James Mayes
โ€œAttritionโ€ โ€“ a guest post by Joanna Hardy-Susskind
davidallengreen · 435 days ago
Disaster Girl
i.imgflip · 439 days ago
World Product Day ProductTank Events
mindtheproduct · 440 days ago
Arse-kickings? Snap elections? Roll up for all the local results drama | Marina Hyde
theguardian · 513 days ago
Twitter Locks Down Product Changes After Agreeing to Musk Bid
finance.yahoo · 524 days ago
Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter
prnewswire · 524 days ago
Learn from a world-class speaker line-up at #mtpcon SF+Americas
mindtheproduct · 525 days ago
A step-by-step guide to running a customer journey mapping workshop
mindtheproduct · 525 days ago
Digital Product Manager role at The Gut Stuff - Mind the Product Jobs
jobs.mindtheproduct · 528 days ago
A product managers' dilemma in pursuing a career in startups versus large corporations
mindtheproduct · 531 days ago
Common Transformation Pitfalls (and Q&A), Marty Cagan, ProductTank Oslo
youtube · 537 days ago
mindtheproduct · 537 days ago
SUNDAY REWIND: It's all about the outcome
mindtheproduct · 540 days ago
Windows 3.1 is 30 years old today
theregister · 543 days ago
Digital adoption with Harun | Pendo
community.pendo.io · 550 days ago
James - Mayes on LinkedIn: Learn how the HR team at Pendo is using Adopt, Pendo's own employee-facing
linkedin · 558 days ago
ProductTank Apr: Marty Cagan: Pitfalls & solutions in enabling empowered teams
meetup · 566 days ago
Product in large enterprises - ProductTank March | Meetup
meetup · 567 days ago
ProductTank March: Product Discovery | Meetup
meetup · 570 days ago
James - Mayes on LinkedIn: Getting employees to adopt the right software is a competitive differentiator
linkedin · 572 days ago
Mistakes to avoid while creating a product roadmap
mindtheproduct · 572 days ago
airbnb · 1029 days ago
February's top product management content
mindtheproduct · 581 days ago
Stripe Climate
stripe · 582 days ago
James - Mayes on LinkedIn: I've accepted an offer last week.
linkedin · 585 days ago
Get in touch with us on Twitter
Web3 for product managers
mindtheproduct · 587 days ago
What it costs to run a Coworking space in Brighton (and how much The Skiff is making)
blog.theskiff · 587 days ago
Putting people at the heart of product led growth by Ian Booth
mindtheproduct · 591 days ago
[REMOTE][FULL-TIME][WORLDWIDE] Experienced product managers, product leads and senior product leads needed. role at Shopify - Mind the Product Jobs
jobs.mindtheproduct · 593 days ago
How to best support your productive employees - Pendo Blog
pendo.io · 595 days ago
Pendo acquires Mind the Product to boost global product manager community โ€“ TechCrunch
techcrunch · 607 days ago
Taking community to the next level with Mind the Product | Pendo Blog
pendo.io · 607 days ago
Mind the Product joins Pendo
mindtheproduct · 607 days ago
Terry Pratchett estate backs Jack Monroeโ€™s idea for โ€˜Vimes Bootsโ€™ poverty index
theguardian · 613 days ago
If you can imagine it, you can build it โ€” Enzyme
enzyme.so · 614 days ago
Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge
bbc.co.uk · 618 days ago
A case study: Creating a relay design sprint in a remote setting
mindtheproduct · 629 days ago
Emperor Norton I
youtube · 631 days ago
5 Phrases to Use More Often in 2022
inc · 632 days ago
James - Mayes on LinkedIn: #productmanagement #mentalhealth #healthyproductmanager
linkedin · 663 days ago
Yo-Yo Ma Answers Cello Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
youtube · 672 days ago
Cรณmo integrar con รฉxito AI en tu producto digital | Meetup
meetup · 674 days ago
Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP
bbc.co.uk · 675 days ago
Covid patients in ICU now almost all unvaccinated, says Oxford scientist
theguardian · 678 days ago
Driving a shared product vision and goal setting - ProductTank November
meetup · 684 days ago
James - Mayes on LinkedIn: More about the Product Skills Toolkit
linkedin · 689 days ago
Director, Product Management role at Administrate - Mind the Product Jobs
jobs.mindtheproduct · 689 days ago
OKRs: Implement well, ensure transparency and drive progress
mindtheproduct · 693 days ago
National Trust members vote to ban trail hunts on its land
bbc.co.uk · 701 days ago
open.spotify · 702 days ago
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