Virus-Free at Work
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What an all-digital AI research conference looks like
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The untold origin story of the N95 mask
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How to design an effective schedule during stressful times
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An Expert Answers the 50 Most Googled Coronavirus Questions
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Here's What San Francisco Looks Like During Its Shelter-In-Place Order
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I’ve worked from home for almost 20 years. These 6 tips make it awesome
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5 Tips to Leading Your Company Through the Chaos of Coronavirus
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How China’s “Bat Woman” Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus
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The quest to make AI less prejudiced
qz · 16 days ago
Two Physicists Bet Over a Quantum Computing Moon Shot
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"I get all my news from deceptively edited video." - Cartoon Collections
cartooncollections · 18 days ago
The untold origins of Apple’s groundbreaking design
fastcompany · 24 days ago
1996’s campaign websites didn’t change history. They’re just hilarious
fastcompany · 20 days ago
If we could see alternate realities, would we want to take a look? – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 21 days ago
How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind
wired · 23 days ago
How to take career risks when the safe options look so good
also.roybahat · 24 days ago
Forget Chess—the Real Challenge Is Teaching AI to Play D&D
wired · 25 days ago
AI is changing everything about cybersecurity, for better and for worse. Here's what you need to know | ZDNet
zdnet · 26 days ago
This robot taught itself to walk entirely on its own
technologyreview · 27 days ago
‘Robot’ was coined 100 years ago, in a play predicting human extinction by android hands – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 28 days ago
Apple won’t let bad guys use iPhones in movies, says Knives Out director
theverge · 30 days ago
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Earth just gained a new mini-moon—but it won’t be around for long
technologyreview · 30 days ago
Five forces that will shape the future
technologyreview · 31 days ago
Parsable Winter ’20 Release
parsable · 31 days ago
What’s Next for the Energy Grid
wsj · 32 days ago
NeurIPS requires AI researchers to account for societal impact and financial conflicts of interest
venturebeat · 33 days ago
Google Podcasts · 169 days ago
Blame millennials: McDonald’s candles smell like the future of marketing
fastcompany · 34 days ago
Meet Travis Bott, the Travis Scott twin whose music and lyrics were created with AI
fastcompany · 37 days ago
How Humans and AI Are Working Together in 1,500 Companies
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Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions
hbr · 38 days ago
To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt? · 38 days ago
Microsoft’s AI automatically comments on video clips
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The Weirdest Subway Restaurant in America
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Welcoming Billy Bosworth as Dremio’s new CEO
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Is tech socialism really on the rise? – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 41 days ago
Amazon wants its employees to know they’re not robots, so it made a valentine video with robots
fastcompany · 45 days ago
NBA using artificial intelligence for highlight clips this All-Star game
cnbc · 45 days ago
Understanding Startup Valuation
medium · 45 days ago
The Birth of Modern Technology - 50 Years Ago to Now a Look at How Far We’ve Come - insideBIGDATA
insidebigdata · 46 days ago
Microsoft trains world’s largest Transformer language model
venturebeat · 48 days ago
We Need to Talk About ‘Cloud Neutrality’
wired · 48 days ago
The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Companies Of The 2020 Cloud 100
crn · 53 days ago
"Emoji jacket" can help cyclists communicate their never-ending rage to drivers
theverge · 51 days ago
Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram's tracking algorithm
cnet · 53 days ago
‘Fortnite’ Is Entering Schools With the Same Playbook as ‘Oregon Trail’
onezero.medium · 54 days ago
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