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It’s astounding that HBO’s new docuseries Exterminate All the Brutes even exists
vox · 10 hours ago
Ethics and paying rent
deardesignstudent · 1473 days ago
Billionaires club grew by nearly a third, to 2,755, during pandemic
washingtonpost · 3 days ago
Justice Breyer: Lawmakers Should 'Think Long And Hard' Before Expanding SCOTUS
talkingpointsmemo · 3 days ago
Sign the Petition
change · 150 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Annalee Newitz
eventbrite · 7 days ago
Estimates and Projections of COVID-19 and Parental Death in the US
jamanetwork · 5 days ago
NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This
theatlantic · 8 days ago
Minimum wage would be $44 today if it grew at same pace as Wall Street bonuses
cbsnews · 9 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Gregg Bernstein
eventbrite · 12 days ago
Krispy Kreme Offers Vaccinated Customers Free Ride On Glaze Conveyor Belt
theonion · 17 days ago
Peacock Is Removing Racist Moments From Its WWE Content
gizmodo · 15 days ago
Gild The Black Lily, by Queen Esther
queenesther.bandcamp · 15 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Beth Dunn
eventbrite · 18 days ago
Is this ship still stuck?
istheshipstillstuck · 16 days ago
Prince Harry joins $1bn Silicon Valley startup as senior executive
theguardian · 17 days ago
Medium Offers Buyouts to Editorial Employees
nytimes · 17 days ago
Campaign to recall Newsom criticized for 'Chinese' virus rhetoric
sfchronicle · 19 days ago
Racist Violence Has Shattered The Myth That Asian People Can Be Invisible In America
buzzfeednews · 21 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Sammy Warm Hands
eventbrite · 24 days ago
Presenting Work with Confidence ONLINE!
eventbrite · 23 days ago
Here's why Substack's scam worked so well
thehypothesis.substack · 24 days ago
Pete Seeger talks about Woody Guthrie (2006)
youtube · 25 days ago
Pete Seeger, We Shall Overcome (Version #02), Berlin, DDR (GDR), 1967
youtube · 25 days ago
Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine
youtube · 25 days ago
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Pete Seeger & Johnny Cash - Worried Man Blues
youtube · 25 days ago
Solidarity Forever (Pete Seeger)
youtube · 25 days ago
PETE SEEGER ⑪ Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Live in Sweden 1968)
youtube · 25 days ago
Talking Union - Pete Seeger
youtube · 25 days ago
Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling them a 'sin'
cnn · 26 days ago
Racismo em Português
publico.pt · 26 days ago
Hundreds of covid cases reported at Tesla plant following Musk’s defiant reopening, county data shows
washingtonpost · 28 days ago
My People Were In Shipping
aninjusticemag · 28 days ago
25 de Abril, Grandola Vila Morena
youtube · 29 days ago
My People Were In Shipping w/Eduardo Ortiz
eventbrite · 29 days ago
My People Were In Shipping w/Tiago Pedras
eventbrite · 33 days ago
Man makes woman pick up her dog shit with her bare hands!
youtube · 38 days ago
My People Were In Shipping w/Amos Kennedy Jr
eventbrite · 38 days ago
Alumni and donors of the University of Texas are threatening to bankrupt the school over a racist song
deadspin · 38 days ago
Guillotine Emoji — [carrozo]
carrozo · 39 days ago
Quarantine Book Club with Jesse James Garrett & Peter Merholz
eventbrite · 39 days ago
Facebook manipulated the news you see to appease Republicans, insiders say
motherjones · 40 days ago
For Shielding Endangered Neighbors, Pandas Make Flimsy Umbrellas
nytimes · 44 days ago
Historic Photos Show Herculean Relocation of Victorian Houses in San Francisco in the 1970s
thebolditalic · 47 days ago
“Mark Changed The Rules”: How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures
buzzfeednews · 48 days ago
Google fires Margaret Mitchell, another top researcher on its AI ethics team
theguardian · 50 days ago
The Aftermath Of Prop 22 Is Not As Happy As Big Tech Promised
jalopnik · 50 days ago
Food Delivery Drivers Say Pay Sharply Dropped After Prop 22 Passed
sf.eater · 50 days ago
'I can't keep doing this': gig workers say pay has fallen after California's Prop 22
theguardian · 50 days ago
Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder
nytimes · 51 days ago
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