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Alan Alda Wants Us To Have Better Conversations
npr · 1 day ago
Let's improve communication about science and medicine
aldacenter · 1 day ago
What was Ayn Rand’s favorite food? - Quora
quora · 1 day ago
Forget colonizing Mars. We can all move to Russia when the world heats up.
grist · 2 days ago
Restoring Forests Could Help Put a Brake on Global Warming, Study Finds
nytimes · 3 days ago
Old Sailor Logs Show How Frighteningly Fast the Arctic Is Losing Ice
vice · 3 days ago
Map shows depressing number of prime stargazing locations left in the U.S.
popularmechanics · 4 days ago
'Uber Was Supposed To Be Our Public Transit'
citylab · 4 days ago
Yelp is Screwing Over Restaurants By Quietly Replacing Their Phone Numbers
vice · 10 days ago
Scientists have made a vodka from Chernobyl's exclusion zone -- and they say it is safe to drink
cnn · 5 days ago
The Trump Boycotts Pose a Grave Danger to the Equinox and SoulCycle Businesses
nymag · 6 days ago
We’re All Killing Uber Just By Using It
vice · 6 days ago
Robotic tails for humans are here
fastcompany · 6 days ago
Love, Love, Peace, Peace - Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede create the perfect Eurovision Performance |
youtube · 6 days ago
Pierce Brosnan joins Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams In Netflix's 'Eurovision'
dailydot · 6 days ago
To imagine our own extinction is to be able to answer for it – Thomas Moynihan | Aeon Essays · 7 days ago
Trump plan to ease fuel-economy rules would boost drivers' costs, study finds
latimes · 7 days ago
Update 4: You all rock! I really appreciate your global support! · NASA - PAST AND PRESENT DREAMS OF THE FUTURE
kickstarter · 7 days ago
Uber reports loss of $5.2 billion in the wake of going public
washingtonpost · 8 days ago
Focusing on how individuals can stop climate change is very convenient for corporations
fastcompany · 8 days ago
Zillow Is Making Nearly Half Its Money Now From Flipping Homes
buzzfeednews · 8 days ago
Alaska's sea ice has completely melted away
mashable · 9 days ago
Ruined by Design Book Launch Party
eventbrite · 9 days ago
Ask Polly: My In-Laws Are Careless About My Deadly Food Allergy!
thecut · 9 days ago
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Episode 37: The history of Afro-futurism
ouropinionsarecorrect · 10 days ago
Real-Life Locations That Would Make Badass Supervillain Lairs
io9.gizmodo · 14 days ago
Floor sweeping robots
scifiinterfaces · 14 days ago
What Happens When a Group of Strangers Spends a Day Debating Immigration?
newyorker · 15 days ago
Croatia, India to compete against home team in 2019 Celebration of Light | CBC News · 16 days ago
Everybody Needs A 303 by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]
youtube · 16 days ago
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Making Research County by Cyd Harrell
hookedoncode · 16 days ago
Walt Disney's 1943 org chart
boingboing · 17 days ago
FACT CHECK: Did the U.S. Ban Lawn Dart Sales After a Child's Death?
snopes · 17 days ago
“You Know Where She Stands”: Is Elizabeth Warren the One?
vanityfair · 18 days ago
Do VCs Really Favor White Male Founders? · 18 days ago
Grubhub is using thousands of fake websites to upcharge commission fees from real businesses
theverge · 47 days ago
Dining reservation app OpenTable moves into delivery
apnews · 19 days ago
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The true cost of eating meat: if we want change, we have to pay for it
theguardian · 22 days ago
Pet Shop Boys - Give stupidity a chance (lyric video)
youtube · 23 days ago
Pet Shop Boys - I'm With Stupid - official video
youtube · 23 days ago Mastering Collaboration: Make Working Together Less Painful and More Productive (9781492041733): Gretchen Anderson: Gateway
amazon · 147 days ago
So That's Why the Press Won't Cover Elizabeth Warren!
cjr · 24 days ago
Mike Isaac
mike-isaac · 24 days ago
Letting in the woofs - Margot Bloomstein - Medium
medium · 24 days ago
Powers of Ten™ (1977)
youtube · 864 days ago
Chunks of Energy - the bite-sized energy bars you know & love
chunksofenergy · 34 days ago
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