Joe Gebbia
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The Zombie-mobile
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AirbnBaller | No Mercy / No Malice
profgalloway · 13 days ago
How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled
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Legacies of the Slave Trade · 20 days ago
The Artist Whose Medium Is Science
nytimes · 28 days ago
PG and Jessica
blog.samaltman · 34 days ago
Why regret hurts so much—and why it’s good for us
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“The Far Side” Returns to a Weird World
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My Retirement Plan Is You
nytimes · 77 days ago
Last Blockbuster store in the world opens on Airbnb for film-themed sleepovers · 79 days ago
NASA @NASA · 88 days ago
The Modern Moloch - 99% Invisible
99percentinvisible · 94 days ago
Responding to activism, RISD is hiring faculty, boosting diversity, returning looted artifacts - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 100 days ago
Redskins to Drop Name, Yielding to Pressure From Sponsors and Activists
nytimes · 108 days ago
The entrepreneurs bringing us one step closer to solving the world’s toughest challenges
weforum · 124 days ago
A path to higher education and employment for refugees
ted · 131 days ago
Bryan Stevenson on the Frustration Behind the George Floyd Protests
newyorker · 136 days ago
This Is Not the Future Our Children Deserve
thriveglobal · 137 days ago
Airbnb is betting on domestic travel and cleanliness for its recovery · 140 days ago
Banksy supports Black Lives Matter with latest artwork
theguardian · 143 days ago
1619 - The New York Times
open.spotify · 144 days ago
Brokaw looks back on Nixon's 'Silent Majority'
msnbc · 149 days ago
spacex · 156 days ago
Calling future tech leaders...
neonews.substack · 171 days ago
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How Painted Stairs Can Completely Transform Your Home
elledecor · 639 days ago
Detroit's New Shinola Hotel Is the Talk of the Town | Architectural Digest
architecturaldigest · 639 days ago
“Swamp Thing’s Gotta Give” - Samara
samara · 730 days ago
250 organizations are joining forces to end plastic waste
fastcompany · 731 days ago
Human urine bricks created by students
bbc · 733 days ago
Tesla scores a profit, and Elon Musk keeps a promise
cnn · 736 days ago
This floating pipe is trying to clean up all the plastic in the ocean
cnn · 736 days ago
Zero-waste stores pop up in the US, targeting shoppers tired of all the waste
cnbc · 739 days ago
“They Usually Come Back” - Samara
samara · 742 days ago
‘My brain feels like it’s been punched’: the intolerable rise of perfectionism
theguardian · 834 days ago
How a real Apollo astronaut helped First Man shoot the moon
fastcompany · 747 days ago
Thelonious Monk - Rhythm a Ning (live)
youtube · 750 days ago
Airbnb hosts offer free housing for Hurricane Michael evacuees
abcactionnews · 750 days ago
10 bioplastic projects made from algae, corn starch and other natural products
dezeen · 750 days ago
“Aesop and Frank” - Samara
samara · 751 days ago
The Most Rockin' Airbnb Listing In NYC Is This Custom Van Parked In Soho
gothamist · 754 days ago
The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture: Scott Belsky: 9780735218079: Books
amazon · 765 days ago
This VC-backed furniture startup crowdsourced the perfect couch
fastcompany · 798 days ago
AI Is the Future—But Where Are the Women?
wired · 800 days ago
Future forms of concrete, plastic could be both sustainable and eco-friendly | Design Indaba
designindaba · 827 days ago
They built a $20k house–now they want to fix the housing system
fastcompany · 827 days ago
An education in hope - The Boston Globe
bostonglobe · 843 days ago
James Bond museum opens on Austrian mountain
cnn · 867 days ago
Why eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist
qz · 871 days ago
Christo’s towering ambition | Christie's
christies · 873 days ago
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