Michael Sayman
Democrats view Sanders as having best shot to defeat Trump: poll
thehill · 1069 days ago
Michael Bloomberg’s Money Bought The Senate For Republicans - The Ring of Fire Network
trofire · 1069 days ago
US intelligence briefer appears to have overstated assessment of 2020 Russian interference
cnn · 1070 days ago
Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders
pscp.tv · 1070 days ago
What O'Brien is saying about Russia briefing 'conflicts' with what lawmakers were told
cnn · 1070 days ago
Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing 'platform manipulation'
latimes · 1072 days ago
Poll: Trump edges out all top 2020 Democratic candidates except Sanders
thehill · 1073 days ago
Nevada Democrats’ Goal: Turn on iPads, Then Run Smooth Caucuses
nytimes · 1074 days ago
Opinion | Twitter Is Real Life
nytimes · 1074 days ago
Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
youtube · 1077 days ago
ΧœΧžΧ¨Χ•Χͺ Χ™Χ”Χ“Χ•ΧͺΧ•, Χ”ΧžΧžΧ‘Χ“ Χ”Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ“Χ™ לא ΧžΧ”Χ‘Χ‘ ΧœΧ”Χ¦Χ™Χ’ אΧͺ Χ‘Χ Χ“Χ¨Χ‘ כאויב - Χ©Χ™Χ—Χ” ΧžΧ§Χ•ΧžΧ™Χͺ
mekomit.co.il · 1077 days ago
De Blasio endorses Sanders for president
thehill · 1078 days ago
Mike Bloomberg Appeared To Blame Obama For Racial Division In 2016
huffpost · 1079 days ago
Bill de Blasio Plans to Endorse Bernie Sanders
nytimes · 1079 days ago
Bloomberg Sues Council to Overturn 2 Wage Laws
nytimes · 1080 days ago
'Living wage' reminds Bloomberg of Soviet communism; he says he'll stop it in court if he has to
politico · 1081 days ago
Bernie Sanders Is Officially the 2020 Democratic Frontrunner
vice · 1082 days ago
Tania Singh @TwinklingTania
pscp.tv · 1083 days ago
Buttigieg is the only top 2020 candidate not offering staffers health care yet
nbcnews · 1085 days ago
Nevada Democrats debut to volunteers new iPad-based β€˜tool’ to calculate math on Caucus Day in the wake of Iowa fiasco
thenevadaindependent · 1085 days ago
Teens For Mayor Pete
teens4pete · 1085 days ago
Bernie and Jane Sanders agreed on a presidential run over a meal at Denny's
theweek · 1085 days ago
Progressives running for Congress in 2020 - Google My Maps
google · 1085 days ago
Pete Buttigieg Funded by Russian-Linked Oligarch Who Supports Trump and McConnell
lawandcrime · 1086 days ago
Pete Buttigieg says being gay helps him relate to the black struggle. Some reject that notion.
washingtonpost · 1086 days ago
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The shocking number of new moms who return to work two weeks after childbirth
washingtonpost · 1086 days ago
Help Bernie volunteers get to South Carolina! organized by Victoria Fleck
gofundme · 1087 days ago
As NH primary approaches, Sanders supporters are buoyant, and undaunted - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 1088 days ago
r/SandersForPresident - Iowa Caucus: List of errors in official data
reddit · 1088 days ago
Satellite Caucuses Could Tip the Balance to Sanders
theintercept · 1088 days ago
Opinion | The Center Cannot Hold
nytimes · 1089 days ago
Nevada promises its caucuses will go better than Iowa’s
vox · 1089 days ago
This Is The Buzzy Democratic Firm That Botched The Iowa Caucuses
huffpost · 1090 days ago
Ilhan Omar takes Bernie Sanders' message to Iowa mosque
middleeasteye · 1091 days ago
Barbara Smith, Who Helped Coin the Term 'Identity Politics,' Endorses Bernie Sanders
theroot · 1091 days ago
Trump: I think Sanders is a communist
thehill · 1091 days ago
Critical Iowa poll scrapped over apparent coding error
thehill · 1092 days ago
Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders
pscp.tv · 1092 days ago
Can a Socialist Truck Driver Become the Youngest Member of Congress?
gq · 1096 days ago
Bernie Sanders Saves Woman From Getting Hit By Car
forward · 1096 days ago
Bernie Sanders grabs lead in California presidential primary poll
latimes · 1097 days ago
Could it be Bernie?
economist · 1098 days ago
ABC7 News statement on Midday Live poll and Senator Bernie Sanders
abc7news · 1100 days ago
Bernie Sanders' Caucus Rally Lineup Is Better Than Coachella
refinery29 · 1102 days ago
How the Transformative Power of Solidarity Will Beat Trump
theintercept · 1103 days ago
Why Manhattan’s Skyscrapers Are Empty
theatlantic · 1105 days ago
Sanders-Warren: An Alliance, if Not a Close Friendship, Suddenly Fractures
nytimes · 1108 days ago
Joe Biden's Senate Papers Will Remain Locked Up For 2020
huffpost · 1109 days ago
Fact Check: Joe Biden Has Advocated Cutting Social Security for 40 Years
theintercept · 1109 days ago
CNN's Debate Performance Was Villainous and Shameful
rollingstone · 1109 days ago
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