These tech companies are pledging to pay for abortion travel
fastcompany · 2 days ago
A billion dollar gift for Twitter – Startup Grind – Medium
medium · 1897 days ago
Union praises President Biden's 'life-changing' pay increase for federal firefighters
americanindependent · 5 days ago
SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say
theverge · 9 days ago
Iowa court: Abortion not protected by state constitution | WTOP News
wtop · 10 days ago
How Facebook plans to become more like TikTok
theverge · 11 days ago
Inside a Corporate Culture War Stoked by a Crypto C.E.O.
nytimes · 11 days ago
My Computer
youtube · 13 days ago
Biden Vows Not To Forget Lessons Of January 6: β€˜We Must Hang Mike Pence’
theonion · 16 days ago
Trick Daddy ft. Trina & The Slip-N-Slide Express - Take It To Da House (Official Video)
youtube · 16 days ago
One Direction fangirls created the internet as we know it
vox · 17 days ago
Renter loses half their security deposit after landlord puts it into Bitcoin
web3isgoinggreat · 24 days ago
Briarwood man indicted for murder of Forest Hills food delivery worker Zhiwen Yan: DA –
qns · 24 days ago
NYCHA Rescue Trust Approved by State Lawmakers · 24 days ago
Cindy Cohn Joins Board of Directors at Data & Society
datasociety · 25 days ago
Yara Shahidi Is Officially a Harvard Graduate: "It's Surreal"
popsugar · 30 days ago
Seeing America, Again, in the Uvalde Elementary-School Shooting
newyorker · 33 days ago
Do subway riders really think they are 'suckers' for paying the fare? We asked.
gothamist · 34 days ago
Opinion | America Turned the Greatest Vehicle of Social Mobility Into a Debt Machine
nytimes · 36 days ago
Opinion | We Need to Take Back Our Privacy
nytimes · 37 days ago
Elon Musk got $1 billion from Larry Ellison for his Twitter takeover
theverge · 37 days ago
Indian-Origin Student Bullied In Texas School; Authorities Hand Harsher Punishment To Victim
news18 · 37 days ago
Fastly buys Glitch web IDE
theregister · 39 days ago
Before Massacre Began, Suspect Invited Others to Review His Plan
nytimes · 39 days ago
No Nut Traveler
nonuttraveler · 40 days ago
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How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts
washingtonpost · 40 days ago
The Sexual Tension Puzzle
vulture · 40 days ago
We’ve Never Been Good at Feeding Babies
theatlantic · 44 days ago
Musk Likely Paid Portion Of Amber Heard’s Pledged ACLU Donations, Exec Testifies
forbes · 46 days ago
Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland
hbr · 46 days ago
This is the first picture of the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way
theverge · 46 days ago
How to Thrift w/ HBO’s John Wilson | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME
youtube · 47 days ago
Apple discontinues the iPod after 20 years
theverge · 48 days ago
A Brief History of Deadly Attacks on Abortion Providers (Published 2015)
nytimes · 48 days ago
TSA Covid Infections Have Jumped 50% Since The Mask Mandate Was Lifted
forbes · 52 days ago
Nelly - Dilemma (Official Music Video) ft. Kelly Rowland
youtube · 52 days ago
On anti-crypto toxicity
blog.mollywhite · 53 days ago
You Can Use Multiple Slurp Juices On An Ape
buzzfeednews · 54 days ago
National Network of Abortion Funds at
abortionfunds · 1139 days ago
I am losing my home in four days (May 3rd), organized by Noah Grey
gofundme · 59 days ago
Report: Minneapolis police engaged in pattern of illegal racial discrimination
startribune · 59 days ago
Crypto is winning, and Bitcoin diehards are furious about it
theverge · 59 days ago
r/nyc - Possible new way to avoid tolls and tickets - strip license plates. Evolution of the paper plates or no plate at all?
reddit · 60 days ago
Op-Ed: Under Elon Musk's Twitter takeover, who will protect users?
latimes · 60 days ago
Why Those Moments of Care for Liza Minnelli and Joni Mitchell Felt Different
nytimes · 65 days ago
Prince Heardle · 65 days ago
Muse Heardle · 66 days ago
US police have killed nearly 600 people in traffic stops since 2017, data shows
theguardian · 66 days ago
Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg Pressured Daily Mail to Drop Bobby Kotick Reporting
wsj · 66 days ago
They Know How Journalism Works! They’re Just Against It!
theap.substack · 67 days ago
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