Jason Evanish
First Snapshot Of Our Universe From James Webb Space Telescope
piggsboson.medium · 444 days ago
4 innovative Austin startups gallop into the $1 billion ‘unicorn’ club
austin.culturemap · 446 days ago
China gorges on American grain-fed beef amid shrinking supplies from Down Under
reuters · 448 days ago
Beyond Meat and its rivals rely on Chinese ingredients, opening food-safety debate in the COVID-19 era
newsweek · 448 days ago
Absurd Trolley Problems
neal.fun · 449 days ago
sounder.fm · 459 days ago
Monkeypox transmission has changed and scientists don't know why
newsweek · 471 days ago
The unreasonable effectiveness of one-on-ones
benkuhn · 477 days ago
Ex-Pa. Congressman Pleads Guilty in Ballot Stuffing Case
apnews · 477 days ago
Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering
wsj · 491 days ago
How to Recognize High Potential Employees in Interviews
getlighthouse · 505 days ago
The Impossible Product Manager, a.k.a. the "Great" Product Manager
longform.asmartbear · 507 days ago
cla.umn.edu · 516 days ago
U.S. GDP fell at a 1.4% pace to start the year as pandemic recovery takes a hit
cnbc · 519 days ago
How Elon Musk Won Twitter
wired · 522 days ago
Holodomor | Facts, Definition, & Death Toll
britannica · 525 days ago
Column - The developer infrastructure bank
column · 526 days ago
7 injured in explosion as fire engulfs food plant; smoke visible for miles
newsweek · 526 days ago
rwmalonemd.substack · 528 days ago
Chris Bray is Stupid and Evil
chrisbray.substack · 534 days ago
Are You Making These Leadership Mistakes? Learn How to Stop Falling for these 4 Biases.
getlighthouse · 535 days ago
4 Essential Gallup Workplace Statistics to Help You Thrive as a Leader in 2022
getlighthouse · 546 days ago
Snatch that crypto: BlueNoroff threat actor drains cryptocurrency startups’ accounts
kaspersky · 550 days ago
Free online meeting scheduling tool
doodle · 551 days ago
51 Team Building Questions to Bring Your Team Closer Together
getlighthouse · 552 days ago
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Trial Attorney-Torts Branch, Constitutional & Specialized Tort Litigation/Vaccine
usajobs.gov:443 · 554 days ago
Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues
nytimes · 561 days ago
Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has "Biological Research Facilities," Worried Russia May Seize Them
greenwald.substack · 568 days ago
Biden pauses new oil and gas leases amid legal battle over cost of climate change
cnbc · 570 days ago
5 Habits That Turn Average Teams into High Performing Teams
getlighthouse · 584 days ago
Ask Lighthouse: Leadership Training Courses and Their ROI
getlighthouse · 586 days ago
37 Key Questions to Ask a Mentor to Transform Your Career
getlighthouse · 590 days ago
Joe Rogan is Under Attack | Eric Weinstein and Lex Fridman
youtube · 602 days ago
How to Find a Mentor You'll Love to Transform Your Career
getlighthouse · 604 days ago
Ottawa, Ontario Weekend Weather Forecast - The Weather Network
theweathernetwork · 607 days ago
Bad Leadership: 5 Ways to Recognize Bad Managers at Your Company
getlighthouse · 617 days ago
4 Inspiring Dale Carnegie Quotes You (and Every Leader) Can Learn From
getlighthouse · 628 days ago
Revealed: how Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis
theguardian · 628 days ago
Remote management: 41 questions you must ask your hybrid team
getlighthouse · 629 days ago
What’s the Best Meeting Cadence for Different Types of 1:1 Meetings
getlighthouse · 630 days ago
Hybrid Teams, Productivity, Managing Generations: Answers to Your Biggest Workplace Challenges
getlighthouse · 636 days ago
4 Reasons Why Your Leadership Skills Aren’t Improving (And How to Change That) - Lighthouse Case Studies
getlighthouse · 637 days ago
Your Guide to Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication
getlighthouse · 637 days ago
Step by Step How to Praise Your Team to Bring out their Best
getlighthouse · 638 days ago
Ask Lighthouse: Solving Your Biggest Leadership Challenges
getlighthouse · 639 days ago
Leadership Lessons: How to Rapidly Level Up Your Leaders
getlighthouse · 642 days ago
Praise Guide: How to be more positive at work & give more praise
getlighthouse · 649 days ago
How to Improve Mindfulness at Work by @Get_Lighthouse
getlighthouse · 650 days ago
How Lighthouse Helped Edlio Have More Meaningful 1 on 1 Meetings and Transform Their Culture - Lighthouse Case Studies
getlighthouse · 650 days ago
Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads
remoteok.io · 2403 days ago
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