Sachin Rekhi
How a Merger of Salesforce and Slack Would Change the SaaS Landscape by @ttunguz
tomtunguz · 1 day ago
Zillow Surfing Is the Escape We All Need Right Now
nytimes · 9 days ago
How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet
protocol · 30 days ago
Minimum Viable Team
sachinrekhi · 37 days ago
Apple Launches ‘Apple Music TV,’ a 24-Hour Music Video Livestream
variety · 39 days ago
Dropbox goes Virtual First
blog.dropbox · 45 days ago
Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal
nytimes · 62 days ago
HEY - Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon.
hey · 296 days ago
3 Types of Product Managers: Builders, Tuners, Innovators
sachinrekhi · 71 days ago
Finding Product Culture Fit
sachinrekhi · 71 days ago
Bezos’s likely Amazon successor is an executive made in Bezos’s image
washingtonpost · 77 days ago
Bose announces $279 QuietComfort Earbuds and $179 Sport Earbuds
theverge · 79 days ago
Google’s new ‘Verified Calls’ feature will tell you why a business is calling you – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 79 days ago
Fastest Mobile Networks 2020
pcmag · 80 days ago
The Hierarchy of User Friction
sachinrekhi · 82 days ago
Lunchclub, a 15-person start-up that makes professional introductions, tops $100 million valuation as usage spikes in quarantine
cnbc · 88 days ago
Cash App’s Surge During Covid-19 Pandemic Fuels Square Stock
wsj · 87 days ago Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (U3818DW): Computers & Accessories
amazon · 651 days ago
Wealth Is What You Don’t Spend
collaborativefund · 310 days ago
Letters to Zoe
letterstozoe · 104 days ago
Oatly: The New Coke
divinations.substack · 113 days ago
Tampa teen accused of being ‘mastermind’ behind Twitter hack that targeted high-profile accounts
wfla · 119 days ago
Conversations and Ideas
harj.posthaven · 124 days ago
Taylor Swift – exile (feat. Bon Iver) (Official Lyric Video)
youtube · 127 days ago
What Ever Happened to Digital Contact Tracing?
lawfareblog · 128 days ago
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India, Jio, and the Four Internets
stratechery · 130 days ago
GitHub Archive Program: the journey of the world's open source code to the Arctic · 133 days ago
Opinion | I’ve Seen a Future Without Cars, and It’s Amazing
nytimes · 142 days ago
Microsoft unveils new features to make video calls less miserable
axios · 142 days ago
The Top 25 Videos for Product Managers
themodernproductmanager · 142 days ago
Slack Acquires Corporate Directory Startup Rimeto, Plans To Operate It As Standalone App
forbes · 143 days ago
Mmhmm turns your boring Zoom call into a Weekend Update-style TV show
theverge · 144 days ago
The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design
applypixels · 146 days ago
Why AnyList Won’t Be Supporting Sign In with Apple - AnyList Blog
blog.anylist · 150 days ago
Why Software is More Profitable Than Content
napkinmath.substack · 157 days ago
The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks
youtube · 153 days ago
Google Photos gets a map view as part of a big new redesign
theverge · 154 days ago
Apple, Big Sur, and the rise of Neumorphism
inputmag · 155 days ago
Why Figma Wins - kwokchain
kwokchain · 162 days ago
Take a tour of HEY
youtube · 166 days ago
Chris Cox is returning to Facebook as chief product officer
theverge · 170 days ago
Amazon is planning to build diagnostic labs as it ramps up Covid-19 testing for warehouse workers
cnbc · 170 days ago
Interpreting Covid-19 Test Results: A Bayesian Approach
medium · 173 days ago
How Apple learned automation can't match human skill | Appleinsider
appleinsider · 176 days ago
Medium Newsletters
blog.medium · 178 days ago
The 19 Channels You Can Use to Get Traction
medium · 180 days ago
After 100,000 coronavirus cases, it’s clearer where Californians are getting infected
mercurynews · 180 days ago
SpaceX successfully launches first crew to orbit, ushering in new era of spaceflight
theverge · 181 days ago
"Indie" doesn't mean "bootstrapped" anymore
indiehackers · 182 days ago
If Your Pitch Deck Has a Competitive 2×2, I’m Going to Ask You This Question
hunterwalk · 186 days ago
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