The Logo Smith
Who Designed the Fender Logo Design? Jim Cruikshank
imjustcreative · 2469 days ago
The Story Behind Lego's Brilliant Print Ads From the Cannes Festival
adweek · 2470 days ago
Trump shaking hands with Putin
i.imgur · 2471 days ago
video.buffer · 2474 days ago
Monomarks Portfolio Now Being Added to a Dedicated Instagram Account
imjustcreative · 2474 days ago
Trippy and Beautiful Animated GIFS designed by Florian de Looij
imjustcreative · 2476 days ago
The story of the Tour de France logo
creativebloq · 2476 days ago
Jake on @PeoplePerHour Stole my Entire Logo Design Portfolio. Bad Jake
imjustcreative · 2476 days ago
How Logos Became the Most Important Quarter-Inch in Business
fortune · 2493 days ago
Graphic Designer vs client The sequel - YouTube
youtube · 2477 days ago
Graphic Designer vs client - YouTube
youtube · 2477 days ago
Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe: Tim Leong: 8601404255175: Books · 2478 days ago
The Hipster Logo Design Guide Infographic by Tim Delger
imjustcreative · 2478 days ago
The coolest take off I've seen
i.imgur · 2478 days ago
No Brief No Talk Mug by The Incumbent Agency on The Bazaar · 2478 days ago
Make it Stranger: The Stranger Things Logo Generator by Nelson Cash
imjustcreative · 2479 days ago
wordpress · 2480 days ago
Google My Business Website and Google Posts for The Logo Smith
imjustcreative · 2481 days ago
The Logo Smith · 2481 days ago
Google My Business Website and Google Posts for The Logo Smith
imjustcreative · 2482 days ago
Example UX docs and deliverables - UXM
uxforthemasses · 2482 days ago
9 Simple Logo Tips for Designing a Successful Logo Design for Your Company
imjustcreative · 2575 days ago
Cop shows one of the worst accident scenes he's ever seen
i.imgur · 2483 days ago
How To Clean Up & Optimize Your WordPress Install
line25 · 2484 days ago
Proof Reading Marks that May Interest Some Graphic Designers
imjustcreative · 2489 days ago
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Microsoft introduces a new Skype logo ahead of the app’s big redesign | On MSFT
onmsft · 2491 days ago
The Most Efficient Way to Use Icons If You’re A Designer or Developer.
medium · 2496 days ago
On hearts, likes and sharing work online - Creative Review · 2494 days ago
Logo Design Copyright Transfer Form Template for Download
imjustcreative · 2494 days ago
Logo Infographic: 6 Steps to a Winning Logo Design For Your Business
imjustcreative · 2494 days ago
Bees & Bombs
beesandbombs.tumblr · 2495 days ago
winders [oc] • r/loadingicon
reddit · 2495 days ago
What we know so far about the London tower block fire
theguardian · 2495 days ago
The Original Pure Storage Logo Design Sketches from 2010
imjustcreative · 2496 days ago
Le seul vrai Jason Bourne dans le film, c'est le caméraman ! - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat
gfycat · 2496 days ago
Feeling insulted, Mexican to market 'Trump' toilet paper
yahoo · 2499 days ago
An amazing online collection of 40,000 vintage film posters
kottke · 2500 days ago
Podcast: Behind the Facebook Logo - A $100 Million Story — SitePoint
sitepoint · 2500 days ago
Roman Roads · 2501 days ago
WordPress Pricing Calculator - Pro Theme Design
prothemedesign · 2502 days ago
No Bullshit Client Contract for Graphic Design Services by Segura, Inc.
imjustcreative · 2503 days ago
Launch a 90dB volume slider over 300 metres - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat
gfycat · 2504 days ago
My kind of contract – Signal v. Noise
m.signalvnoise · 2509 days ago
Free Font Friday: Aleo - Notes on Design · 2508 days ago
Inner Most Thoughts from a Freelance Logo Designer
imjustcreative · 2508 days ago
youtube · 2509 days ago
wronghands1 · 2509 days ago
Marker Brand Logo Designs Hall of Fame by Serge Lowrider
imjustcreative · 2510 days ago
Snow Leopard assaults an innocent Cabbage - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat
gfycat · 2511 days ago
Reissue of the IBM Graphic Standards Manual by Paul Rand
kickstarter · 2514 days ago
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