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Zuckerberg Defends Hands-Off Approach to Trumpā€™s Posts
nytimes · 21 hours ago
Black leader ā€˜stunnedā€™ after phone call with Facebookā€™s Zuckerberg: He ā€˜lacks the ability to understandā€™ race issues
rawstory · 1 day ago
As Protests Swell, Trump Vows To Unleash Military Against Anti-Racist Demonstrations
huffpost · 1 day ago
Trump just used a damaged DC church for a photo op. The bishop is furious.
vox · 1 day ago
Trump Outspent Every Other Political Campaign on Facebook Adsā€”Before He Even Launched His Re-Election Campaign
fortune · 1 day ago
Peaceful Protesters Were Gassed Outside The White House So Trump Could Get A Photo Op At A Church
buzzfeednews · 1 day ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Karen Wickre
eventbrite · 1 day ago
Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA)
code-cwa · 1 day ago
Facebook employees stage ā€˜virtual walkoutā€™ to protest Zuckerbergā€™s obedience to Trump
rawstory · 1 day ago
Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts
nytimes · 1 day ago
Facebook is failing its black employees and its black users
facebook · 553 days ago
James Baldwin: How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress?"
youtube · 2 days ago
Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide
slate · 3 days ago
Opinion | Think Outside the Box, Jack
nytimes · 3 days ago
Peaceful Protest Interrupted By Swarm Of Aggressive Black-Clad Militants
theonion · 3 days ago
Video of protesters vandalizing Rizzo statue
inquirer · 3 days ago
Leaked posts show Facebook employees asking the company to remove Trumpā€™s threat of violence
theverge · 4 days ago
Uber is scrapping tens of thousands of Jump bikes during a nationwide bike shortage
theverge · 6 days ago
The Chaser
facebook · 5 days ago
Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First
theonion · 5 days ago
EUROPE-FRIENDLY Quarantine Book Club ā€” Mike Monteiro
eventbrite · 6 days ago
Trump threatens to shut down social media firms
bbc · 6 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Dan Brown
eventbrite · 6 days ago
Violence in Blue
granta · 971 days ago
Larry Kramer, groundbreaking author and Aids activist, dies aged 84
theguardian · 6 days ago
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ā€œThis Is So Unfair to Meā€: Trump Whines About His COVID-19 Victimhood as Campaign Flails
vanityfair · 7 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Sara Wachter-Boettcher & Eric Meyer
eventbrite · 7 days ago
Twitter Doesnā€™t Remove Donald Trumpā€™s Conspiracy Tweets After Widower Of Joe Scarborough Aide Asked For Them To Be Deleted
deadline · 7 days ago
Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro | Blurb Books
blurb · 8 days ago
Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, and History's First Global Manhunt
bookshop · 8 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Steven Johnson
eventbrite · 8 days ago
Remembering the Nearly 100,000 Lives Lost to Coronavirus in America
nytimes · 10 days ago
gofundme · 11 days ago
Am I the Design Asshole?
eventbrite · 11 days ago
FEMA Tells States to Hand Public Health Data Over to Palantir
thedailybeast · 12 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Kelli Anderson
eventbrite · 13 days ago
American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic
cnbc · 12 days ago
Facebook and Twitter are terrified of Trump
popular.info · 13 days ago
I'm an NHS doctor ā€“ and I've had enough of people clapping for me
theguardian · 13 days ago
Partying on Mute, With Your Head in a Book
nytimes · 14 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence ONLINE!
eventbrite · 14 days ago
youtube · 14 days ago
Life Lessons 101 - Mike Monteiro
eventbrite.pt · 15 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Susanne Tedrick
eventbrite · 15 days ago
Elon Musk is playing Twitter footsie with the fringe right
theverge · 15 days ago
Trump says he's taking Hydroxychloroquine preventatively
motherjones · 15 days ago
Man Caught Eating Soup Straight From Ladle at Grocery Store - 1009497
youtube · 16 days ago
Gift Cards | JOANN
joann · 18 days ago
Why Facebook Censored an Anti-Trump Ad
wired · 19 days ago
Quarantine Book Club ā€” Anna Mehler Paperny
eventbrite · 21 days ago
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