Paul Graham
As the Epstein Case Grows, Manhattan and DC Brace for Impact
vanityfair · 5 days ago
337. Połączenie japońskie Kawai Tsugite / Japan Joinery
youtube · 8 days ago
r/mathpics - Comparison between 5,000 and 50,000 prime numbers plotted in polar coordinates
reddit · 10 days ago
Why everything you know about nutrition is wrong
newscientist · 10 days ago
Announcing Startup School 2019
blog.ycombinator · 25 days ago
Proof Without Words: Two Dimensional Geometric Series
mrhonner · 12 days ago
Artie is King (Part 1)
youtube · 13 days ago
Wren - Erase your carbon footprint
projectwren · 15 days ago
Opinion | Robespierre’s America
nytimes · 19 days ago
Youtube's ban on "hacking techniques" threatens to shut down all of infosec Youtube
boingboing · 19 days ago
DoorDash has unseated Grubhub as the leader in US online food delivery
qz · 22 days ago
The Power of One Push-Up
theatlantic · 22 days ago
A Pop of Color on Public Spaces
archdaily · 24 days ago
Lies We Tell Kids
paulgraham · 33 days ago
Multiple lines of mysterious ancient humans interbred with us
nationalgeographic · 39 days ago
Inventing the randomized double-blind trial: The Nürnberg salt test of 1835. - The James Lind Library
jameslindlibrary · 47 days ago
Richard Hamming: You and Your Research
paulgraham · 766 days ago
South Africa’s youngsters are let down by a lousy education system
economist · 51 days ago
What 10,000 Steps Will Really Get You
theatlantic · 51 days ago
Adam Plouff - Geometric Construction
adamplouff · 55 days ago
Nurture Alone Can’t Explain Male Aggression - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus · 55 days ago
20VC: Y Combinator's New President, Geoff Ralston on The Single Most Important Perspective An Investor Can Provide A Founder, The Biggest Lessons From Working Alongside Paul Graham & Why You Will Lose As An Investor If You "Profile Invest" - The Twenty Minute VC
thetwentyminutevc · 57 days ago
What Does Any of This Have To Do with Physics? - Issue 43: Heroes - Nautilus · 64 days ago
JUST IN: Morehouse commencement speaker to pay off Class of 2019’s student loans
ajc · 65 days ago
Ancient Rome – Smarthistory
smarthistory · 65 days ago
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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Woodstock
youtube · 65 days ago
Obituaries for the Recently Canceled
mcsweeneys · 68 days ago
Death rates from energy production per TWh
ourworldindata · 70 days ago
Opinion | Math Teachers Should Be More Like Football Coaches
nytimes · 72 days ago
Why is carbon pricing in some countries more successful than in others?
ourworldindata · 76 days ago
CNN captures rare images China doesn't want you to see
youtube · 76 days ago
Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote
stripe · 82 days ago
Humanoid History (@HumanoidHistory) on Twitter
twitter · 81 days ago
King Alfred and India: an Anglo-Saxon embassy to southern India in the ninth century AD
caitlingreen · 84 days ago
Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? Evidence from Bus and Train Operators (Job Market Paper) · 85 days ago
The desperate race to cool the ocean before it’s too late
technologyreview · 89 days ago
The Mueller report identified one guilty party: The gullible American public
latimes · 94 days ago
Exercise during pregnancy protects children from obesity, study finds · 100 days ago
Near, Far, Lori Loughlin’s When Calls the Heart Is Editing Her Out
vulture · 102 days ago
The U.S. Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedoms
theintercept · 102 days ago
Boom - Supersonic Passenger Airplanes
boomsupersonic · 106 days ago
How I Got a Full-time Programming Job at 19
triplebyte · 109 days ago
EPOCA GRIP RÖD | Ballograf
ballograf · 111 days ago
Jessica Livingston's Pretty Complete List on How Not to Fail
blog.ycombinator · 662 days ago
Science Denial versus Science Pleasure
scientificamerican · 124 days ago
Zeus raises $24M to make you a living-as-a-service landlord
techcrunch · 130 days ago
The Quest for Cosmic Justice: Thomas Sowell: 8601407027878: Gateway
amazon · 139 days ago
I Win My European Unemployment Bet - Econlib
econlib · 141 days ago
Higher levels of childhood intelligence predict increased support for economic conservatism in adulthood
sciencedirect · 144 days ago
How Triplebyte Made Me More Confident as a Self-Taught Programmer
triplebyte · 145 days ago
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