John Maeda
‎Intelligence Squared: Learning to Speak Machine, with John Maeda and Ros Urwin on Apple Podcasts · 5 days ago
How to build a strong team culture without leadership support
invisionapp · 6 days ago
Publicis Sapient grows global experience team with two senior hires · 9 days ago
The Tools of Generative Art, from Flash to Neural Networks
artnews · 13 days ago
ilithya [creative developer, designer, digital artist] · 19 days ago
CANALS — By Marcus Brown & Aristide Benoist · 34 days ago
Framer Learn — Realtime Data with Firebase
framer · 26 days ago
The serious side of pranking · 26 days ago
1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets
nytimes · 88 days ago
Designers, This Is How to Speak “Computer” While Still Speaking “Human”
eyeondesign.aiga · 30 days ago
Celebrating Söre Popitz, the Bauhaus’ Only Known Woman Graphic Designer
eyeondesign.aiga · 31 days ago
Your CEO Defines Team Culture With Public Actions Like This One—Not Just Mission Statements
medium · 35 days ago
John Maeda | How To Speak Machine Impromptu Summary
youtube · 40 days ago
Everyman Returns
nytimes · 41 days ago
Anatomy of an AI System wins Design of the Year 2019
dezeen · 48 days ago
An Epidemic of AI Misinformation · 53 days ago
Sindre Sorhus
sindresorhus · 55 days ago
beepjs · 56 days ago
Cows wearing VR headsets might produce better milk
engadget · 56 days ago
Excel custom number formats | Exceljet
exceljet · 56 days ago
John Maeda: the Jack of all trades taking on big tech | shots
shots · 57 days ago
What Makes a Data Visualisation Elegant?
medium · 58 days ago
How to Speak Machine: Laws of Design for a Digital Age: John Maeda: 9780241976630: Books · 60 days ago
The Stunning Early Infographics and Maps of the 1800s
atlasobscura · 61 days ago
Expanding Frameworks
points.datasociety · 62 days ago
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How To Speak Machine: Computational Thinking For The Rest Of Us | John Maeda’s Blog | · 63 days ago
Why we shouldn't forget that the world's first computers were humans
linkedin · 64 days ago
“5 things I wish someone told me before I became a VP” with Wendy Johansson, GVP at Publicis…
medium · 64 days ago
It’s time to stop designing “minimum viable products”
fastcompany · 64 days ago
Inspirational Woman: Leah Buley | Group Vice President, Experience Research Lead
wearetechwomen · 67 days ago
Shopify, on a quest to be the anti-Amazon, now has 1 million businesses
fastcompany · 68 days ago
Aimi Hamraie on "Making Access Critical: Disability, Race, and Gender in Environmental Design" | Othering & Belonging Institute · 68 days ago
The Hypothesis Prioritization Canvas | Jeff Gothelf
jeffgothelf · 68 days ago
The Temple of Design Doesn't Rule This Century
fortune · 68 days ago
Setting the Table for Dynamic Change
medium · 69 days ago
Learning From Automation Anxiety of the Past · 70 days ago
Adidas abandons robot Speedfactories in Germany and the US
engadget · 70 days ago
Home  | · 437 days ago
The value of speed · 76 days ago
MUFJ Credit Cards | John Maeda’s Blog | · 77 days ago
Valence launches a social network for black professionals – TechCrunch
techcrunch · 79 days ago
LEAD: Towards a New Industry Standard for Computational Experience · 77 days ago
Director of UX/Experience
sapient.avature · 78 days ago
Hello Mercari Sans | メルカリデザイン
design.mercari · 79 days ago
github · 81 days ago
Designer Fund’s 20 Business Impact Levers · 81 days ago
Cleaning trash from rivers before it reaches the ocean
kottke · 81 days ago
Dev-as-Marketing – · 82 days ago
An Ethical Design Experiment: The Impact Canvas · 83 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - User Tracking via Custom Fonts
mjtsai · 84 days ago
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