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When the traffic firehose is pointed at you · 7 days ago
People mistake the internet’s knowledge for their own
pnas · 10 days ago
A product management reading list
mikehudack.substack · 23 days ago
Turing fest final nilan peiris and wise.key
slideshare · 28 days ago
The Surprising Subtleties of Zeroing a Register
randomascii.wordpress · 28 days ago
Introducing the Wise Product Roadmap
wise · 43 days ago
Does Scrabble Need To Be Fixed? - Issue 67: Reboot - Nautilus · 43 days ago
I'm drowning 😹 somebody save me🐥🐥
youtube · 44 days ago
Wise + UserTesting
usertesting · 48 days ago
Telling the bees - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 65 days ago
How does Google Authenticator work? (Part 1) · 78 days ago
Google says geofence warrants make up one-quarter of all US demands – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 79 days ago
How does FaceTime Work?
matduggan · 84 days ago
Monopoly on violence - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 85 days ago
Damien Hirst and Mark Carney discuss The Currency NFT collection.
youtube · 91 days ago
This Can't Go On
cold-takes · 91 days ago
Gesichter der Branche: Diana Avila
paymentandbanking · 92 days ago
My small revenge on Apple
javierantonsblog.blogspot · 92 days ago
All Day Kitchens – All Day empowers restaurants to thrive in the digital delivery and pick up era.
alldaykitchens · 93 days ago
Alexander piano- the longest piano in the world · 94 days ago
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
youtube · 98 days ago
We replaced rental brokers with software
caretaker · 100 days ago
Jacqueline du Pre & Daniel Barenboim - Elgar Cello Concerto
youtube · 105 days ago
A from-scratch tour of Bitcoin in Python · 161 days ago
Storytelling — Mamet’s Conflict Airing Theory
ribbonfarm · 106 days ago
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Is Facebook's "Prophet" the Time-Series Messiah, or Just a Very Naughty Boy?
microprediction · 107 days ago
adidas Originals Superstar 10282 | Creator Expert | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop GB
lego · 108 days ago
The Tyranny Of Time | NOEMA
noemamag · 112 days ago
Xsolla lays off 150 after an algorithm ruled staff 'unengaged and unproductive'
gamasutra · 112 days ago
Square, Inc. Announces Plans to Acquire Afterpay, Strengthening and Enabling Further Integration Between its Seller and Cash App Ecosystems
squareup · 113 days ago
The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months
theguardian · 573 days ago
British business is in surprisingly good shape
economist · 120 days ago
The wood-products industry is undergoing root-and-branch change
economist · 121 days ago
Britpop songs that don't suck too much
open.spotify · 122 days ago
Man bijt hond - Het dorp
youtube · 126 days ago
Mixed messages: is research into human-monkey embryos ethical?
theguardian · 126 days ago
Forced Entrepreneurs by Isaac Hacamo, Kristoph Kleiner :: SSRN
papers.ssrn · 199 days ago
The curious case of the disappearing Polish S · 128 days ago
India’s steelmakers are the covid-ravaged economy’s rare bright spot
economist · 129 days ago
Scale-up principles for driving sustainable growth - Wise Careers · 133 days ago
Tilting Trains and Technological Dead-Ends
pedestrianobservations · 135 days ago
r/todayilearned - TIL that in 1918 the federal government tried to find the geographical center of the United States by balancing a US-shaped cardboard cutout on the head of a pin. They were accurate to within 20 miles.
reddit · 136 days ago
A Wearable Robotic Third Eye That Alerts People to Look Up From Their Phones to Avoid Obstacles
laughingsquid · 137 days ago
Coastline paradox - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia · 140 days ago
Eyecam is a creepy webcam shaped like a human eye | Arduino Blog · 140 days ago
The Slander Industry
nytimes · 221 days ago
Step changes in ecommerce — Benedict Evans
ben-evans · 221 days ago
Walking excavator ЭШ 6/45
youtube · 156 days ago
RK 5000 bucket chain excavator - timelapse
youtube · 222 days ago
Nuggets in the Wild: Using curiosity to redesign travel and bring out our inner explorer
coglode · 157 days ago
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