Erika Hall
Elizabeth Warren's Journey From 'Pro-Business' Academic To Consumer Advocate
npr · 1 day ago Help: Non-Exhaustive List of Amazon Trademarks
amazon · 2 days ago
Opinion | The Great Recycling Con
nytimes · 2 days ago
San Francisco’s top 12 places for crying in public
sf.curbed · 2 days ago
A banana duct-taped to a wall was sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami
cbsnews · 6 days ago
Kansas City is first major U.S. city to make public transit free
curbed · 5 days ago
187 The Episode Where Jessie Calls Jack Dorsey a Pussy by Let's Make Mistakes • A podcast on Anchor · 6 days ago
How Advertising Conquered Urban Space
citylab · 6 days ago
Is Fear a Factor?
medium · 6 days ago
Are You a Design Diva? (Video)
nngroup · 7 days ago
“Degrowth is about redistribution by design, not by collapse” - Failed Architecture
failedarchitecture · 8 days ago
mathjax · 9 days ago
Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down
vice · 9 days ago
Discrimination - TikTok curbed reach for people with disabilities
netzpolitik · 9 days ago
Facebook Gives Workers a Chatbot to Appease That Prying Uncle
nytimes · 9 days ago
Wow, Hearst Set Up a Whole Website Dedicated to Union-Busting
vice · 9 days ago
Opinion | I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It.
nytimes · 10 days ago
Spitting Image | Ronald Reagan | BritBox
youtube · 11 days ago
A Pennsylvania bill would require death certificates for fertilized eggs that never implant in the uterus
insider · 11 days ago
Mister Gotcha
thenib · 289 days ago
Opinion | A Better Social Media World Is Waiting for Us
nytimes · 11 days ago
The Apple Card Didn't 'See' Gender—and That's the Problem
wired · 21 days ago
Search Twitter - quoted_tweet_id:1198719315589160960
twitter · 14 days ago
Utah set to become 19th state to ban 'conversion therapy'
pbs · 15 days ago
Make Dave DiBari's Sriracha Brussels sprouts at home
lohud · 15 days ago
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Dear Designer: Hope Is Not Enough
modus.medium · 15 days ago
“Warren Has A Plan For That!” Day Planner
shop.elizabethwarren · 15 days ago
Court ruling on Martins Beach puts past public access rights in doubt
sfchronicle · 15 days ago
Should Designers Be Design Critics? Why Not?
designobserver · 16 days ago
Making Design Theory · 16 days ago
Infusing Care in the Gig Economy - The Hard Copy · 16 days ago
thingsthatchange · 16 days ago
Relating to Things
bloomsbury · 16 days ago
Changing Things
bloomsbury · 16 days ago
The human body in space: Distinguishing fact from fiction - Science in the News · 19 days ago
Man versus Horse Marathon - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 19 days ago
Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen
youtube · 19 days ago
India's Mars mission: Picture that spoke 1,000 words · 19 days ago
5 Horrifying Facts About Seven of Nine's Uniform
thegeektwins · 20 days ago
Adopt Pax on Petfinder
petfinder · 20 days ago
Taylor Swift’s "Beautiful Ghosts" might be the best part of the Cats movie
vox · 21 days ago
Annual Research Subscription - next for me
nextforme · 21 days ago
Zardoz and Zardog
flickr · 22 days ago
Send In The Clones
medium · 22 days ago
Racial bias found in widely used health care algorithm
nbcnews · 22 days ago
Worker-Owned Apps Are Trying to Fix the Gig Economy's Exploitation
vice · 22 days ago
Climate Change Is So Real There’s A New Pokémon Based On Dead Coral
huffpost · 23 days ago
Episode 20: Design is Gay
open.spotify · 23 days ago
Nassar survivor parents are upset with one of the world's most famous authors
freep · 23 days ago
South Dakota Meth Prevention and Awareness Campaign
onmeth · 23 days ago
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