John Frankel
Mindsay raises $10 million for cross-platform chatbots
venturebeat · 2 days ago
YouTube is deleting videos on Nazi history as part of its hate speech crackdown
technologyreview · 9 days ago
5 Reasons Marketers Should Use Video Transcripts and Captions | cielo24
cielo24 · 9 days ago
Market Rally on Rate Cut Hopes - The Big Picture
ritholtz · 9 days ago
Introducing Swedish shared E-scooter challenger Cangoroo.
youtube · 9 days ago
More Universities Shut Down Traditional M.B.A. Programs as Popularity Wanes
wsj · 11 days ago
Bizarre moment televangelist defends his use of THREE private jets · 15 days ago
Child mortality is an everyday tragedy of enormous scale that rarely makes the headlines
ourworldindata · 21 days ago pocket protector shirt
amazon · 22 days ago
Road Salt is Turning North America's Freshwater Lakes into Saltwater
vice · 22 days ago
Business Insider
businessinsider · 31 days ago
Palestinian terror group Hamas THANKS Jeremy Corbyn for his support · 31 days ago
An Introduction to UniKey’s SDK - UniKey
unikey · 31 days ago
The Compound
youtube · 31 days ago
Bristol academic cracks Voynich code, solving century-old mystery of medieval text
phys · 32 days ago
Uber ends its first day of trading down more than 7%
cnbc · 37 days ago
Satellite data shed new light on North Korea’s opaque economy
economist · 43 days ago
China puts US$15,000 annual personal cap on overseas withdrawals
scmp · 40 days ago
Barbara Kay: Our politicians may not care, but Christians are under siege across the world
nationalpost · 40 days ago
Dashbot Interviews John Frankel from ffvc
youtube · 40 days ago
Uber's Big Problem: It's a Zombie Corporation That Can't Make Any Money - Mish Talk · 43 days ago
Furious voters write 'BREXIT' across ballot papers as they refuse to vote for any party in local elections · 45 days ago
The rise of the non-perfect smile: how Andy Murray started a trend for ‘dental realism’ · 46 days ago
4. Study finds Uber drivers could earn as little as $5 an hour
axios · 48 days ago
Opinion | A Despicable Cartoon in The Times
nytimes · 49 days ago
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Planting 1.2 Trillion Trees Could Cancel Out a Decade of CO2 Emissions, Scientists Find · 56 days ago
Why You Need to Use YouTube Video Captions and Transcripts | cielo24
cielo24 · 57 days ago
Make Physics Real Again
thenewatlantis · 57 days ago
Sesame Street: Respect is Coming
youtube · 58 days ago
How You Can Reduce the Cost of Video Ownership | cielo24
cielo24 · 59 days ago
StockTwits To Launch Commission-Free Trading App
benzinga · 59 days ago
Trade App
tradeapp.stocktwits · 59 days ago
Transmitting Knowledge to the Other Side of the Apocalypse - The Daily Grail
dailygrail · 61 days ago
Multiple people shot outside nightclub in Australia
reuters · 64 days ago
The black hole picture is an astonishing achievement, and one of the most deceptive scientific images ever · 64 days ago
@rick_holl | StockTwits
stocktwits · 64 days ago
Jon Snow Emails 23andMe About His DNA Results
mcsweeneys · 65 days ago
Charlie Stephens on LinkedIn: "#LinkedInLive Legends Back2Back! Tues 10am: Mark French Founder Twenty Wed 10am: John Frankel Partner ff Venture Capital Submit Questions in comments below or when we go Live! Tuesday(4/16) 10am - Live w/ serial entrepreneur Mark French, Founder of Twenty & Board Adviser The Players'​ Tribune , K+ Organics , Ad Age , Block Six Analytics , MISSION & most importantly an Ithaca College Bomber! Wednseday (4/17) 10am - Live from the Empire State Building w/ John Frankel Founder of @ff Venture Capital which is the most engaged #technology venture capital firm in NYC & has backed Indiegogo , Plated , Owlet & over 80+ companies since 2008. Past Episode Replays are Here: #venture #VC #entrepreneur #Founder #liveVideo #relationshipsmatter #collaboration #leadership #Tech #sports #startups #entertainment #business "
linkedin · 65 days ago Addresses the Growing Need for HIPAA Compliance
channelfutures · 67 days ago
Chinese scientists have put human brain genes in monkeys—and yes, they may be smarter
technologyreview · 67 days ago
A woman's infection turned out to be bees living in her eye, feeding on her tears · 68 days ago
Augean Robotics grows seed funding for agricultural robots
therobotreport · 68 days ago
Piper Jaffray: iPhone reaches 83% of teens as one out of five also own an Apple Watch
9to5mac · 69 days ago
2019 – Finalists & Winners | EdTech Digest
edtechdigest · 70 days ago
What Do Investors’ Actions Tell Us About Media's Future? - Folio:
foliomag · 72 days ago
The first-ever jaguar cub born by artificial insemination was likely eaten by its mom 2 days later
thisisinsider · 74 days ago
Dashbot SuperBot 2019: The Premier Chatbot & Voice Conference · 76 days ago
Four Benefits of Closed Captioning Your Company Training Videos | cielo24
cielo24 · 77 days ago
Man Plans to Retire to Holiday Inn Instead of Nursing Home Because It’s Cheaper
distractify · 77 days ago
List: Nihilistic Password Security Questions
mcsweeneys · 77 days ago
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