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Climate-warming CO₂ emissions will hit a record high in 2019
sciencenews · 5 hours ago
Devil worm genes hold clues for how some animals survive extreme heat
sciencenews · 3 days ago
How a tabletop experiment could test the bedrock of reality
technologyreview · 7 days ago
Harnessing atmospheric nitrogen for cereal crop production | Plant-Microbe Symbiosis · 8 days ago
2020 San Francisco Tech Startup Report · 9 days ago
California is famous for earthquakes and wildfires — but don’t forget about its volcanoes
tribunecontentagency · 11 days ago
Matt Ocko on LinkedIn: "This feels existentially... *lube*gubrious... 😉"
linkedin · 12 days ago
Party like a spy: Spookstock is intel world’s hush-hush bash
apnews · 12 days ago
Planes, Trains and Automobiles movie review (1987) | Roger Ebert
rogerebert · 12 days ago
Matt Ocko on LinkedIn: "Do this after Thanksgiving dinner and see what happens 😬"
linkedin · 13 days ago
Failure Found to Be an “Essential Prerequisite” for Success
scientificamerican · 14 days ago
Samoa makes measles vaccinations compulsory after outbreak kills 32 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) · 16 days ago
How Do You Decode a Hapax? (Also, What’s a Hapax?)
atlasobscura · 17 days ago
Oberlin College Students Erect Memorial to Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorists
algemeiner · 17 days ago
Koalas ‘Functionally Extinct’ After Australia Bushfires Destroy 80% Of Their Habitat
forbes · 18 days ago
A 'no-brainer Nobel Prize': Hungarian scientists may have found a fifth force of nature
cnn · 19 days ago
Watch Sacha Baron Cohen skewer Zuckerberg’s ‘twisted logic’ on hate speech and fakes – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 20 days ago
Drug-resistant microbes kill about 35,000 people in the U.S. per year
sciencenews · 22 days ago
Hologram Within a Hologram Hints at Fate of Black Holes
quantamagazine · 22 days ago
Steve Jang & Kanyi Maqubela form or fund as Kindred Ventures – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 24 days ago
Marie Kondo cleared your homes of clutter. Now she wants to sell you stuff
cnn · 23 days ago
Research reveals new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal
phys · 24 days ago
Scientists discover body's protection shield
phys · 24 days ago
Statement from Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corporation · 24 days ago
Matt Ocko on LinkedIn: "Want 😉"
linkedin · 24 days ago
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Ace of Base's Secret Nazi Past - VICE
vice · 24 days ago
Opinion | A decade after Sergei Magnitsky’s death, his legacy lives on
washingtonpost · 26 days ago
Phage therapy shows promise for alcoholic liver disease
medicalxpress · 28 days ago
At the heart of regeneration: Scientists reveal a new frontier in cardiac research
medicalxpress · 29 days ago
Unknown virus discovered in humans
phys · 29 days ago
Making a Plasma Coil Bottle Launcher
youtube · 29 days ago
My daughter's legacy lives on through her writing, phage therapy - STAT
statnews · 29 days ago
AI Copernicus ‘discovers’ that Earth orbits the Sun
nature · 30 days ago
Power lines may mess with honeybees’ behavior and ability to learn
sciencenews · 30 days ago
CIA Officers Memorial Foundation
ciamemorialfoundation · 30 days ago
Matt Ocko posted on LinkedIn
linkedin · 32 days ago
Firehosing: the systemic strategy that anti-vaxxers are using to spread misinformation | Lucky Tran
theguardian · 34 days ago
Lamborghini's long shot mission to take its super fast cars into the electric age
cnn · 36 days ago
Men dressed as Jews hand out Holocaust denial flyers at Boulder mall
haaretz · 37 days ago
Mozilla partners with Element AI to spearhead ethical artificial intelligence -
ctovision · 37 days ago
A Physics Magic Trick: Take 2 Sheets of Carbon and Twist
nytimes · 38 days ago
Stanford withdraws giant campus expansion after backlash over growth
sfchronicle · 39 days ago
Some spots on Earth are too hostile for life
sciencemag · 40 days ago
Why France is eyeing nuclear power again
technologyreview · 55 days ago
Evolv Technology Continues to Expand Leadership Team by Hiring Peter F
prweb · 44 days ago
Luke Michael - Merica! Northwoods Wildlife Center
facebook · 48 days ago
«Такие ожоги нельзя получить за несколько минут» · 48 days ago
Flying Fox Rescue and Rehab (@wingspawsnclaws) • Instagram photos and videos
instagram · 48 days ago
The Worst Day in Earth’s History Contains an Ominous Warning
theatlantic · 50 days ago
Princess Bride, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
youtube · 51 days ago
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