Jason Evanish
Benchmarking Amplitude's S-1: How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up by @ttunguz
tomtunguz · 566 days ago
Australia Traded Away Too Much Liberty
theatlantic · 566 days ago
Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 1581 days ago
After the Fall
bariweiss.substack · 576 days ago
Tell Apple: Don’t Scan Our Phones
act.eff · 576 days ago
British And US Troops Reportedly At Odds In Afghanistan As UK Engages Rescue Missions
zerohedge · 579 days ago
Children in much of Europe will be going maskless at school this fall.
ajlamesa.medium · 582 days ago
Introducing Funders & Founders
angellist · 582 days ago
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
cdc.gov · 588 days ago
Trust the Science
youtube · 591 days ago
Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%, researchers find
news.yahoo · 592 days ago
When Victimhood Leads to Genocide - Prof. Jordan Peterson on Dekulakization
youtube · 596 days ago
Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown
bbc · 600 days ago
Watch: Masking, Vaccines, Lockdowns, Enslavement - Psychic 'Bro' Predicted All Of This Last Year...
zerohedge · 600 days ago
Austin Apartments for Rent from PadMapper
padmapper · 618 days ago
At $442 million, Austin proposes largest police budget yet
kxan · 620 days ago
North Korean Defector Shares Horrifying Story Of Life In North Korea And Her Great Escape To America
youtube · 634 days ago
Mailchimp Suspends The Babylon Bee For "Harmful Information"
zerohedge · 635 days ago
FDA Sunscreen Report Raises Concern Over Chemicals
webmd · 636 days ago
How Friendships Change When You Become an Adult
theatlantic · 2204 days ago
Why Has "Ivermectin" Become a Dirty Word?
taibbi.substack · 642 days ago
World Bank rejects El Salvador request for Bitcoin help
bbc · 643 days ago
Journalist who broke Clinton-Lynch tarmac meet story dies by suicide
dailymail.co.uk · 647 days ago
Nigeria says it suspends Twitter days after president's post removed
reuters · 656 days ago
Why Would Anyone Want to Live in Austin Anymore After What the Travis County DA Just Did?
pjmedia · 663 days ago
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My Startup Failed Six Years Ago. I’ve Been Hiding from My Shame Ever Since.
entrepreneurshandbook.co · 667 days ago
J. Cole & Bas – ​h u n g e r . o n . h i l l s i d e
genius · 673 days ago
The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They'd Get Paid Correctly
jalopnik · 673 days ago
Gell-Mann Amnesia | Epsilon Theory
epsilontheory · 674 days ago
10 Things I Love About Superhuman
jasonevanish · 677 days ago
What guidance are Austin officers getting in enforcing the camping ban?
kvue · 680 days ago
Preacher Artur Pawlowski, who hurled "Nazi" insults at cops, arrested for flouting COVID rules
newsweek · 682 days ago
How the camping ban won, and what political experts say it means for future Austin elections
kxan · 682 days ago
The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is a New Extreme for Ransomware
wired · 682 days ago
Gravity jet suit taken for a spin by the Royal Marines
nypost · 687 days ago
Man arrested, accused of shooting, killing 15-year-old in north Austin
kxan · 690 days ago
Enough is Enough — Save Austin Now
mattmackowiak.medium · 694 days ago
Why Feature Voting Creates Poor Products (and what to do instead)
jasonevanish · 698 days ago
New Rule: Give It to Me Straight, Doc | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
youtube · 704 days ago
Building Customer Driven SaaS Products | Jason Evanish
jasonevanish · 706 days ago
jasonevanish · 710 days ago
What I Hate About My Ford Mustang Mach E!
youtube · 715 days ago
Jason Evanish Consulting
becustomerdriven · 726 days ago
DocSend - Simple, intelligent, modern content sending
docsend · 1434 days ago
What Really Happened During the Texas Power Grid Outage?
youtube · 728 days ago
Definition of APOSEMATISM
merriam-webster · 733 days ago
Harry Mack Amazes New Yorkers By Freestyling About Everything He Sees
youtube · 734 days ago
It's Time For Americans To Refuse To Trade With Slaveholders
thefederalist · 736 days ago
The CDC’s Mask Mandate Study: Debunked
aier · 739 days ago
Lessons from Year 28 - Nat Eliason
nateliason · 747 days ago
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