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The SoftBank Effect: How $100 Billion Left Workers in a Hole
nytimes · 4 hours ago
Opinion | Steve Jobs Was Right: Smartphones and Tablets Killed the P.C.
nytimes · 4 days ago
Passwords Are a Design Problem
subtraction · 6 days ago
Inside the "Reckless" World of In-Flight Movie Censoring
insidehook · 6 days ago
TipBITS: Quickly Access App Updates in iOS 13 - TidBITS
tidbits · 6 days ago
How free one-day shipping is heating up the planet
cbsnews · 14 days ago
VOTE EARLY NY | Early Voting is coming to New York in October 2019
voteearlyny · 17 days ago
The Future of Transportation Is Not the Hyperloop or the Self-Driving Car. It’s the Bus, the Bike, and the Elevator.
slate · 19 days ago
California man runs for governor to test Facebook rules on lying
theguardian · 19 days ago
Dissent Erupts at Facebook Over Hands-Off Stance on Political Ads
nytimes · 21 days ago
Wireframe S2 Episode 6: Falling in Love with Good Design
subtraction · 26 days ago
Laying the Foundations (a book about design systems)
designsystemfoundations · 28 days ago
Video shows Oregon coach disarming student then embracing him before police arrive
abcnews.go · 29 days ago
Trace Softcover Notebook
baronfig · 33 days ago
Update: We Found a “Staggering” 281 Lobbyists Who’ve Worked in the Trump Administration — ProPublica
propublica · 33 days ago
Elizabeth Warren targets Facebook's ad policy -- with a Facebook ad
cnn · 37 days ago
Witness in Murder Trial of Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Fatally Shot, Lawyer Says
nytimes · 43 days ago
Movies Watched, August 2019
subtraction · 51 days ago
Labradoodle Creator Says the Breed Is His Life’s Regret
nytimes · 53 days ago
In ‘Alien,’ Horror Comes In The Form of Labor Exploitation
filmschoolrejects · 56 days ago
WeWork’s Back Is Against a Wall
wsj · 58 days ago
XXRAY Plus: 9 · 63 days ago
The logos of all 11 Democratic presidential candidates, ranked
fastcompany · 66 days ago
Opinion | The Last Apple Keynote (Hopefully)
nytimes · 67 days ago
Wireframe S2 Episode 1—A Prescription for Good Design
subtraction · 69 days ago
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USB4 is done, blending the best of Intel’s premium Thunderbolt and mainstream USB
cnet · 70 days ago
What Caused The Mass Panic At Newark Airport? Racism.
buzzfeednews · 72 days ago
Opinion | Don’t Trust Facebook With Your Love Life
nytimes · 73 days ago
Car Talk's Long Goodbye
jalopnik · 74 days ago
The Last Single-Screen Theater in New York Goes Dark
nytimes · 77 days ago
The first car painted with the world’s “blackest black” is deeply unsettling
fastcompany · 79 days ago
See the Real Movies and TV Shows Reworked in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
filmschoolrejects · 77 days ago
McDonald’s ads turn making breakfast into an artform · 80 days ago
The Bee-zarre History of 'Bee Movie' Memes
filmschoolrejects · 81 days ago
270 New Fonts That Will Make Your Designs Sing | Adobe Blog
theblog.adobe · 82 days ago
Perspective | The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem
washingtonpost · 84 days ago
Ikea Assembles Smart Home Future Into New Business Unit - Voicebot · 87 days ago
Dear Designer: If You Want to Make the World a Better Place, Start With Your Day Job
modus.medium · 89 days ago
Facebook pivots privacy failings into pop-up cafes
engadget · 91 days ago
Here’s what the NRA’s Marion Hammer had to say about Florida’s proposed assault weapons ban.
tampabay · 93 days ago
How Do You Know When a Typeface is Truly Finished?
eyeondesign.aiga · 97 days ago
'Machete' to the rescue: Actor Danny Trejo helps save child trapped in overturned car in Sylmar
abc7 · 102 days ago
Uber and Lyft finally admit they’re making traffic congestion worse in cities
theverge · 103 days ago
Thomas Jefferson: ‘The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants And Kindergarteners And Newlyweds And High-Schoolers And Parents And Teachers And Worshippers And Workers And Occasionally Infants’
theonion · 104 days ago
Perspective | I found your data. It’s for sale.
washingtonpost · 105 days ago
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer
nytimes · 741 days ago
This Post Is Not About Batman
birthmoviesdeath · 107 days ago
Netgear's Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Now Available From Apple
macrumors · 108 days ago
Don’t Put Your Work Email on Your Personal Phone
onezero.medium · 112 days ago
ishootya.tumblr · 113 days ago
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