Jason Evanish
How To Crush Stress And Boost Vitality With This Simple Relaxation Protocol
wellbuiltstyle · 263 days ago
Free Speech Is Dead, What Are We Going To Do About It?
medium · 264 days ago
Ronaldo Realizes He's Getting Older | The Champions S2E1
bleacherreport · 268 days ago
Why You Want to be the *Second* 1st PM
jasonevanish · 269 days ago
A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley
splinternews · 270 days ago
Follow the Leader With Dick Costolo | Disrupt SF 2013
youtube · 273 days ago
Lo-Fi & Film: Humble
youtube · 273 days ago
Lil Dicky’s "Earth" Is Impressive in Scale, but Awful in Execution
djbooth · 278 days ago
Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Official Music Video)
youtube · 279 days ago
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
insights.stackoverflow · 286 days ago
Apple's new TV ad shows they hope you care as much about privacy on iPhones as they do
usatoday · 284 days ago
Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Dangerously Good at Emulating Human Behaviors
sciencealert · 284 days ago
Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police
nytimes · 284 days ago
Five years later: Five ways to build a $100 million SaaS business
christophjanz.blogspot · 291 days ago
The AAF will suspend all football operations
profootballtalk.nbcsports · 296 days ago
'Darkest Hour' Fact Check: Did Winston Churchill Really Sneak Off to the London Underground?
thewrap · 297 days ago
Cognitive dissonance - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 305 days ago
Ben Roethlisberger could be petty enough to fumble intentionally - Ryan Clark | Get Up!
youtube · 310 days ago
California is Drought-Free For the First Time in Over Seven Years
earther.gizmodo · 314 days ago
Capitalism Is Intrinsic to the Human Species
startupboy · 323 days ago
Why Most People Don’t Write, And How It Ruined The Internet
medium · 322 days ago
You Really Want to Achieve Your Dreams? Stop Loving Your City.
medium · 322 days ago
Generational Differences in the Workplace: Essential Tips for Leaders
getlighthouse · 324 days ago
Workplace Stress: 8 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace Today
getlighthouse · 324 days ago
Why don't we reward good managers? | Get Lighthouse Blog
getlighthouse · 326 days ago
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How To Wear A Baseball Hat With Style
wellbuiltstyle · 326 days ago
Effective Praise: Your Simple Secret to Motivating your Team
getlighthouse · 326 days ago
Leadership Lessons from Jon Stewart and Bill Simmons
getlighthouse · 327 days ago
Kung Fu
blog.asmartbear · 331 days ago
My teenage nephews’ digital habits – Ricky Yean – Medium
medium · 338 days ago
J. Cole AMAZING Full Halftime Performance at 2019 NBA All-Star Game
youtube · 339 days ago
Reading List – Keith Rabois – Medium
medium · 341 days ago
Resilience: How to Develop More Resilience to Thrive as a Leader
getlighthouse · 344 days ago
Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
pscp.tv · 345 days ago
Bevy Acquires CMX to Address Growing Demand for Real-Life Social Networks
globenewswire · 346 days ago
The Joe Rogan Experience - Sleep Expert and Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker - Podcast Notes
podcastnotes · 347 days ago
Staffers, Documents Show Amy Klobuchar’s Wrath Toward Her Aides
buzzfeednews · 348 days ago
No thank you, Mr. Pecker – Jeff Bezos – Medium
medium · 349 days ago
Khosla’s Keith Rabois Leads $25 Million Round for Renters-Insurance Startup Jetty
wsj · 351 days ago
If Your Dreams Don't Serve You, Let Them Go
inflectionconf · 352 days ago
Occam's razor - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
simple.wikipedia · 355 days ago
How To Be Successful
blog.samaltman · 364 days ago
Alternate Angle From The Stands Of The Uncalled Rams Pass Interference Penalty Is Stunningly Egregious
brobible · 367 days ago
The Internet Reacts To Tony Romo Perfectly Predicting Plays Before They Happen During AFC Championship Game
brobible · 367 days ago
Raptors vs. Celtics - Box Score - January 16, 2019 - ESPN
espn · 368 days ago
Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights | 01/19/2019 NBA Season
youtube · 368 days ago
Celtics vs. Hawks - Box Score - January 19, 2019 - ESPN
espn · 368 days ago
This reporter took a deep dive into the science of smoking pot. What he found is scary.
motherjones · 380 days ago
The hardest part about growing up poor was knowing I couldn’t mess up. Not even once.
vox · 380 days ago
Ten Years and $10,000 – Hacker Noon
hackernoon · 386 days ago
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