Mike MonteirošŸŒ¹
Aaron Sorkinā€™s Annoying Tics Are Actually Good in The Trial of the Chicago 7
vulture · 4 hours ago
Michael Kiwanuka wins 2020 Mercury prize
theguardian · 2 days ago
Facebook Is Restricting Its Workers' Political Speech and Theyā€™re Pissed
motherjones · 2 days ago
Ruined by Design Audio Cassette Set ā€” Ruined by Design
ruinedby.design · 2 days ago
Endangered Black Woman [Feat. Andra Day & Staceyann Chin]
open.spotify · 2 days ago
Lindsey Graham forced to go on Fox News and beg for campaign cash: ā€˜I am being killedā€™
rawstory · 3 days ago
'I cry before work': US essential workers burned out amid pandemic
theguardian · 3 days ago
Breonna Taylor killing: Kentucky grand jury indicts one officer on criminal charges
theguardian · 4 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with V. Vale
eventbrite · 4 days ago
Hundreds of Catholics gather in San Francisco to decry COVID-19 limits on worship
mercurynews · 5 days ago
Ruth Bader Ginsburgā€™s Dissent Was a Rallying Cry
theringer · 8 days ago
Trump's 1776 commission is proof America is spiraling toward facism | Arwa Mahdawi
theguardian · 8 days ago
A message from Tyler.
youtube · 9 days ago
Facebookā€™s first ā€˜smart glassesā€™ will be Ray-Bans, coming next year
theverge · 11 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Kate Bingaman-Burt
eventbrite · 11 days ago
"I Have Blood On My Hands": A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation
buzzfeednews · 12 days ago
Warszawa - 2017 Remaster
open.spotify · 18 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook won't remove anti-vaccine posts despite Covid concerns
theguardian · 18 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Kevin Smokler and Chris Boone
eventbrite · 18 days ago
Another Facebook worker quits in disgust, saying the company ā€˜is on the wrong side of historyā€™
washingtonpost · 19 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Cyd Harrell
eventbrite · 19 days ago
Employees Called Facebook "Shameful" After It Fails To Act Against Trump's Post Suggesting People Vote Twice
buzzfeednews · 22 days ago
Facebook Said It Removed A Militia Event Page Threatening Violence In Kenosha. It Didnā€™t.
buzzfeednews · 23 days ago
Facebookā€™s Internal Black Lives Matter Debate Got So Bad Zuckerberg Had to Step In
thedailybeast · 24 days ago
Tech Bullshit Explained: Tech Worker Unionization
techexplained.substack · 27 days ago
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Virtual Cinema Tickets ā€” Vinyl Nation
vinylnationfilm · 29 days ago
'Bills kept coming': families of US Covid victims forced to crowdfund funerals
theguardian · 30 days ago
Police in Kenosha shared water, said they 'appreciate' armed group before two killed
journaltimes · 31 days ago
Spoiled Rich Kid Jared Kushner Needs to Keep His Silver-Spooned Yap Shut
deadspin · 31 days ago
ā€˜The forest is not goneā€™: Californiaā€™s ancient redwoods survive wildfires
theguardian · 33 days ago
Wisconsin police shoot Black man as children watch from a vehicle, attorney says
cnn · 34 days ago
Big E | Cameo
cameo · 34 days ago
Threatened by Facebook Disinformation, a Monk Flees Cambodia
nytimes · 35 days ago
McSally Suggests That Supporters 'Fast A Meal' To Come Up With Funds For Her Campaign
talkingpointsmemo · 36 days ago
Quarantine Book Club goes to Milk Barn Farm
eventbrite · 37 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence ONLINE!
eventbrite · 37 days ago
Attorney General Bill Barr admits he knew of Bannon investigation when he fired top New York prosecutor
rawstory · 38 days ago
Reddit reports 18 percent reduction in hateful content after banning nearly 7,000 subreddits
theverge · 38 days ago
Uber CEO Admits Tech Execs Are Overpaidā€”But Heā€™s Not Ready to Fix It
observer · 39 days ago
Louis DeJoy: is Trump's new post office chief trying to rig the election?
theguardian · 41 days ago
Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial
theguardian · 42 days ago
The Mission reacts to Kamala Harris' VP nom - Mission Local
missionlocal · 43 days ago
The Working Families Party Endorses Biden and Harris
thenation · 43 days ago
What You Can Do About Trumpā€™s Attack on the Postal Service
thecut · 43 days ago
Quarantine Book Club Perfect Record Panel
eventbrite · 44 days ago
#changeatpinterest ā€“ Pinterest employees organizing around issues that we care about
changeatpinterest · 44 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with David Heska Wanbli Weiden
eventbrite · 45 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Betsy Streeter
eventbrite · 46 days ago
Thousands gather at Smash Mouth concert despite coronavirus pandemic
nme · 47 days ago
Jack Dorsey on Twitterā€™s Mistakes
nytimes · 48 days ago
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