Erika Hall
Men With Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs: Study
huffpost · 4 hours ago
Steve Jobs - NeXT marketing strategy video 1991
youtube · 1 day ago
Doctors in seven states charged with prescribing pain killers for cash, sex
washingtonpost · 2 days ago
Samsung SDS and Mahindra to collaborate in blockchain | ZDNet
zdnet · 4 days ago
Teen Dating Violence Can Lead To Homicide — And Girls Are The Most Common Victims
npr · 4 days ago
Masked thieves use stolen digger to rip ATM out of Derry shop – video
theguardian · 5 days ago
Everyday Information Architecture by Lisa Maria Martin
abookapart · 19 days ago
Women Harassed by Uber and Lyft Drivers Want Answers—Not a $5 Credit
thedailybeast · 5 days ago
Psychedelic renaissance: could MDMA help with PTSD, depression and anxiety?
theguardian · 6 days ago
HitchBOT, hitchhiking robot, gets beheaded in Philly - CNN
cnn · 7 days ago
Robots or Wage-Slaves: The Only 2 Ways Lyft Can Actually Be Profitable
observer · 7 days ago
Jon Snow Emails 23andMe About His DNA Results
mcsweeneys · 8 days ago
Uber is bucking the biggest trend in startup IPOs this decade
qz · 8 days ago
Psychic Healing at the End of History | Hannah Gais
thebaffler · 8 days ago
User-Centered Design Basics | · 9 days ago
The Future Is History Quotes by Masha Gessen
goodreads · 9 days ago
flickr · 9 days ago
The internet as an engine of liberation is an innocent fraud – Nicholas Carr | Aeon Essays · 9 days ago
GOAT Salon with John Hanawalt
eventbrite · 10 days ago
Sample Chapter — Ruined by Design · 32 days ago
A new ride-sharing app matches female drivers and riders. Is that the best way to empower women? - The Lily
thelily · 11 days ago
Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It - Kindle edition by Mike Monteiro. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @
amazon · 33 days ago
Whack bat
youtube · 12 days ago
The Froot Loops NPS Case Study (Part 1) WTH is NPS?
medium · 12 days ago
Presenting Work With Confidence
eventbrite · 12 days ago
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Bob Ross - One Hour Special - The Grandeur of Summer
youtube · 15 days ago
Response rates in telephone surveys have resumed their decline
pewresearch · 22 days ago
Joe Coleman
getcoleman · 753 days ago
John Hearts Things by johnheartsthings
etsy · 23 days ago
Homepage | UX London 2018
2019.uxlondon · 187 days ago
Jordan Peele Says He'll Never Have a 'White Dude' Star in His Movies
vice · 24 days ago
Lyft IPO From A Value Investor's Perspective
forbes · 24 days ago
Daniel Kahneman on Framing and Incentives
jarango · 24 days ago
Woman’s Day
medium · 773 days ago
Florida Community Taken Over by Thousands of Toxic Toads 'Covering Every Square Inch'
sciencealert · 26 days ago
Stephen Colbert calls the Mueller report conclusion 'worse than the finale of 'Lost''
mashable · 26 days ago
Uber Is Headed for a Crash
nymag · 131 days ago
‘I'm really struggling’: Facing pay cuts, some ride-hailing drivers prepare to strike
latimes · 27 days ago
18F: Digital service delivery | Home · 27 days ago
Queer icon Sylvester’s disco hit inducted into the Library of Congress for its historical value
lgbtqnation · 28 days ago
I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilization as Its Batteries Could Take Me
gizmodo · 30 days ago
Businesses don't get how AI cybersecurity tools work, but plan to use them anyway
techrepublic · 32 days ago
What is the “Experience Revolution”?
applause · 32 days ago
Why Asking to “Pick Someone’s Brain” Can Be a Career-Killer · 32 days ago
GOAT Salon with Arianna Orland & Dava Guthmiller
eventbrite · 33 days ago
No way out but through. Together.
linkedin · 33 days ago
Let's talk about friction
linkedin · 34 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg finds the Roman emperor Augustus and his imperial conquest 'fascinating,' and even named one of his daughters after him
businessinsider · 35 days ago
I Want Beto O'Rourke to Make Me a Mixtape, Not Run for President (Yet)
esquire · 37 days ago
John Mulaney on Hosting SNL, Broadway Musicals, and Becoming a Meme
vulture · 39 days ago
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