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Her Lifestyle Brands Include Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga
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Is AI in a golden age or on the verge of a new winter?
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Photos capture rare rhinos in tender moments
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Screen time might be physically changing kids’ brains
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The Ages Of Successful Entrepreneurs When They Started
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Make Your Own Halloween Costumes: It’s Better For The Environment
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The Best Leaders Are Expendable
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Conflict Avoided Is Always Conflict Postponed
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ROI Is a Metric, Not a Strategy
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Drones from CVS and Walgreens are finally here—and they’re bringing Band-Aids
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AI is helping scholars restore ancient Greek texts on stone tablets – TechCrunch
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Natural language is hard: 5 reasons why your chatbot just isn't getting you
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The Sterling Affairs: A 30 for 30 podcast, how to listen
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Much-anticipated startup Pensando unveils custom data center chip and big funding - SiliconANGLE
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How to combat the six biggest gripes about change
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6 traps startup founders fall into that hurt their ability to generate revenue fast (and what to do instead)
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Which Member Of The Roy Family From "Succession" Are You?
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A business checklist for work of the future | MIT Sloan · 46 days ago
A CEO’s hiring quandary: Pedigree or chemistry?
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DeepQB: Deep Learning to Quantify Quarterback Decision-Making with Brian Burke
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Axios Sports
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Should Your Startup Be Hiring Specialists or Generalists?
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Dremio Receives Honors in Fourth Annual Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards · 53 days ago
Jennifer Ridgeway, the Visionary Behind the Patagonia Brand, Dies
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What we lose when animals go extinct
nationalgeographic · 56 days ago
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Some tech CEOs eyed as untrustworthy but certain companies are still favored
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The title CDO started out as a joke
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To understand artificial intelligence in 2019, watch this 1960 TV show
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This robot wants to help you control your emotions
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Why Your Flight to San Francisco Was Three Hours Late
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AI Tool Makes It Easier for Companies to Manage Visuals
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Put Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy
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The 3 Elements of Trust
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Ask the Know-It-Alls: How Do Machines Learn?
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Why Employees Are an Entrepreneur's Best Investment
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Actually, engineers are the perfect tech CEOs
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When you’re done with this T-shirt, bury it. It turns into worm food in 12 weeks
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4 Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups
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How Bill Gates remembers what he reads
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“Talent is useless without self-discipline, hard work and thick skin” with Samer Hamadeh and Chaya Weiner - Thrive Global
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How should B2B startups think about growth? Not like B2C – TechCrunch
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How the NFL took over America in 100 years
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Serena the Great
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Achieving Predictability in a Complex World
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14 Ways Teachers Have Avoided Burnout
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Profit Vs. Growth — Part 1: Unicorns Aren’t Real · 108 days ago
CRV hires Anna Khan as a general partner focused on enterprise – TechCrunch
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Jeff Bezos's 3 Rules to Having an Efficient Meeting
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Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis
theguardian · 110 days ago
5 key behaviors to make yourself resilient to stress
qz · 111 days ago
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