Matt Ocko
Time Travel Is Possible: Math Proves Paradox-Free Time Travel
popularmechanics · 18 hours ago
As if 2020 Wasn't Enough, Climate Change Is Now Raising 'Zombie Storms' From The Dead
livescience · 22 hours ago
Japanese giant Gundam robot shows off its moves
cnn · 1 day ago
Virus Cases Surged in Young Adults. The Elderly Were Hit Next.
nytimes · 1 day ago
COVID-19 may damage bone marrow immune cells; another reinfection reported
reuters · 4 days ago
Banksy loses 'flower bomber' trademark battle
bbc · 4 days ago
In ‘Power Grab,’ Health Secretary Azar Asserts Authority Over F.D.A.
nytimes · 6 days ago
Durable responses seen with Amgen's KRAS-blocking cancer drug - STAT
statnews · 7 days ago
Climate change is huge risk for the American financial system, a major new bipartisan report says
marketwatch · 15 days ago
World Air Quality Index (AQI) Ranking | AirVisual
iqair · 39 days ago
Bay Area sky turns bright orange, some areas see 'snowing' ash
sfgate · 18 days ago
Universes all the way down
nature · 18 days ago
Video shows USPS mail being dumped in a California parking lot. A postal union says USPS employees weren't involved
cnn · 18 days ago
The dirty secret behind your ‘green’ electric car · 20 days ago
‘Mad Max’ in California? Energy crisis is avoidable | CalMatters
calmatters · 20 days ago
A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged
elemental.medium · 21 days ago
Can the history of pollution shape a better future?
nature · 21 days ago
NASA Discovered a Faster, Cheaper Way of Getting to The Moon... And Patented It · 23 days ago
The Oysters That Knew What Time It Was
wired · 24 days ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers to Pay to Reopen Closed Polling Places Across the South
yahoo · 24 days ago
How a Bus Ride Turned Into a Coronavirus Superspreader Event
nytimes · 25 days ago
Coronavirus cases are on the rise again across more than half of the U.S.
cnbc · 26 days ago
E.P.A. Relaxes Rules Limiting Toxic Waste From Coal Plants
nytimes · 26 days ago
Auschwitz Survivor Rose Schindler: Never Give Up Hope!
youtube · 27 days ago
Big Oil Is in Trouble. Its Plan: Flood Africa With Plastic.
nytimes · 27 days ago
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Memers are making deepfakes, and things are getting weird
technologyreview · 27 days ago
Simple Cells Just Solved One of The World's Most Infamous Mazes
livescience · 30 days ago
CDC was pressured 'from the top down' to change coronavirus testing guidance, official says
cnn · 32 days ago
RNC Speaker Cancelled After Boosting QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World
thedailybeast · 32 days ago
Researchers propose a supernova triggered the Late Devonian mass extinction – Ars Technica
arstechnica · 34 days ago
Opinion | Sorry, Europe, but You Really Can’t Enjoy Vacation This Summer
nytimes · 44 days ago
Here’s what we know about Russia’s unverified coronavirus vaccine
sciencenews · 45 days ago
Real Genius turns 35—celebrating this cult classic is a moral imperative
arstechnica · 48 days ago
Coronavirus Spikes In Ireland, France, Spain And Italy Put Europe On High Alert
forbes · 48 days ago
Scientists Uncover Biological Signatures of the Worst Covid-19 Cases
nytimes · 49 days ago
Canadian ice shelf area bigger than Manhattan collapses due to rising temperatures
theguardian · 50 days ago
Google accidentally enables Home smart speakers to listen in to everyday house sounds · 53 days ago
A new physics-based technique could help predict violent solar flares
sciencenews · 55 days ago
Why Are Plants Green? To Reduce the Noise in Photosynthesis.
quantamagazine · 55 days ago
Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review
preprints · 138 days ago
Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds
nytimes · 57 days ago
‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners David Benioff And D.B. Weiss Confirmed The Worst Suspicions Of The Fanbase
forbes · 58 days ago
Huge black bear spotted relaxing in a pool is one big summer mood
cnn · 59 days ago
Stop Saying Facebook Is ‘Too Big to Moderate’
wired · 60 days ago
Chief of critical care at Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center passes away due to Covid-19 complications
cnn · 61 days ago
Local TV stations across the country set to air discredited 'Plandemic' researcher's conspiracy theory about Fauci
cnn · 64 days ago
Caption Health Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Innovation in Point-of-Care Ejection Fraction Evaluation
prnewswire · 65 days ago
Physicists publish instructions for DIY wormhole
futurism · 66 days ago
Pinning down the sun’s birthplace just got more complicated
sciencenews · 69 days ago
Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds
nytimes · 70 days ago
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