A teenager on TikTok disrupted thousands of scientific studies with a single video
theverge · 2 days ago
Nearly 1 million U.S. children have contracted COVID in the past 4 weeks
fortune · 3 days ago
In Their Own Words: New Yorkers Want Congestion Pricing … And Now
nyc.streetsblog · 3 days ago
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the it's my book they will walk if I tell them to
youtube · 3 days ago
Introducing Playlists, the best way to curate and share Glitch apps!
blog.glitch · 4 days ago
youtube · 6 days ago
America’s car crash epidemic
vox · 8 days ago
How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated
wsj · 10 days ago
Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company’s Response Is Weak, Documents Show.
wsj · 10 days ago
How Our Need For Attention Online Drives Us Crazy
ez.substack · 11 days ago
1 in 500 Americans has died from COVID-19 - Poynter
poynter · 11 days ago
The Holmes trial gets into the Excel nitty-gritty
theverge · 12 days ago
“Men’s Rights Asians” Think This Is Their Moment
slate · 12 days ago
Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson | Bestselling Book and Adapted Film
justmercy.eji · 12 days ago
Nintendo finally adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch in new software update
theverge · 13 days ago
Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclear weapons
cnn · 13 days ago
Alerts and story on Walmart to accept Litecoin payments withdrawn
reuters · 14 days ago
The Diss-Education of Lauryn Hill, Feat. Angela Yee and MC Lyte | Chapter 6
open.spotify · 14 days ago
MTA Yanks $500K COVID Death Benefit From Unvaccinated Transit Workers · 15 days ago
How did South Asian Americans respond to 9/11?
secretdesihistory · 15 days ago
Case of Jersey City cop highlights lack of police transparency - New Jersey Monitor
newjerseymonitor · 17 days ago
'I shouldn't have waited': Unvaccinated TikToker urges followers to get vaccine in last video before death
nbcnews · 18 days ago
Donate in Honor of Friends and Family
supporters.eff · 18 days ago
One Year Of Defector | Defector
defector · 20 days ago
Police Say Demoralized Officers Are Quitting In Droves. Labor Data Says No.
themarshallproject · 25 days ago
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Aww, don't make me scroll horizontally! Can't the code just wrap?
help.glitch · 25 days ago
The Conservative Justices’ Reasoning in the Texas Abortion Case Is Legal Mansplaining
slate · 25 days ago
Biden's child allowance helped feed 2 million kids in its first month
businessinsider · 26 days ago
Biden's child tax credit kept 3 million children out of poverty in just its first round of payments
businessinsider · 26 days ago
Open Lab Notebook · 26 days ago
Twitter’s new Safety Mode autoblocks abusive accounts
theverge · 26 days ago
Aaliyah: Truly One in a Million | Chapter 15
open.spotify · 27 days ago
Refuse Uline
refuseuline · 27 days ago
San Francisco Unified School District - School Board Watchlist
schoolboardwatchlist · 27 days ago
Parents Are Not Okay
theatlantic · 27 days ago
Biden launches U.S. Digital Corps to bring young tech talent to government
fastcompany · 28 days ago
Artist trains AI to generate new pictures of herself | Boing Boing
boingboing · 29 days ago
I Can’t Stop Thinking About This Subreddit That Collects COVID-19 Deniers Who Died
themarysue · 30 days ago
Prince Live - Play that funky Music - Hollywood Swinging - Fantastic Voyage 4/28/11
youtube · 31 days ago
She's A Beast: A Swole Woman's Newsletter
shesabeast.substack · 31 days ago
Marilyn Manson's ex-aide Ashley Walters alleges sexual assault, backs Evan Rachel Wood
latimes · 31 days ago
The Washington Post's profile of Maggie Haberman misses the mark in one important way
readthepresentage · 32 days ago
Find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you · 73 days ago
Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 · 37 days ago
OnlyFans Isn’t Just Porn ;)
nytimes · 38 days ago
Friday’s Headlines: Pedestrians and Cyclists Are Resiliency Edition
nyc.streetsblog · 38 days ago
Adore (2020 Remaster)
youtube · 40 days ago
The Isley Brothers: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
youtube · 40 days ago
Gawker Returns for Unknown Length of Time
nymag · 40 days ago
Census data shows the number of White people in the U.S. fell for first time since 1790
washingtonpost · 46 days ago
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