Matthew Ocko
Scotland generating enough wind energy to power two Scotlands · 1 day ago
'Trojan horse' anticancer drug disguises itself as fat
eurekalert · 4 days ago
Matt Ocko on LinkedIn: "Want 😉"
linkedin · 4 days ago
r/EarthPorn - The Milky Way setting behind a western Maine Waterfall [OC] [620X800]
reddit · 4 days ago
DEA tracked every opioid pill sold in the US. The data is out—and it’s horrific – Ars Technica
arstechnica · 4 days ago
Can Cultivating Individuality Draw Us Closer Together?
time · 5 days ago
German government backs mandatory vaccinations for all schoolchildren
cnn · 6 days ago
We Should Be More Worried about Climate Change Than We Are about Nuclear Power
scientificamerican · 6 days ago
We've Just Found a Huge Contributor to Coral Reef Deaths, And It's Easier to Fix Than Climate Change
sciencealert · 6 days ago
Australian prospectors' mystery rock was no nugget, but something much rarer · 6 days ago
The 'Ghosts' of 2 Unknown Extinct Human Species Have Been Found in Modern DNA
sciencealert · 6 days ago
Studying the Sun's atmosphere could make fusion power a reality
futurism · 6 days ago
Anti-Defamation League CEO Blasts Zuckerberg Over Extremism
fortune · 7 days ago
Scientists uncover mechanism behind development of viral infections
medicalxpress · 7 days ago
EU's GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage | ZDNet
zdnet · 8 days ago
A ‘Dark Lord’ Falls in Russia’s Growing Power Struggle
nytimes · 8 days ago
A Burning Lava Lake Concealed by a Volcano’s Glacial Ice
nytimes · 9 days ago
The Observer view: Labour leadership is complicit in antisemitism | Observer editorial
theguardian · 9 days ago
Low-cost Moon mission puts India among lunar pioneers
phys · 11 days ago
Tiny robot leaps around carrying its own battery, electronics
arstechnica · 11 days ago
Hold ’Em or Fold ’Em? This A.I. Bluffs With the Best
nytimes · 11 days ago
Paradise, California and the impossible choice between climate fight and flight
technologyreview · 11 days ago
Cordwainer Smith - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 12 days ago
Nanohaloarchaeota cultures reveal they are symbionts and not free-living organisms
phys · 12 days ago
Self-destructing mosquitoes and sterilized rodents: the promise of gene drives
nature · 13 days ago
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Logitech keyboards and mice vulnerable to extensive cyber attacks · 14 days ago
New Method For Tracing Dark Matter Reveals Its Location, Abundance As Never Before
forbes · 15 days ago
A new method to study polarons in insulators and semiconductors
phys · 15 days ago
The Spanish Prisoner | Epsilon Theory
epsilontheory · 15 days ago
New York Woman Gives Birth to Other Couple’s Babies After IVF Mixup: Lawsuit
ktla · 15 days ago
Octopus Arms Are Capable of Making Decisions Without Input From Their Brains
sciencealert · 16 days ago
SEC Filing: Haystack Ventures Closed $50 Million For Oversubscribed Fifth Flagship Fund
news.crunchbase · 17 days ago
Matt Ocko on LinkedIn: "The real one 😉"
linkedin · 16 days ago
Black Mirror Episodes from Medieval Times
youtube · 16 days ago
Machine learning has been used to automatically translate long-lost languages
technologyreview · 17 days ago
Five schemes for cheaper space launches—and five cautionary tales
technologyreview · 21 days ago
'Football pitch' of Amazon forest lost every minute · 21 days ago
This interstellar visitor was not an alien spacecraft, researchers say
cnn · 21 days ago
How to use this $70 gadget to detect spy cameras in your Airbnb or hotel room
cnbc · 24 days ago
The doctor who beat Ebola — and inspires other survivors to care for the sick
nature · 24 days ago
The Simpsons - Krusty the Self Hating Jew
youtube · 25 days ago
How a quantum computer could break 2048-bit RSA encryption in 8 hours
technologyreview · 45 days ago
IVF study finds success rate a third lower in men over 51 than under 35
theguardian · 26 days ago
Which CIS Controls Matter: An Empirical Analysis of Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment - Medium
medium · 27 days ago
Why are elite athletes different? Take a look at their microbes - STAT
statnews · 29 days ago
Harness microbes for humanity’s future
nature · 29 days ago
NASA Rover on Mars Detects Puff of Gas That Hints at Possibility of Life
nytimes · 30 days ago
In Property Rights Case, Justices Sharply Debate Power of Precedent
nytimes · 31 days ago
This Is Why Every Galaxy Doesn't Have The Same Amount Of Dark Matter
forbes · 32 days ago
Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years
entrepreneur · 397 days ago
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